The battle for the krypt

The battle for the krypt

Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance



Status: In Progress

Genre: Romance


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Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



Chapter 1

Sir" "What?" "Long range sensors have detected

a class—M planet 3—1ightyears FROM OUR CURRENT position. "

"George" Turner remarked to his Commander,That planet is Int worth our time to explore. all long

ramge scans have shown inconclusive results on wheter or not it can support life. " "Turner" George remarked, "Your mission was to explore that planet, and I highly suspect that it can be colonized. " Turner,that it would be useless to ignore george thus he gave the order to change course to this

new world. Once the cruiser entered a high orbit around this planet, a shuttlecraft, filled with a search team of 8—men, was sent to get a closer look at the planets surface. 15—minutes later, Turner recieved a live video feed from one of the teams enviromental suites. " There appears to be signed names on a few of thesestrange rocks we found" The Teams leader, Ralph,exclaimed to Turner. they walked past the 12 rocks and soon came upon a stone entrance.i orn gate that covered its have been closed for a long seemed. "There's a holographic pad attached to the left side of this

entrance, it may open this gate. " "Go ahead" Turner commented. Another team member took

puck shaped device and placed it on interface port. the device was able to fit into a small, round hole the holographic device was able to generate the correct acces code, then activated the giant

cables that raised the huge gate open. 'My suits sensors detect a high energy feild coming from within

that tunnel. i also advise that we maintain radio silence. " “Okay, just don't get into trouble" Turner

remarked before terminating communications with the search team. The closer they got to the energies source,the more obvious it was that they were in some type of city. 'Look for anything that '11 tell us what this place is called" He told 2 of his men,Everyone else, place to homing beacons at the coordinates uploaded into your suits nave module.Then they split up, that team was never heard from since then. A few years went by after that incident occur ed, and by the year 9029, Khonhiem was colonized and a bustling place. many thought that it had almost no value until they discovered the multi—tude of rare ores that existed nearby. over the next 2 years, tentions between some of the colonists gradually led to violent acts being done. it got so bad that 4 battle cruisers were sent to investigate why some of these crimes were commited. things eventually calmed back down near the end of the year 9030.


As the weeks progressed, new discoveries were being made during this peaceful time. new treatments

for the illnesses that plauged the colony for 3—months were eventually developed. the colony quickly

began to populate more of the abandoned buildings and by j une of that same year, Khonhiem went from colony status to becoming a city. Now, a spaceport was built about 16 miles south of the cities southern entrance, thus allowing trade to be opened up by during december, trade was somewhaat SLOW. By the next year (9030) trade was constantly occuring.the city flourished that year and evenn produced it's first academy attendants early that july. By august, they had developed their own fleet of vessels that made up their defense force. But, no—one could have prepared for the disaster that was about to happen that would change Khonhiems legacy forever. Early on a monday morning, the date was july 67—2031, Their sensor network detected vessels approaching the planet. The members thought it was un—usual for it remained cloaked as long as it did. By the afternoon, troops

ground and savagly shooting anyone a fleet of cloaked the khonhiem council tried to identify the ship

but they ignored, and many colonists tried to fight back, along with the The Khonhiem mill ita as well as their troops engaged the invaders in a brutal and very violent 7 -month battle. this battle took the lives of 122 civillians who were killed needlessly by the invading solders. Eventually, the khonhiem troops defeated their attackers and forced them to retreat. the next day, their leader came and vowed that he wouldn't stop until he gained access to the very thiyng that khonhiem guarded, access to a place

called The Krypt realm. this place wasa part of the mut,lti—verse that had the ability to change

how one thinks. The leaders knew of this and banished their adversary from the planet and tore up the

surrender ment paper. this only fueled the enemies

leaders' hatred and he departed. Now, the khonhiem leaders knew he'd return and decided

to make preparations for his return. by the fall of that year, they had increased their fleets size

from 450 vessels to 1,500,072 vehicals. their ground force also grew from 3,000 solders to 900,000 Soilders,and they y were extensively trained on how to combat their adversary. Yet another tradety struck this prosperous city again. early one evening a mining complex became infected from a un—discovered virus that existed in that mineshafts air. this virus made the workers savagly attack each other in a cannobalistic fashion. Luckily, a scientist happened to be near that mine when the reports were dispersed via their media. He offered to study the infected bodies and eventually developed a cure 5 months later. But, he too died from a illness he contracted during his stay. All the civvilans were given the vaccine but the defense force wasn't on the planet at the time. By the time their defense force returned, one—by—one they began to go crazy. there were numerous attacks on civil lans by defense force members, so the council d is—banded the defense force and placed all the surving members into quarintine until they could determine what was making them go nuts. The doctors and researchers worked around the clock and eventually gave the answer to the council by the early fall that same year.

