Lucy and the Witch- Part II

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a continuation to Lucy and the Witch–Part I

Submitted: May 17, 2017

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Submitted: May 09, 2017



....Lucy was petrified with fear. Ernica slowly approached
her smiling. She knelt down before Lucy glaring at her. Lucy did
not know what to do. She had no idea about what was
happening. With a trembling voice she asked, “Where is
Melissa?”... Ernica burst out into laughter!! “You foolish child!!!
Here I am... your Melissa!!” Ernica stood up with excitement of
victory in her eyes and started loitering around the room. “I
have been waiting for this day for a long time.. Atlast, you
helped me to get what I wanted! Long back a very powerful
witch had cursed me that I will never be able to attain my full
power. That curse was in the form of that leaf! That was not my
soul, you little fool!! She had added that the day when that leaf
will be burnt by some innocent heart unknowingly, I will be free!
Free to attain how much power I want.... And you have done it,
innocent heart.. For the last few days I have been stealing all
those farm animals, you know why?? Because I sacrificed them
to gain the power of ‘disguise’... Otherwise how could have I
tricked you to believe in Melissa?? You ugly, foolish girl!! There
is no Melissa, it’s only me Ernica, Ernica and Ernica.” Her name
echoed around the room. Poor Lucy now understood what she
had done. She could not hold back her tears.
The new moon day was just after two days. Ernica had
successfully get rid of her curse. Now she could perform any
ritual to all sorts of weird powers! She kept Lucy tied up in a
small cage in her house. She would be sacrificing her for a ritual
she would be performing on the new moon day. She was busy in
making all the arrangements while Lucy lied there praying...Meanwhile, everyone in the village had come to know that
Lucy was missing. All suspected Ernica but who will go there
and search for her. Lucy’s mom and brother wept. They could
not wait for Lucy to return anymore. In the evening of the new
moon day, Lucy’s mom noticed bright lights coming from the
direction of Ernica’s house. She suspected something. She
mustered up all her courage and she was desperate to go to the
witch’s place and search for her. She wanted Joe to stay at home
but he too insisted on going. So, they both went out in search for
Lucy. As soon as they approached the place, they saw that
Ernica had set up a big fire outside her house. She was making
all arrangements for some ritual. The sight was scary. Lucy’s
mom thought that she might be able to sneak into her house and
search for Lucy as Ernica is busy in all these stuff. The both
managed to sneak into the house without being noticed. Ernica
was really engrossed in her evil work.
Inside the house it was quite dark. They managed to look
here and there in that dim light that came from a few lighted
candles. No sight of Lucy. Then they went upstairs. Upstairs
was not dark. A fire had been set up in the center of the room.
A huge pot full of some dirty liquid was kept by its side. Most
probably the fire was meant for boiling that. Their eyes scanned
every corner of the room. And yess... they both saw a little cage.
Inside the cage someone was lying. Without wasting a minute,
they went towards the cage. It was Lucy!!
Immediately, Lucy’s mom broke open the cage with some
metal pieces lying here and there and took out Lucy. They tried
to do everything as silently as possible. She took Lucy in her
arms and was about to leave... but no....! Ernica stood in front
of them. She had heard the noise and had come upstairs. “Nowyou all are my prisoners!!”, she shouted angrily and approached
to take away Lucy from her mom. Her mom struggled to hold
her back while Joe tried to hurt Ernica with a sharp thing lying
on the ground. Ernica got furious and pushed Joe aside. Lucy’s
mom stopped her from reaching her magic wand. It had fallen
down on the ground due to the struggle. Without that Ernica
could not perform any spell. The struggle continued... Suddenly,
Ernica’s black cat picked up the magic wand with its mouth and
pulled Ernica’s gown from behind to give it to her. Thinking it’s
again Joe trying to stop her, this time Ernica with all her
strength, kicked it hard. She looked behind only to see that she
had kicked her cat and it fell into the fire which she had set up
in the room!!! She screamed, “Oh my soul!!!!” and ran towards
the fire. But before she could do anything, she fell on the ground
weakened. She screamed in pain and anger as her body started
degenerating...As the cat burnt, her body also disintegrated and
fumed. The three of them stood holding each other and staring.
Ultimately, the fire went out and Ernica was gone....!!
Since that day, ‘Merry’ was back in Merryland.....

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