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Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



I woke up this morning
the chill nipped at my toes 
pulled out a tissue 
then blew my nose 
looked out the window 
and saw my car froze

I looked a little harder 
Beyond the norm 
And there on my window ledge 
I saw an icicle in mid thaw 

I looked even further 
To a silky web 
And there in the middle was a spider 
With eight legs 
I  looked at her spun silky web laces 
Diamonds hung there from frozen water tracers 
They twinkled and dwindled 
As the sun showed her face 
I watched as they melted 
And disappeared without a trace 

I looked to the frozen floor 
Then  saw the foot prints to a crow that said caw 
He pecked at the ground, he’s hungry I guess 
He’s after a worm, guess he’s still in bed 
I laughed to myself 
As he pecked at the ground 
Thinking to myself ,no way you’re tunneling down 

I lifted my eyes looked over the town 
The whole town is covered in a powdered white gown 

I looked to the gutter just above my head 
There I saw icicles that were totally dead 
Opened my window they dripped onto my head 
Thought to myself it’s too cold today 
Slipped back under the covers 
and slept the rest of the day 

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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