The council gave the order to send the defemse force members away in order to protect against another possible out—break. Many of the civil lans thought that this was un—just and morrally wrong, thus they held protests, some occasionally led to street brawls, in hopes that their leaders would re—consider what they did. As a result of these riots, a city wide broadcast was given in which the council explained.


Chapter 2-

A few weeks after this new alliance was formed, sydel placed himself as the leader of their massive army.Anyone else who wishes to oppose our conquest will be immiediatly

put to death. No one even dared to question Sydel after he made that statement. Now the other leader, used to be my former lutienant commander. his name was Reginald. He was a slightly stocky build, and had a very calm personality, even in a combat situation. 'You do realize that the longer we wait, the more they have to study us, and formulate a better plan to attack us.'

'Reginald" Sydel told the hooded figure, 'This's just a new alliance. you seriously can't expect us to be cabable of starting our conquest now? ! "Without saying a word, Reginald drew his knife and slit

sydel throat. 'You're absolutly right" He told his dying partner, I'm now in control and you will be dead soon. He left sydel there to die. l' Tell our fleet that we're movinl out now" Reginald told hig Generals as he left the great hall. The massive fleet departed from their worlds 3 days later. "Let's strike fear into those who really don't believe us' 'Saratona. We'll land at Deringer Gultch.l 'Yes sir his general commented then gave the order to change their course. They arrived at Sara tona 2—days later.

'All vessels are ready to begin invasions.' 'Tell them to attack other worlds, we're not going to deplete all our rescources now' 'But' 'Or, you'll die. your choice" Reginald told his general. After the General told the other vessels to leave saratona, their vessel was the only one in orbit I—hour later.

Arethe specimines loaded into the pods?" “Yes Reginald" His scientist commented,

I But we really don't need to take it this extremely. that's highly infectious material. the only

thing on that planet is a resort complex. Reginald engaged the pod ejection systems before anyone could stop him. the steel doors that were right underneath each pod slid open, thus allowing the holding

clamps to be released. the pods rocketed through the planets atmosphere and steered using small, yet powerful boosters. located on each side. 'Impact will occur in t—minus 6 seconds'

ReginaIds ships computer commented then displayed the count—down in red numbers as well as the pods trajectories. When the clock reached zero, the pods had landed. Each of these pods had a vent that opened and released too much of the infectious substance. At first, the bio—readings seemed

normal, but as reginald and his crew continued to monitor their scans, they knew that the infection had taken hold. “Send in the fighter squad ren and ground teams. make

sure they understand that the area is to be destroyed.” "Yes sir" His lutienant commander commented then went to inform the General of his orders. "Okay men" The general began to say, "We Ire specific ly ordered to wipe out anything that we can. i don't care if they pose any threat to us or not. do not, for any reason expose yourself to the outside air. it has already been contaminated with 7 diff rent experimental viruses.' 'Yes sir!" His legion remarked before they climbed into their fighter craft, which some were ground units also. Once they deployed, they began to maticously comb all the areas they could get to. women and children were captured on occasions while the small rebel force members

were taken back to the cruiser and savagly tortured until either they gave out the information Reginald sought or died. the conditions of the make—shift holding complex was horrible. it was constructed in the s i De of a nearby mountain and heavily guarded. the walls and floors weRre wood beams

and dirt while the cells only had steel barred doors. Rats would come and knaw on the sick and wounded, while other es would attempt to eat themselfs. no one was fed any food

and they were randomly taken and tortured by Regina Ids own men. those that yeilded the information were thrown back in their cells to rot. the odor of vomit, rotting flesh and all sorts of really nasty thigngs lingered in the air. Eventually, one of the rebels managed to dig his way out

of his cell and escape from this holding place. he made it past the guards at the enrrance then ran the 25—mi1es in the middle of the night to the tiny settlement of kairun Upon his arrival, he was covered in dirt, his hair was greasy 'Help" He muttered as he and he had very foul body odor. staggered into the troop barricks, which were a few feet ahead of him. "Who are you?" One of the on—duty guards 'And what the hell happened to you?" 'They remarked,The man gasped for breath at the resoteresort.'

