One Step At a Time - Episode #1 - Shark In The Water

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Appleseed is a fictional city in Texas. It's home to a vast amount of wealthy families-all from different backgrounds. This city is just like yours and mine. There's a mayor, a police chief, a couple of lawyers, gays, lesbians-you name it. But unlike our city, this one was built on secrets and lies, dating all the way back to the early 1900s.

One Step At A Time explores the lives of four distinct families and the many problems they face on a daily basis. Become immersed in their scandals, get involved in their drama, and laugh your ass off at their ridiculousness!

**This story is told in a unique format. Instead of the traditional paragraph by paragraph style, I have simplified the reading to characteristics similar to a television/movie script. This is also known as a Soap Opera Blog. New episodes will be posted each week. I hope you enjoy it!

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



One Step At A Time

A Soap Opera Blog

by Jay Sims


Episode One

Shark In The Water


Appleseed is a fictional city in Texas. It’s home to a vast amount of wealthy families—all from different backgrounds. This city is just like yours and mine. There’s a mayor, a police chief, a couple of lawyers, gays, lesbians—you name it. But unlike our city, this one was built on secrets and lies, dating all the way back to the early 1900s. However, we’re going to focus on the present day. (Sometime in 2016)


 “Some say the key to a fabulous life is being happy, others say it’s living like there’s no tomorrow. I say the key to a peachy keen life full of contentment and joy is simply taking it one step at a time…”

—Jay Sims


The Bradford Family


The first house we’re visiting is the gorgeous home of the Bradford family. Fifty-year-old Charleston Braford is the breadwinner of this large family of eight. After giving up his successful rapping career a few years back, Charleston became mayor of his city. He and his family have always lived a life of fame and luxury, thanks to his loving wife Phyllis. The two met in college and have been together ever since. Phyllis, being the money hungry, conniving, devious bitch that she is, always finds a way for her husband to keep her as wealthy as humanely possible—and she’ll do whatever it takes. Charleston and Phyllis have five adult kids and one teenage brat named Phoebe. For years the family has lived in peace, straying away from scandals and anything else that could ruin their image, especially now that they’ve gotten all political and stuff. It won’t be long before something happens to threaten their perfect little life…


It's 5PM on a Thursday night in Appleseed, Texas.

Phyllis is planted at her usual spot on her $184,000 Plume Blanche Diamond Encrusted Sofa, with her laptop in tow, browsing her favorite website

Charleston: (Sneaks up behind his wife and starts kissing her neck) What’s cracking Miss P?

Phyllis wriggles away from her husband and continues staring at her laptop screen.

Phyllis: Your lips. Now can you leave me alone? There’s this diamond pendant I’ve been eying for days! I want it so bad, baby.

Charleston: (Stands up straight) You know what I want bad?

Phyllis: (Glances at her husband and smiles) For your wife to be happy? Oh, how sweet.

Charleston: No. I want this. (He attempts to pull her bra strap down)

Phyllis: If I seriously have to choose what I want right now, you know damned well what it’s going to be. Why don’t you go and pleasure yourself like you did last night? And keep the noise down, will you? I swear I heard other voices in there with you.

Charleston: Is that any way to talk to DJ Charlie Fresh? I still got hoes ya know?

Phyllis: Yes of course, dear. In different area codes? That was like what, ten years ago? If they’re not dead, I suggest you give one of them a call. Now go!

Charleston walks away and sighs. When he is out of earshot, he takes out his cellphone and makes a call.

Charleston: Hey, wanna come over again tonight? Yeah as soon as you can. Come in around back, I’ll disable the security cameras. See ya then.

Charleston puts away his cell phone and continues walking to the guest room.

Phyllis: Finally, some peace and quiet. (She starts to dig into her purse) Where the hell is my black card?

Phoebe enters the room and stands in front of her mom, waiting on her to look up.

Phyllis: (Looks up from her purse) Oh shit!! You scared the crap out of me!

Phoebe: Sorry.

Phyllis: If you need something like a hug or money or motherly advice, I think Tabitha is around here somewhere. Mama’s kinda busy at the moment, sweetie.

Phoebe: You do know that Tabitha is our maid, right?

Phyllis: (Looking at her daughter) Of course, why else would I recommend her. You know maids may be at the bottom of the social status list, but they make great mothers!

Phoebe: Right. Mom, I need to talk to you about something.

