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Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



Beyond the realm of mortal skin
Lies a baby deep within 
Swimming in amniotic fluid
Developing like some all-knowing druid  
Growing, learning, listening 
To the sounds that surround  him 
But not his prison or a tomb 
Even though he has little room 
He thinks of it more like home 
And listens to his mother’s constant drone 
As she tells him she loves him with an unconditional heart 
And she will love him right from the very start 

He’s free to roam, do as he pleases 
From waving his hand 
To little sneezes 
As he’s watched from the outside in 
Moving below the skin 
A little foot or hand to say I’m here 
And to let you know, it’s dark in here 
Especially when you turn out the light 
he listens as you rub and tell him goodnight
and everything’s going to be alright  

He tasted all he can eat from his motherly buffet 
He’s growing well
He heard the obstetrician say 
Very soon he will see the light of day
That will be his time to come out 
And share in this special day  

It’s nearly time 
He feels the rush 
Then sees the light 
As she starts to push 
Then out in to the open world 
All in the room stop and stare 
Waiting for that faithful sound 
The cry of a new born
Claps all around 

Have you ever seen a woman glow 
She is at her brightest after giving birth
Bright flushed cheeks 
Are just one of the perks 
The bond between a mother and child 
Is beyond anything on earth 
From the first cry she hears 
To the first yawn and smile 
To the grasp of its tiny hand 
To the changing of a nappy 
Which can be less grand 

She looks deep into the life she holds 
Wrapped in a blanket , to keep out the cold 
A treasure she will never sell 
He was worth the wait 
And the body swell 
And the morning sickness 
Which was a living hell 

And as she holds him close to her chest 
She vows that she will do her very best 
Be the best a mother can be 
Guide him right in all aspects of life 
Teach her son wrong from right 
Be her sons brightest guiding light 

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