The Negative Effects of Cell Phones

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For my Senior English Project, we had to address an issue in our world we want to fix. I decided to write an article on the negative impact cell phones have had on our social interaction. Please enjoy and comment on you or thoughts.

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



Looking around at our everyday lives, we are constantly on our phone. No matter if it is for work, out of complete boredom, or as a way to avoid awkward situations, people are on their phones. It was a great creation in the beginning; portable and an easier and more convenient way to communicate with one another. But, as time has gone along, we have taken advantage of this easy communicator. Instead of having to physically talk to someone on the phone, we can now send a written text message in a matter of seconds. Hours of good conversation over the phone now suddenly downgraded to slag words on a screen. Cell phones have wrecked how we communicate. Now, I'm not saying that cell phones are the worst thing ever. I actually quite like my phone and use it often, but I think cell phones have negatively impacted our way of communication. Cell phones disable us from learning how communicate with one another in the real world. We have lost how to interact when not behind a screen. Going out to restaurants, I always come across people sitting with each other, but never actually making an effort to connect with one other. They are normally too busy looking down at their phone screen, engaging in something they find more important. What I don't understand is why we need to text or message someone else when we have an actual person, sitting right in front of us, to talk to. It is sad how our society has become so attached to cellular interaction, that we have lost our social one. Over the years with the introduction of cell phones, our social interaction skills have lessened. It has become harder for us to carry out conversations. We are so used to speaking in broken up language, where we can respond at any time we so please, that we are losing our face-to-face interaction skills. Our face-to-face conversations have lost quality. When we try to talk to someone in person, we are usually too busy to pay attention to what they have to say because we are engulfed in our phones. I recently created a survey in which I asked people how much time they spend on their phones compared to how much time they spend talking with their families. Over 70% of people spend more than 5 hours on their phone while about 80% spend less than 5 hours talking with their families. That is completely absurd how much more time we spend on our phones, a non living device, compared to talking with our families, real and living people. What shocked me was the percentage of people who use their phones while out with friends or family. Over 85% of them use their phones while going out with friends or family. That is why I thought it was time for a change. Comments were left on my survey saying they thought phones were a great creation but also a great distraction. I could not agree more. Phones have been an amazing invention that helps make life easier, but they have hindered our social skills. I propose a challenge to all of you readers to go one day without your phone. Doesn't matter when, but just try it. Please leave me comments on your experience and your thoughts and feel free email me at with any questions or opinions on the topic of cell phones. 

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