Phyllis: Tabitha gives great advice. You know she was the one that got Brandon & Bailey through that whole twin separation period in their lives. Whew, what a relief that was! My advice would’ve been to just live together forever.

Phoebe: That’s really great, but I need my mom! Not the maid, and not the gardener like you tried to get me to talk to about my period. I want my mother! Understand?

Phyllis: Sweetie look at this pendant. Won’t it look good with that new black dress I got? Here, look at it.

Phoebe: Mom, I don’t want to—

Phyllis: Just take a look. See if it’ll look nice on me.

Phoebe: Mom, I’m pregnant!

Phyllis: I’m sorry, come again?

Phoebe: You heard me.

Phyllis: No. Because what I heard sounded nothing of the sort. What I heard was mom can you take me to the clinic and get this taken care of. I think those were the words I heard you speak.

Phoebe: Mother!

Phyllis: I’m sorry dear, but this is nonnegotiable. Your father is Mayor of Appleseed. Do you know how much of a scandal this could become? How the media is going to portray me of being a bad mother?

Phoebe: But you are.

Phyllis: The entire world doesn’t have to know! And I resent that, I’m just as good as any other mother. I just have other people handle the boring parts. I’ve entertained all four of my kids from birth until adulthood, thank you!

Phoebe: Oh my God mom you have six kids!

Phyllis: Lies!!

Phoebe goes to retrieve a family photo above the fire place and brings it back to her mom.

Phyllis: (Stares at the picture) Where the hell did those two come from?

Phoebe: That’s me when I was twelve! And that’s Molly. How could you forget your own kids?

Phyllis: Can you blame me? That picture is years old. Anyone would forget.

Phoebe: Whatever.

Phyllis: Oh honey, are you upset?

Phoebe: Yes, I am. I am not getting an abortion! I want to keep him or her.

Phyllis: Let’s not get crazy, okay? Before I make up my mind on whether you’re keeping it or not, tell me who the father is.

Phoebe: (She is silent for a while before she speaks) Fisher Hollingsworth.

Phyllis: (Throws herself on the ground) Oh for the love of God WHY?? Why would you stoop so low and sleep with him? Have you no shame? No dignity?

Phoebe: Fisher is a decent guy, mom.

Phyllis: Decent my ass! He’s poor! There is nothing decent about being poor.

Phoebe: His family owns over forty vineyards across the world! He lives a few doors down for crying out loud.

Phyllis: That’s not going to last them long. Do they have any investments? Growing stocks? Back-up plans for when their money is gonna run out?

Phoebe: How should I know?

Phyllis: Well then in my eyes they are as good as poor. Oh, and if Fisher is that pigeon-toed toothpick of a boy who took you to your first dance, you might as well look forward to a life of shame because whatever comes out of your lady parts will not be normal.

Phoebe: You’re unbelievable, you know that? Why can’t you just be a mom for once in your life and help me with this?

Phyllis: Either we go to the clinic, or you’re going to be all on your own…

Phoebe: (Screams) I hate you!!

Phoebe storms out of the room.

Phyllis: Well at least I taught you something!! (To herself) That’s okay. There is no way I’m going to let this thing be born into my family. Over my dead body!



The Smith Family


The next house we’re visiting is the cozy little home of the Smith family. Spoiler Alert: They’re gay! Blake Douglas-Smith and Octavius Smith met several years ago in college. After a one-night stand blossomed into a beautiful romance, they became inseparable. Blake graduated from the UCLA School of Law and practiced for a couple of years before moving to Appleseed to start his very own firm. His husband, Octavius, is a very successful artist, having sold hundreds of paintings to galleries and people all around the world. Eventually, the couple set out to have children and decided to adopt a young boy named Timothy. They have another son named Jonathan, who was brought to them via artificial insemination. The Smith family is just like your family and mine—only better!


Octavius has just prepared a nice dinner for his family and everyone is gathered around the dining room table stuffing their faces.


Timothy: (With a mouthful of food) This stake is the bomb!

Octavius: The what?

Blake: Oh come on! You don’t know what bomb is?

Octavius: Do you?

Blake: (Looks down at his plate) No.

Timothy: (Laughing) You dudes are old! I was just saying how good it is.

Octavius: Thanks.

Blake: Wait, did you just call us old? Go to your room!

Timothy: Yeah right.

Octavius: You know it wasn’t that long ago we were sophomores in high school like you.

Timothy: I didn’t know fifteen years wasn’t a long time.

Blake attempts to jump across the table to grab Timothy, but he scoots his chair back just in time.