and clutched his chest in pa IN. the guards escorted him to the med—bay where the man was examined then patched up. "Tell us exactly what you mean" The bar ricks Commander "Reginald told the man as he stared into the mans eyes. ”has siezed the resort. he's doing really terrible things to people! We need to go back! ! " "Your not going anywhere, i '11 handle the problem" The Commander remarked before leaving the medic alone to tend their guests wounds. After he left the med—bay, he went to his office and transmitted a distress signal back to earth. After the message had been sent, the Commander deployed all his men and the civillians that also lived on the complex toward the resort in hopes of trying to halt the situation.4 hours later, My crew and i were sent. 'Alex" Jycus, my pilot at that time, remarked,”Saratona.” 'Sensors indicated as we entered parking orbit around saratona, heavy weapons fire on the surface. it appears to be in a town as well as the resort nearby." "Red alert, we Ive beenI ordered, thus my lutienant commander engaged into battle! "He took command of my cruiser while I joined the ground assualt team. We encountered enemy fire during our descent toward the planets surface. once our ground forces were mobilized, I knew that Reginald was here. "Save any civillians that you encounter, but leave reginald to me.' I remarked. via my bikes helmets com. system. The bikes two wheels proppeled me toward the edge of the town at 423mph. once we entered the town,

the bloodbath began. the mot r tar units remained 25 miles back on a nearby ridge and fired plasma charges into the war zone. Some of my men had to fight their opponent in hand—to—hand

combat, whilew the armoured walkers and pulse tanks were equally matched. debrie from the buildings flew into the air, crushing a few soldiers, while others were torn limb for limb by reginalds

forces. Then, i saw reginald standing on top of a small hill. I gunned my bike in an attempt to pursue him, but, as it turns out he was in a fighter, he ascended, then circled around and fired upon the battlefeaild. he slaughtered close to 20% of my army before he sounded a retreat and led his men

away from the town. "We need to pur I remarked to one oof my Generals, "We 're going to assist these people and ma bye find out what in the hell happened here. " I knew that my answer

wasn't what they wanted to here, but, since we lost 20% of our ground and air forces,

i knew that by chasing reginald we wouldn't be able to survive for long. As we started with our re life efforts, i came across a memory untt from one of reginalds armoured transport vehicals.




by the time my vessel had left that solar system, i went into my quarters and attempted to recover any

intel from the memory unit. 'Access denied" 'Dam" I frustratidly remarked as this was my 6th attempt.

its encryption code?" "Yes?" John? i' m in my quarters on deck 2, section 'Can you identify

'Need help?" "Thanks, 520, room 522.' A few minutes went by before John entered my room.

That's a rather antiquated memory core, i believe they were called photon ic cores, used photons to store information,' I just need a way to gain access into it to look at its records.' John gained access by location locating the encryption codes key by running a dual de-crypt ion program. Once the records and various ffiles.were accessible I noticed that one of the files wasn't un—locked, so i ran a scan of its format and determined that it wasn't locked at all. Upon opening this particular file, i read a message. "We '11 be at Deringer—Gu1tch.' I knew what reg inal was planning, and also knew that we had to try

to stop him from suceeding. After i left my quarters and returned to the bridge later that day, i gave orders to proceed to Deringer-Gu1tch.



Chapter 3

'Alex" Jycus commented, as he safely landed my cruiser at the gultches southern entrance,

"This place has death written all over it" "Look" I replied,I will not stop

because of the looks of a certain place. Reginald betrayed not only us, but everyone we are allied with. our orders are to pursue and kill him.' It m tell in' you that somethint real bad is in there and waiting for us" But i just ignored his comment and assembled my squadren. during our briefing

i noticed my men just looking at me for a few breif seconds, the uncomfortable silence of impending loom also filled the room. the briefing only took an hour before we all got into the 6— Tanks that were out-fitted with regenrative sheilds and a 3— charge plasma cannon. they moved around

by automatically repel ing the planets gravitational field just enough to hover above the ground.

during the first part of our trip, we traveled through the ruins of an ancient city that laid un—disturb for thousands of years, unless you factor in the years. The ruins, however were Life signs

large enough to help conceal ones army amongst them. are none" Jycus remarked then we led our squad into the old ruins. as we slowly progressed, my tanks motion sensors detected movement

