One Step At a Time - Episode #2 - Breaking Free!

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This is Episode 2 of my Soap Opera Blog! Check the first episode for the full summary of One Step At a Time!

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



One Step At A Time

A Soap Opera Blog

by Jay Sims


Episode Two

Breaking Free


Previously on One Step at a Time…introductions were made, dramatic seeds were planted, and shocking truths came to the light. Four wealthy families were revealed to us—all ranging in color, personality, and sanity!

Phyllis, the egocentric money-hungry mother of the year, desperately wants her sixteen-year-old daughter to have an abortion after finding out the father is as poor as dirt. She enlists the help of her best friend Blake, who reluctantly agrees. Blake and his husband, Octavius, suspect that their son has a special friend, but they’re going to be shocked to discover who it is. Meanwhile, we have a little snitch (named Rashad) in the Douglas family, and two little devils who appear to be angels in the Matthews family. Let’s see what everyone’s up to today!



Appleseed Police Station


The time is 6AM on a Friday morning.

Blake and Phyllis were arrested the previous night for public intoxication and just discovered that they have been bailed out by an anonymous someone.



Phyllis: Excuse me? Officers! OFFICERS!

Blake: For heaven’s sake Phyl, shut the hell up. My head is killing me!

Phyllis: I don’t care! I need to get the hell out of here now, not in another hour! I can’t believe we’re even in here. This place is filthy and disgusting. Ugh, reminds me of your neighborhood.

Blake: Bitch!

Phyllis: This place should be wiped from the Earth.

Blake: It’s called a jail—located inside of a Police Station. Never been?

Phyllis: What? No! I’ve never stepped foot inside of one.

Blake gives Phyllis an annoyed smirk.

Phyllis: I’m serious! You know when I bitch slapped that officer in Detroit? And that time I peed on the Governor’s wives’ Louboutins? Nothing. Not even a ticket. My Charleston handled everything before things got escalated.

Blake: Wow. I’m actually speechless.

Phyllis: Now that I think about it, I used to be a bad ass! I’ve gotten soft. (She turns to look at Blake) Especially being with you.

Blake: Me?

Phyllis: I’ve gotten soft, but you’ve completely melted! What happened to you? You went and got married and had kids and became—

Blake: An adult?

Phyllis: Yeah that! It’s pathetic.

Blake: Look, Phyllis last night was—it was—shit I don’t remember. But I’m sure you gave me some shit that completely fucked me up!

Phyllis: Oh please you lightweight! I gave you half a gummy bear and you acted like you had just snorted cocaine!

Blake: That gummy bear was strong as hell.

Phyllis: Sure it was.

Blake: Anyway, if I can’t remember anything I know you can’t.

Phyllis: Sweetie, I’ve been doing this since I was six. We went to the movies after stopping at Popeye’s for your black ass. Once inside, I slipped you the candy and it all went downhill from there. You were singing along to the movie, dancing in the aisles, and trying to make-out with me. Oh and by the way—

Phyllis slaps Blake.

Blake: What the fuck was that for?

Phyllis: You squeezed my breasts and kept asking me when they would pop. Freakin weirdo.

Blake: Damn, what got into me?

Phyllis: Don’t worry. By the end of the night we were both completely gone. They were serving Martinis and I had five. Cops showed up, but I couldn’t find my wallet. So instead of bribing Officer Matthews with five thousand, he had to arrest us.

Blake: I have to explain all of this to Octavius. Shit!

Officer Matthews bangs his hands on the metal bars of the cell.

Blake: Michael, please.

Michael: Well well well.

Blake: Don’t start.

Michael: (Laughing) I just can’t believe it. My own Brother-in-law, the lawyer, is in jail. How ironic.

Phyllis: Listen Officer Whitey, we need to get out now!

Michael: And you! The Mayor’s wife. The most well-known person in Appleseed, arrested for public intoxication? Crazy!

Phyllis: I do have the power to take away your badge. Now how about less talking and more unlocking.

Michael: I’m getting there.

Michael slowly takes out his large keyring filled with keys and picks through them one by one.

Blake: Seriously?

Michael: (Smiling) What? There’s a lot of keys.

Michael finally unlocks the cell and escorts Blake and Phyllis to the front.

Michael: Have a seat. The person who bailed you out will be here shortly.

Phyllis: Was it my Charleston?

Michael: Not exactly.

Blake: What does that mean?

Phoebe: It means another Bradford is here to clean up this mess.

Everyone turns around to face Phoebe.

Phoebe: Hello, mother.



The Douglas Family


The time is still 8AM.

Octavius has been looking for Blake all morning, but is unable to find him. He decides to pay a visit to his husband’s half-brother, Da’Waylon.