Octavius: Okay you two, calm down. Timothy you know your father is sensitive about his age.

Blake: Oh my God, you too? Seriously, what age? I’m 28 for crying out loud.

Octavius: Which is two more years to 30!

Blake: Like you?

Octavius: Yes, like me. I’m proud of my age. Not too young, not too old. Right in between.

Blake and Octavius notice Timothy giggling while texting someone.

Blake: (To Octavius) Who do you think he’s texting?

Octavius: Isn’t it obvious? He has a girlfriend.

Blake: Or a boyfriend.

Timothy: Who has a boyfriend?

Blake: You do. What’s his name?

Octavius: Or her name?

Timothy: It’s nothing. So dad—I mean dude—Christ! You’d think after five freaking years of being together I’d know what to call you two.

Blake: I’m pretty confused myself. You’ve been calling us dude for the past five years. Just stick with that.

Octavius: Just refer to us as dad but call us by our first names.

Blake: That’s disrespectful.

Octavius: Not if we’re giving him permission.

Timothy: I think it’s sweet! So Blake—

Blake: (Sighs) This is gonna take some getting used to.

Timothy: How’s DILF? (He starts to laugh uncontrollably)

Blake: (To Octavius) Why does he always ask me that? (To Timothy) My law firm is doing just fine, thank you.

Octavius: Why do you keep asking him that Tim?

Timothy: (Still laughing) DILF sounds like a fine law firm. I wouldn’t mind joining DILF one day.

Blake: We can get you enrolled into some classes if you want. I think it’s about time you express interest in something other than friends and parties. The Douglas Ignacio Law Firm could use an intern right about now.

Octavius: Babe, I think he’s making fun of you.

Blake: How?

Timothy falls out of his seat laughing his ass off. Blake and Octavius stare at each other blankly.

Jonathon: Fofdofndok

Blake and Octavius turn towards their 14-month-old toddler sitting in his highchair.

Blake: What was that little baby?

Jonathon: Fofosok

Octavius: Awe, he’s trying to say something! Let me get my cell phone. (Leaves the table)

Blake: Timothy get back in your seat.

Timothy: Oh my God. I definitely needed that.

Blake: Laughing at my law firm? What’s so funny?

Timothy: If you don’t know what DILF is, you’re so not young anymore.

Blake: Ha-ha.

Octavius: (Holding his cell phone in Jonathan’s face.) Okay Johnny, say it again. Say it again for daddy.

Jonathon: Fosdksdok

Timothy: Way to go little sport! (Attempts to high-five the infant)

Blake: Are you teaching him how to talk?

Timothy: A few words.

Timothy’s cell phone rings and he immediately answers it and leaves the table.

Blake: That’s probably his not girlfriend or boyfriend. How much you wanna bet he comes back in here asking to leave?

Octavius: Fifty. (They shake hands)

Timothy: Hey dudes, is it alright if I go out with some friends?

Blake: (Whispering to Octavius) I want my money bitch.

Octavius: Just be back before midnight. It’s a school night for crying out loud.

Timothy: K, bye!

Blake: Shouldn’t we be concerned where he’s going? How many parents just let their kids go out on a school night. Maybe we’re not so good at this parenting thing like we thought.

Octavius: Blake, relax. He’s not on drugs, getting females pregnant, or making bad grades. We’ve got nothing to worry about.

Jonathon: Fuck!

Blake and Octavius stare at their infant son in shock.

Octavius: Okay, maybe we have a few things to worry about…




The Douglas Family


Fresh out of South Dallas, is the Douglas Family. Da’Waylon Douglas is the half-brother of Blake Douglas-Smith. After living a not so wealthy life on the mean streets of Oakcliff, Da’Waylon and his family steadily rose to the top of the social food-chain. Da’Waylon put himself through medical school by selling drug, with the help of his main woman, Princess. They aren’t married yet, but Princess is still holding out for her diamond engagement ring and lavish dream wedding. After getting his license to practice, specifically in plastic surgery (to increase the size of butts and boobs), Da’Waylon was busted by the police. In the most bizarre court case ever heard of, he got off with just spending two years on house-arrest. Shortly after the sentencing, Da’Waylon, Princess, and their teenage son, Rashad, quickly moved to their newly built mansion in Appleseed to start their new life...


Princess arrives home with Cheryl, a girl who would give anything for a big butt like Nicki Minaj. Da’Waylon is thrilled to see them.