'Um" One of the squads other members radioed 5—mi1es to our right "We are detecting movement to our south and west, i also advise,but my partner doesn't aggree'Your point??" "Well, there 's a pass about a few feet to your left up ahead. it'll take us to deringer pass, should we get lost then we Ill be screwed. 'But, I decided not to folow the advise thus we continued along the gultch. as we approached the battle site, i gave the rest of my army the exact coordinates in hopes thaT they would show up. Regina Ids men, however were all on foot. 'Get out of your tanks when i give the word and blow 'em sky high" I ordered the men in my squad before we powered down our tanks and got

out. Once we were standing infront of reginald and his masösive army, i drew my plasma rifle and began to open fire. some of my men didn't have any type of weapon except a knife, while 2 of my men fought hand—to—hand. the air quickly was filled with mens dying cries of pain, while the dusty soil

became eventually soaked in red. those that weren't killed immiediatly were taken captive. this battle lasted about 34-days before Regina Ids army forced my surender. 'Now" 1 told my men then they threw live plasma gcharges right at the tanks before we ran as fast as we could away from that spot.

The tanks burst into flames and sent out mass fire—balls once the charges went off. the blasts force wasn't strong enough to wipe out reginalds army at once bput he did lose about 200—210 men due to the explosions. their bodies were sever ly mutilated by the flying shards of metal components,

yet reginald still gave the order to continue to fight, We soon found a cave big enough for all of us to hide in.1 took the emergency transmitter out before we left" Jycus explained to me as he feverishly typed his message then pushed transm it. We waited for about 2— days in fear of

reginalds forces. at night we would take over the caverns entrance, anticipating our

move. by the afternoon of the 2nd— day, we feared being captured and turns keeping watch for our

advisaries thoughout the night.the next morning, I awoke to the Sound of boots on the ground.

The fleet got our transmission' One of my men remarked as one of the other captains escorted

us out of the cavern in which we hid inside for 2 —days. "We began to suspect something was wrong when we never got a mission update from your vessel. So, after we talked to some of the crew members you left behind, we began to fly search mmissions for the duration between when y la 11 left up to yesterday morning. 'That ts when i sent the coded message "And thanks to Jycus, we found y'all in this cavern. did you know Alex, that if we never recieved that message, you probably woudn't be having this conversation with me?" 'Yep" I replied before our own crew beamed us back onboard our own vessel. Once i was back in my chair, i informed them about their one weakness. 'Are you crazy?!!'Look, they're going to kick our ass right now" "Im not letting this vessels safty be jeprodized my lutienant commander sternly told me, thus i decided to retreat from the battle feild since i quickly

learned that another fleet was closing in on Kohnhiem. Now, Reginald saw my fleet leave from the battle, thus he claimed it as a victory, Later that evening, his men celebrated all night and felt un—stoppable. 'Tommorow, we will mobilize and join our assualt on Kohnhiem. we will topple it like a great wave destroys a wall. our conquest will not stop until we gain access to the Krypt zone, and after that speech, his men all cheered very loudly, thus they continued to party hard that

night. Meanwhile, my crew was buisly sending letters to the loved ones of the men that were taken captive or killed during the battle. there was no usual chatter, or talk of what we'll

do on shore-leave whenever it was granted, everyone worked in complete silence out of deep respect for those that didn't come back onboard alive or went missing.


The next morning, i was given a autopsy report to read of one of my soldiers. “I don't see what's strange, nor i don't see how this is connected with anything recent" I told the mortician.

'Normally when a body dies, it doesn't have residual energy fluxuation, ands i don't count the enviromental energy sources. But i 1m tell in' you that this man wasn't there

when the battle started.' Of course he was, i saw him like

everyone else when they arrived. 'The mortician brought up

the roster for that day. This shows everyone that was onboard this vessel I—hour before we landed at your location. but if you look at the video feed, it shows a man walking to the weapons locker while the rest of our troops were being deployed to the planets surface. " “I still don't see how this is related to him" “I have reason to suspect that he tried to sabatoge the ship because once security got to the locker, he was dead. Upon my examination, i found very massive amounts of a class-10 nuero—toxin in his circulatory system, Now this nuero—toxin is so potent, it is banned for any usage, meaning that the

only place that he could have got it was by working directly for reginald.' The mortician showed me the self dosing syringe that was in the dead mans hand. If i were you i would be very wary of the rest

of your men. Yes, we 're lucky that he didn't do anything harmful to anyone on this ship, but i really can't garentee that won 't happen. “Ok, i '11 keep an eye out for any odd behaviors" I remarked before leaving the ships morge. i had a very strange feeling that something was in store for me, but i really can't put what i felt into words, as it was confusing at the time.

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