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Another conceptual piece. Feel free to comment and provide feedback.

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



My situation is as such as I'm trying

to find my way out of tense frustrations

with my current education

And the reputation that clearly proceeds me.

All I require is a bit of consideration to the conversation

that I'm attempting to pose in this situation


I have the information that I posses

All I want is to have the recognition, now

Do I want the compensation? 

Damn right, I do

But that's not my only means of motivation


My main motivation

Is to spread my knowledge to the next generation

For the duration of my life

Exposing the governments and corporations

That continue to consistently cause separation

To the very foundation

That we attempt to keep erect.

Now I'm not here to create any accusations;

The facts are already there

Administrations and organizations

have led the masses astray with

inaccurate communications

improper implementations

unjust discriminations

against our fellow man


Our destinations are the same

Yet we must go through different paths to get there

The road will be long and arduous

People that force you to make modifications to your message

Naysayers that will try to make you deviate

I make a simple dedication to you...

Those that face accusations

cruel condemnations...

My best recommendation is to not only continue to live your life

without any resignations,

But continue to point out the hypocrisies

in the individuals that will otherwise

intimidate and cause trepidations in your life.


I wish you luck in your attempts to accumulate

the information necessary to move forward with this process.

In any event,

Never accept any limitations. 

My life's mission

is to not concede to any limitations to what

you either obtain or retain

Whether it be a goal,

objective or directive

I can and will stand up against all nations

In mass proliferations.

I say this to you with no exaggerations

Because the revelation will be live.

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