Da’Waylon: (Staring at Cheryl’s butt as she walks past him) Damn you came to the right place, baby! I’m about to hook that ass up!

Cheryl: (Laughing) Princess practically stalked me while I was on my evening run. I thought she wanted to get with me. You know, there’s lesbians that live down the street. I thought she was one of them.

Princess: Look boo, I ain’t no lesbian. I am strictly dickly, okay?

Cheryl: I heard that!

Princess stares at her and rolls her eyes.

Princess: Baby, hurry up. I wanna try that new Moroccan joint that everybody been talking about.

Da’Waylon: Can’t rush art, Princess. We’ll go when I finish up, aite?

Da’Waylon escorts Cheryl to his private office to begin work. Rashad comes downstairs.

Rashad: Who was that with daddy?

Princess: Another wealthy and desperate client I found. It’s crazy how many broads out here want a booty like Nicki. I’m glad yo daddy already gave me mine.

Rashad: So he’s still doing his illegal practice?

Princess: Yes he is, and? What’s wrong with that?

Rashad: The judge told him his license is suspended until after his house arrest is over with. He’s just gonna get in trouble again.

Princess: Okay, first of all, don’t be a hater all yo life, baby boy. Yo daddy is making us crazy rich and I don’t see why you got a problem with that.

Rashad: It’s dishonest.

Princess: Ugh! Every single day you starting to sound more like yo bougie ass uncle Blake and his uptight boyfriend.

Rashad: At least he lives a clean life and doesn’t put his family at risk of being thrown in jail. And Octavius is his husband—not boyfriend.

Princess: So I suppose you gay like them too, huh?

Rashad: I’m not gay. I like women. But I like the man uncle Blake is. I wanted to be like daddy until I found out he was selling dope.

Princess: How many times I gotta explain this to you? The reason you are not in foster care, is because of yo daddy selling drugs to provide for us. We risk our lives every day to give you the world, and this is how you repay us?

Rashad: (Walking away) If only you were really doing it for me and not yourselves…

Princess: That boy done lost his mind. Talking to his mamma like that. (Looks at her reflection in the glass of the front door) Damn, my ass is on point! Big Daddy did a good job on his baby!

Rashad: (On the phone) Yes this is Steve Washington. I’m calling to report suspicious activity coming from the home of Da’Waylon Douglas. Yes, I’ll hold…


A few hours later…

Princess is getting ready when Da’Waylon enters their bedroom.


Da’Waylon: Got that bitch in recovery. She gone freak the fuck out when I tell her she can’t sit for two fucking weeks!

Princess: (Laughing) I hated that part! But I’m glad you taught me those freaky Kamasutra standing positions, baby! That was the best part!

Da’Waylon: We did some freaky shit during yo recovery, huh.

Princess: Yeah.

Da’Waylon walks closer to Princess and stands right in front of her.

Da’Waylon: We can do some more right here, right now.

Princess: Oooh, can we baby?

There’s a loud knock at the front door.

Rashad: I got it!

Princess and Da’Waylon come downstairs to find Police Chief Michael Matthews in their parlor.

Da’Waylon: What’s going on? Who you is?

Michael: You must be Mr. Douglas. I’ve heard a lot about you. Welcome to Appleseed.

Michael extends his hand, but Da’Waylon refuses to shake it

Michael: Okay, let’s get straight to the point. I received a call a couple hours ago about illegal activity going on in here. I came to investigate.

Princess: What you tryna say, officer? You think we up in here doing something illegal?

Michael: As a matter of fact, I do. (Shows Da’Waylon his search warrant) Just got this fresh off the printer. Mind if I take a look around?

Princess: Hell nah!

Da’Waylon: Nah, it’s okay baby. Let him look. I ain’t got nothing to hide.

Michael enters the house and immediately begins to look around. When he is out of earshot, Princess questions him.

Princess: Baby what you doin? You got that white bitch in recovery! You know he gone find her!

Da’Waylon: Baby, I ain’t stupid. She ain’t even in the house. She in the attic of the pool house. My supplies in the basement under the foundation. And my stash is in that new wall safe I ordered. He not gone find shit.

Rashad looks worried, then excuses himself.

Michael: I apologize, sir. There was nothing found here tonight. I’ve looked just about everywhere. Maybe it was a prank call. Sounded like a kid speaking anyway.

Da’Waylon: The fuck a kid want to play a prank on someone who just moved here for?