Octavius waits patiently outside of the Douglas household after ringing the doorbell twice.

Rashad: (Opens the door) Uncle Octavius! What’s up?

Octavius: Hi there Rashad. Is your father home by any chance? Better yet is my husband somewhere in there?

Rashad: Uh no—not that I know of. Why? What’s wrong?

Octavius: He went out with Phyllis last night. God only knows what they got themselves into.

Rashad: No way! Uncle Blake knows Phyllis Bradford? That is so cool!

Octavius: Trust me, that is nothing to be excited about. Phyllis is— (Blake notices the look of desire and hope in Rashad’s eyes and doesn’t want to spoil anything for him)

Rashad: She’s what?

Octavius: How about your Uncle Blake and I host a welcoming party for you and your family at our place? I’ll invite some of our extended family including Phyllis and her family. You’ll get to meet her personally.

Rashad: That is so kind of you. Thanks. (He gives his Uncle a hug)

Octavius: No problem. So no one has heard from Blake, huh?

Rashad: Nope. He hasn’t been here since we moved. I’ve been dying to see him though. I think I want to major in Criminal Justice when I go to college. I don’t know if I want to be a lawyer yet, but something might catch my eye. Who knows?

Octavius: You’re a good kid. Remind me to introduce you to my son, Timothy. He could use your influence.

Rashad: Cool.

Octavius: Alright, if Blake isn’t here I guess I’ll be going. Tell your folks about the party!

Rashad: Will do!

Rashad closes the door and heads to the kitchen to find his parents making out.

Rashad: Didn’t get enough last night?

Da’Waylon: Can’t ever get enough of my baby!

Princess: Ooooh! Let’s go upstairs, it’s gettin too hot in this kitchen!

Rashad: I have to change rooms, again! Know why? The noise coming from your room seems to travel through the vent and into just about every room I’ve chosen!

Da’Waylon: Ain’t nothing but the beautiful sounds of love making. Maybe you’ll learn a few things if you listen closely.

Rashad: UGH! Gross! I’m out.

Princess: Have a nice day at school!

Rashad stops walking and turns around.

Rashad: What was that?

Princess: I said have a nice day.

Rashad: That’s new. You’ve never said anything like that before. Must be your current state of euphoria.

Princess: What? Boy, don’t make me kick yo ass before you go to school!

Da’Waylon: It’s aite, baby. Euphoria is a good thing. Kinda like an orgasm. (He laughs)

Rashad: Whatever. Oh and Uncle Octavius just dropped by. He and Blake are going to have a welcoming party for us and introduce us to the Mayor and his wife! (He leaves the kitchen with an apple)

Princess: Ugh! Now we have to go to some gay ass party.

Da’Waylon: I know you don’t mean nothing, but I don told you about the gay shit. Aite? That’s my bro.

Princess: I was just playin! Fine. Now we have to go to some LAME ass party. Better?

Da’Waylon: Much! (Starts kissing her passionately)

Da’Waylon’s cell phone rings.

Da’Waylon: Yo, what’s up? Oh word? Come on over!

Princess: What is it, baby?

Da’Waylon: My dude Gregory about to come over and help me install some hiding compartments for my equipment and drugs and all that. That way we’ll be extra prepared if the police try to raid this bitch again.

Princess: That is so smart baby.

Da’Waylon: Word. Now we gotta see if we can find out who sent the police over here yesterday. Officer whatever said it had to have been a kid. Why don’t you go out and see what you can find?

Princess: But I thought we was gon—you know? I’m ready for round three.

Da’Waylon: I got a couple of minutes before Gregory gets here. Come on! (He picks her up and carries her to their bedroom.)

Rashad: (On the phone) Gregory? Thanks for agreeing to do this for me. Yes, you’ll get your payment up front. It’s under the cookie jar in the kitchen. Remember, not a word of this to my dad. Okay? Alright, bye.



The Mathews Family


The time is 9AM.

Octavius finally makes his way to visit Blake’s half-sister, Jessica Matthews. Of course, he is not there, but he gets invited into her Oriental Room for a private talk.




Jessica: So, Octavius. You’re looking for your husband, is that correct?

Octavius: Uh, yes. I just told you that.

Jessica: Just making sure my colleagues understand.

Octavius: Colleagues?

Jessica: (Points to her figurines all around the room) My husband handpicked these dolls from all over Japan and Tibet and China. Not only are they the cutest things, but they give this room a special something. Can you feel it?

Octavius: No.

Jessica: Oh, you’ll feel it soon. (She giggles)

Octavius: Ok. So you haven’t heard from your brother at all? What about Phyllis?