Michael: Beats me. But kids these days are something else, man. Except for mine. I have two teens, around about your sons age. They might go to the same high school.

Da’Waylon: Oh word?

Michael: Yeah, we live just up the street. (To Princess) If my wife ever stops you while you’re outside, don’t be alarmed. She just wants to pull you into this new Oriental room I built for her. She grabs all the neighbors and has these weird ass relaxation conversations. Just giving you a heads up.

Princess: That sounds nice. She got a big butt?

Michael: Excuse me?

Princess: I’m sorry. Is her ass big like mine? (Turns around and flaunts her butt)

Michael: Uh, no. No. It’s—not. Sadly. Okay I better be going. Sorry to disturb you.

Michael takes a moment to stare at Princess’ butt some more, then leaves.

Da’Waylon: Yo, who the fuck tryna prank me? That shit ain’t cool.

Princess: I don’t know, but we’ll figure it out. But you need to take me out for getting you that client.

Da’Waylon: Aite, come on. Rashad! We out, bro!

Rashad: Bye!

They leave and Rashad pokes his head out from the top of the stairs.

Rashad: I knew I should’ve questioned him to see where the evidence was! Next time…




The Matthews Family


The Matthews family is about to steal the show. They’ve been in Appleseed the longest out of all the families. Michael Matthews, Appleseed’s Chief of Police, has been protecting his city from harm for over ten years. His wife, Jessica, is Blake’s half-sister, and is a stay at home mom to their two teenage kids, Justin and Brittany. For the past ten years, they’ve lived in peace and quiet. Let’s see what’s in store for this family of four…


Michael comes home from inspecting Da’Waylon’s house to find a strange odor in his home—the smell of no dinner.


Michael: Jessica!

Jessica: In here, honey!

Michael: I should’ve known you were in here entertaining. (To Misty Baker) Hello.

Misty: Hi Officer Matthews. How was work?

Michael: Oh same old, same old. How’s the room?

Misty: Oh I just love it! Jessica and I just finished a very deep conversation and it felt like this room helped calm me down and put me at ease! Thanks Jessica! (She hugs Jessica before leaving) See you guys later.

Michael: You’d rather entertain strangers than cooking your family a healthy dinner?

Jessica walks up to her husband and kisses him deeply.

Jessica: Can you take care of dinner tonight? I have Rachel coming over in a few minutes. I promised I would listen to her vent about her husband.

Michael: Maybe I shouldn’t have built this room for you. It’s making me be alright with everything. I don’t like it.

Jessica: Oh thanks baby! Now get out, you’re letting all the positive vibes out. Go on! Oh and save me some of whatever you and the kids decide on!

Justin and Jessica arrive home from school and head to the kitchen.

Justin: Where’s dinner?

Brittany: Where’s mom?

Michael: Dinner is not here; your mother is in her room.

Justin: What do you think she does in there?

Brittany: Not what—who! (She starts laughing)

Michael: That’s not funny, Brittany. (Digs into his wallet) You two go get something to eat—something that has vegetables.

Justin: Sure thing dad.

Brittany: Can we take your car?

Michael: I’m not going to even acknowledge your question.

Brittany kisses her dad before leaving out the back door with Justin.

Brittany: (Inside the family car) Hey I need some Molly and some of those gummy bears I saw in your room the other night.

Justin: When were you in my fucking room, Brit? Jesus Christ!

Brittany: It’s pretty easy considering you leave it unlocked when you’re not in there. You’re getting sloppy. Dad’s gonna catch you for sure.

Justin: Remind me again why I have to put up with you?

Brittany: Oh I don’t know let’s see.

Justin heavily sighs.

Brittany: Our dad’s a cop, and not just any cop—the chief of police. If he were to find out that his precious little football jock son sold drugs, he’d be forced to arrest you.

Justin: Ok, okay.

Brittany: Hold on there, not finished. And, if he knew what you did last spring, he’d have to give you the death penalty!

Justin: That’s a little harsh, don’t ya think?

Brittany: Killing someone in cold blood is not harsh, Justin. It’s murder!

Justin: I didn’t kill anyone.

Brittany: So that guy just threw himself in front of your car on his own?

Justin: I don’t wanna talk about it.

Brittany: Then stop questioning me, big bro. Have my items by tomorrow night and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Justin: I seriously hate this, you know. I never wanted to sell drugs, but if I get out I’m dead. If I turn myself in, I’m dead. I’m fucking screwed.

Brittany: I don’t see what you’re so worried about. As long as you hook me up, I have your back. Anything you need—alibis, lies, impersonations you name it!

Justin: And then that guy last Spring! Fuck! What am I gonna do?

Brittany: You got rid of the body didn’t you?

Justin: (Rolls his eyes) It’s at the bottom of Bear Creek Lake.

Brittany: Idiot!

Justin: What?

Brittany: Bear Creek Lake? You me the lake of choice by just about every freaking family in Appleseed? You might as well confess.

Justin: There’s more to the plan, but I am not telling you. I’m not telling anyone.

Brittany: (Giggles) Look at my brother trying to be all grown up. Wise decision.

Justin: I’ll have your stuff by tomorrow.

Brittany: Sweet.



The Smith Family


Phyllis is outside of the home of her best friend, Blake, waiting on someone to answer the door.


Blake: Phyllis!

Phyllis: Blakey Bear, how are you!?

Blake: I’m fine, thanks. Come on in. Let me take your coat.

Phyllis walks inside and takes a quick look around.

Phyllis: I just don’t understand it, Blake. You make good money—Octavius makes better money. Why on earth do you live in this dump?

Blake: This was the first home we ever had built from the ground up. We’re not just going to abandon it because we have a little more money.

Phyllis: You make it seem like your home is a person.

Blake: It is, in a way.

Phyllis: That’s sick.

Blake: (Laughing) What’s up Phyllis? You’ve only come here once and that was because you needed a place to throw away your gum wrapper.

Phyllis: Well I couldn’t use my lawn, now could I? I’m here because of Fiona.

Blake: Fiona?

Phyllis: For heaven’s sake Blake, my daughter!

Blake: (Counts and says the names of each of her kids) I’m fairly certain you have six kids, and none of them are named Fiona.

Phyllis: The one still living with me.

Blake: Oh my God, Phyllis—Phoebe? You seriously couldn’t remember her name?

Phyllis: It’s not important. But what is important is the fact that she’s with-child.

Blake: Oh God! How? When?

Phyllis: I don’t have the details, but I need your help getting that thing out of her before it comes naturally. You’re a lawyer, aren’t you? What are my rights?

Blake: Let’s see—you’re not the mother. Or the father. So my guess would be—you have no rights!

Phyllis: Damn it! I was hoping you wouldn’t say that. Alright, it looks like you and me are going to have to figure out a way to stop this pregnancy.

Blake: Why me?

Phyllis: I believe you have something of mine…

Blake: Timothy is legally ours. You can’t keep blackmailing me to help you do stuff just because you allowed us to adopt your son.

Phyllis: Please Blakey-Poo? I’ll give you money—but only if it’s terminated. If not, you might need to adopt this one too.

Blake: Phyllis come on, you can’t be serious.

Phyllis: I’m as serious as this house is in serious need of being demolished.

Blake: I am not helping you force your daughter to have an abortion! Forget it!

Phyllis: You’d just be helping me think of something. Your hands would remain clean! I was thinking we could brainstorm at the movies—you know the place where we agreed on you adopting my son.

Blake: That was a fun night.

Phyllis: I have my stash waiting for us in the limo…

Blake: Ok but just this one outing. I’m only saying yes or no to your ideas, but that’s it!

Phyllis: Oh goody! I might not be a grandmother anymore!

Blake: (Rolls his eyes) Babe, I’ll be back later. About to hang with Phyllis.

Octavius: Don’t have too much fun!

Phyllis: Hurry, let’s go!

Phyllis wraps herself around Blake and they walk off into the night.

Blake: Hey, you know what DILF means?

Phyllis: Daddy I’d like to fuck—duh! Charleston gets called that all the time. Why do you ask?

Blake: I’m going to murder that kid! Right after I change the name of my law firm.




The End


Wow! What an episode. I hope you didn’t read too fast because there were some vital clues that will be explored throughout the series. The next episode will be posted next week, but until then let me leave you with some questions about our new favorite families.

Who did Charleston call and invite over? His mistress? And what about Timothy? He seemed rather secretive about his private life, didn’t he? Will Rashad be able to expose his father? What’s the deal with Justin and Brittany? Are they the young versions of Bonnie and Clyde? And finally, will Phyllis and Blake come up with a way to stop Phoebe’s pregnancy?

Tune in next week to find out the answers to all of these questions and more!

Remember, life would be a breeze if you just took it…One Step at a Time!


*Drops mic*


© Copyright 2018 Jay Sims. All rights reserved.

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