Jessica: That stuck up bitch fucker? (Instantly covers her mouth) I mean—that very unpleasant woman. (Whispers to figurines) Sorry!

Octavius: Yes, her. They’re best friends.

Jessica: Don’t remind me. And no, I haven’t seen or heard from either of them.

Octavius: I wonder where he is! This isn’t like him at all.

Jessica: Tell me more about him. How is this not like him?

Octavius: Okay? Uh, he’s usually the first person awake in our house. Has breakfast ready, lunches packed. He never leaves without his favorite cardigan. He’s a decent person. Not a night owl party goer.

Jessica: Do people still use that term?

Octavius: I have no idea. (Gets comfortable on his pillow) This is a lovely pillow.

Jessica: Also from China.

Octavius: Nice.

Jessica: How do you feel?

Octavius: I actually feel okay. You know I came in here a nervous wreck about Blake, but this feels nice. This room, I mean. We have got to get one of these.

Jessica: Might cost you a couple of hundred thousand, but it’s so worth it. I’ve helped so many people! I love helping people with their problems.

Octavius: I can see.

Jessica: Are you done for the day?

Octavius: No, of course not! Let’s keep talking.

Jessica: Good.


Brittany and Justin are on their way to school.


Justin: Sorry about the detour. We’re gonna be late.

Brittany: That’s ok. So that was your dealer, huh?

Justin: No. I don’t know who that guy was. My dealer is way scarier. She’s a complete bitch.

Brittany: She can’t be that bad.

Justin: She told me that if she ever found out I was trying to quit selling, double crossing her, trying to play her, or doing anything to mess with her money she would personally cut my balls off and make me eat them.

Brittany: Ew! Gross!

Justin: Now you see why I can’t get out of this shit. It’s impossible. You know the worst part?

Brittany: What?

Justin: I have no idea what she looks like. No clue.

Brittany: That’s bullshit!

Justin: I’m serious. She makes me meet her in the park by the swings every Friday morning. She wears all black, and doesn’t even face me. We make the exchange, she reminds me of what she’s going to do to me if I slip up, and we go our separate ways.

Brittany: Just like that? In broad daylight?

Justin: It sounds crazy, but think about it. It’s daylight, people are busy taking kids to school. Kids are not in the park. We make the exchange as discreetly as possible, but who cares? If the cops catch us, which is highly unlikely, she told me to grab her from behind and act like we’re a couple.

Brittany: You know, since you kind of have a schedule going, you could easily take her out.

Justin: What? Are you crazy?

Brittany: Actually it’s pretty simple. I can help. Just send me in to make the exchange, and you get her from behind.

Justin: It’s not that simple. She has bodyguards and dogs. I can’t get away with anything. Don’t you think I’ve tried?

Brittany: Well then big brother you are one screwed dude.

Justin: I know.

Brittany: So…got my stuff ready?

Justin rolls his eyes and continues driving to school. 



The Smith Family


The time is now 4PM

Octavius is preparing dinner and Blake comes home for the first time. He tries to sneak past Octavius, but fails miserably.



Octavius: It’s nice to finally see you.

Blake: (Walking into the kitchen) Would you accept money so I don’t have to explain anything?

Octavius: (Turn towards Blake and grabs him by the shoulders) You don’t have to explain anything if you don’t want to. No money.

Blake: Seriously?

Octavius: (Gives Blake a kiss) Seriously.

Blake: Damn, what got into you?

Octavius: Your sister’s new Oriental Room. I just got home from her place.

Blake: She was telling me about that last week. Does it actually work?

Octavius: Oh yeah! We talked about everything. It just makes you feel so open, ya know?

Blake: I hope you weren’t too open.

Octavius is silent.

Blake: What did you tell her??!

Octavius: Where were you last night?

Blake: Alright, alright. Fine! I was in jail if you must know!

Octavius: Interesting. I want to yell, but I still feel the effects of the room.

Blake: Good! So now I can explain everything without judgement. Oh my God baby! I was arrested for public intoxication and apparently all I had was half a gummy bear! Phyllis and I had to spend the night in jail and we were bailed out by her psycho ass daughter. Michael didn’t make the charges stick, thanks to Phoebe and a couple of thousand from me.

Octavius: So you had to pay to erase the charges?

Blake: Well, yeah but it wasn’t nearly as much as I would’ve been charged by the state.

Octavius: Interesting.

Blake: It took us this long to get home because I had to draw up a contract for Phyllis and Phoebe. It was so freaking ridiculous, Octavius. Phoebe is pregnant and wants to keep her baby, but Phyllis wants her to get an abortion. Long story short, Phoebe now gets to keep her baby and has her mother’s full permission to star on 16 & Pregnant.

Octavius: That’s crazy!

Blake: I know!

Timothy walk in through the back kitchen door.

Timothy: Sup.

Octavius: How was school?

Timothy: The same.

Blake: How’s your mystery girl or boy friend?

Timothy: Still nonexistent. Gonna go to Randy’s house. His mom invited me for dinner so I’ll be home late.

Timothy leaves the house.

Blake: What the hell just happened?

Octavius starts clenching his fists and looks seriously angry.

Blake: Baby, what’s wrong?

Octavius: YOU GOT ARRESTED?!?!?

Blake: Uh, yeah we just discussed this. Guess the effects of that room finally wore off…

Octavius: Dammit! I’ll deal with that later. Go get Jonathon. We have to go!

Blake: Go where?

Octavius: Follow Timothy. The little shit was lying.

Blake: How could you possibly know?

Octavius: He hates Randy. Said so last Thursday during dinner. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Blake: Okay, okay. Apparently your long-term memory is intact just not your short-term memory.

Octavius: Will you just go get the baby? We have to hurry!



The Bradford Family


The time is 5PM

Phyllis and Phoebe are discussing the terms of the contract Blake has written up for them.



Phyllis is giving her daughter a disgusted look as she reads over their contract.

Phyllis: You’re not gonna get away with this. No daughter of mine blackmails me!

Phoebe: (Smiling) Mother, it’s been sign, sealed, and delivered. I learned from the best.

Phyllis: I still can’t believe you stole my wallet! Your own mother!

Phoebe: Oh please. You have fifteen different wallets all filled with cash and loads of credit cards. You wouldn’t have noticed anything had you not been arrested.

Phyllis: I keep tabs on everything! One cent out of place and I’ll know.

Phoebe: Anyway, per the terms of the agreement, you are to assist me with any financial burdens, provide me a place to live AWAY from here, and allow my child to address you as Grandmamma Pearl. I’m so gonna love this!

Phyllis: Miscarriage is still a possibility.

Phoebe: You’re sick, you know that?

Phyllis: It’s the truth.

Phoebe: That reminds me. Gotta add protection from you against my baby and its father.

Phyllis: (Under her breath) Dammit!

Phoebe laughs and gets up to leave the room.

Phyllis: Make sure to send the update version to Blake soon. And then afterwards no more corrections can be made.

Phoebe: Whatever. I’ll get it back to him.

Phyllis: (To herself) Good. Then I can figure out a way around that stupid contract.

There’s a knock at the door.

Phyllis: Monique! Answer the door, hun!

Monica: My name is Monica!

Phyllis: Bitch I don’t pay you to correct me. Get!

Timothy walks in a few minutes later.

Phyllis: Can I help you young man?

Timothy: I’m here to see the mayor.

Phyllis: And who might you be?

Charleston enters the room.

Charleston: My new protégé. It seems I’m admired for more than my mad rapping skills. Come boy. Off to my study.

Phyllis: Wait. Who are you, kid?

Timothy: I’m Timothy—Timothy Smith-Douglass. Blake and Octavius’ son.

Phyllis: Oh, so you’re the famous Timothy. Why do you look so familiar?

Timothy: Can’t say I take after my dad’s. (He starts to nervously laugh)

Phyllis: (Looks confused) Right…

Charleston: Come on Timothy. Lots of work to be done. Phyllis, sweetheart, don’t wait up.

Phyllis: I never do. (She gives him a fake smile) Where the hell did I leave my laptop?


Charleston and Timothy leave the room and swiftly walk to Charleston’s Study. Once the door is closed, Charleston takes Timothy’s face in his hands and kisses him deeply.


Charleston: You’re supposed to come through the back.

Timothy: Sorry, I forgot.

Charleston: You’re going to have to be punished.

Timothy: Do your worst…



The End



WHOA!!!! What an ending, right? As you know, the next episode will be posted next week. Hold on to your knickers!

First of all, Timothy and the mayor??? NO WAY!! That’s all kind of wrong on so many different levels! Will Blake and Octavius catch him in the act? Will Phyllis catch them? How about the Douglas family? Rashad is in cahoots with Gregory and so is Da’Waylon! Who is going to double cross whom? More info revealed about Justin’s illegal activities…his dealer seems really familiar; could it be someone we already know? Finally, what’s the deal with Phoebe? Is she really black-mailing her mother? Will her plan to appear on 16 & Pregnant really happen?

Tune in next week to find out the answers to all of these questions and more!

Remember, life would be a breeze if you just took it…One Step at a Time!


*Drops mic*








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