One Step At a Time - Episode #3 - The Messenger

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This is Episode 3 of my Soap Opera Blog! Check the first episode for the full summary of One Step At a Time!

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



One Step At A Time

A Soap Opera Blog

by Jay Sims


Episode Three

The Messenger


Previously on One Step at a Time…Blake and Phyllis were arrested for public intoxication and were released thanks to a very sneaky Phoebe. The daughter of Satan not only stole her mom’s purse and bribed Officer Matthews to let them go, but she also blackmailed her mother into basically allowing her to keep her unborn baby and appear on 16 & Pregnant! Octavius goes around town looking for Blake and ends up telling Rashad that he would throw a party for his family and probably told Jessica anything he could think of in her freaky truth revealing room. Rashad is still plotting against his father and will stop at nothing to expose him, but Da’Waylon has others plans—or so he thinks. Finally, everyone was most likely shocked when Timothy’s secret girl/boyfriend was revealed to be none other than Mr. Bradford a.k.a. the Mayor a.k.a. Phyllis’ husband a.k.a. an OLD freaking man!!!

And that’s what you missed on One Step At A Time!!




The Bradford Family


The time is 4PM on a Saturday afternoon.

Phyllis is on the phone with American Express.



Phyllis: Listen you underprivileged call center person, you tell me my damn credit card limit this instant! I have a Black card that my husband just gave me for being good, and I want to know what I can and cannot buy.

Customer Service Representative: Mrs. Bradford, for the third time, there is not a limit on your card. Please, spend whatever you want so long as you pay us by your payment date.

Phyllis: So you mean to tell me, that I can spend whatever I want? No limits? No overage fees? Nothing?

Customer Service Representative: Yes, ma’am. Spend whatever you want.

Phyllis: How do I know you’re not lying to me? What if you secretly want to ruin our credit? I know how you bank people operate!

Customer Service Representative: Ma’am, I work in a call center. Calls are recorded, cameras are everywhere, and I’m currently being stared down by my supervisor. I am telling you the truth.

Phyllis: Everyone wants to ruin us!

There’s a knock at the door.

Phyllis: I’ll finish this discussion with another representative. Maybe that one will actually give me the truth! Good day! (She hangs up the phone.) Marquesha? Sweetie, get the door!

Monica: (Mumbling to herself) It’s a different name every day…

Phyllis: When are you going to realize that you are not important? If you were, I might actually take the time to remember your name. Hell, I’d even pay you more than seventy five cents an hour. But you aren’t, so I’m not! Get to it!

Monica goes to answer the door and returns.

Monica: Someone just left three letters addressed to you, your husband, and Phoebe. Want me to deliver them personally?

Phyllis: Why do you always ask that? You think I’m gonna do it? Give me mine!

Monica: I’ll go and deliver these.

Phyllis opens the letter and reads.

Phoebe: Monica just handed me a letter, it better not be from one of your stupid lawyers.

Phyllis: Who handed you a letter?

Phoebe: Monica, the maid? You hired her when I was five.

Phyllis: Oh you mean, Michelle. Yeah she just answered the door and someone left these letters. What does yours say?

Phoebe: I haven’t opened it. Yours?

Phyllis: Blake and Octavius invited me to another damn dinner party. I swear, gays think everyone is supposed to just drop whatever they’re doing and do whatever they want you to do. I’m sick of it!

Phoebe: When is it and when are we leaving?

Phyllis: (Rolls her eyes) It’s tomorrow and the time says 6PM but we’re gonna arrive at the last minute like always.

Phoebe: I need you to buy me and your unborn grandchild a dress.

Phyllis: The hell! The contract says to provide my pregnant daughter with funds to support her child. A dress is not supporting your child.

Phoebe: Yeah about that, I made a few changes.

Phyllis: Yeah right, skank. Let’s go read that contract, shall we?

Phoebe: Don’t bother.

Phoebe pulls out miniature contract and shows Phyllis.

Phoebe: It says here that I, your beautiful daughter, shall receive financial stability from you until I am capable of providing for me and my child. Nowhere does it state that you must only support my child…amateur.

Phyllis: You little snake! You changed the contract again!

Phoebe: (Laughs) I learned from the best. Just remember, I control you now. (Throws contract at Phyllis.) Keep it, I have plenty of copies.

Phoebe leaves the room and opens her letter. Here is what it says:

 Dear Phoebe Bradford,

You want to be famous? Just wait until your real secrets are revealed. Then you’ll really be well-known…


The Messenger

Phoebe rips the letter to shreds and stares in the direction of her mother.

Phoebe: You think you can intimidate me, huh? We’ll see about that!

Charleston enters the room with Phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh sweetie I was just about to send for you. Did you get the invitation to Blake and Octavius’ dinner party tomorrow?

Charleston: What? I mean, yeah. I did. That’s what this letter was for. (He says nervously)

Phyllis: I need to call the credit card people. Bitches won’t tell me my limit.

Charleston: There is no limit, dear.

Phyllis: (Laughs hysterically) Nonsense!

Charleston: So who sent these invitations?

Phyllis: Don’t you listen? Blake and his gay lover Octavius.

Charleston: Timothy’s fathers?

Phyllis: Who?

Charleston: Oh never mind. I gotta go!

Charleston leaves the room and reads his letter again. Here is what it says:

Dear Charleston Bradford,

When your company arrives, make sure to cover all the windows in the house. You never know who could be watching…


The Messenger


Charleston growls in frustration as he calls Timothy.

Charleston: Don’t come over tonight. Don’t come over ever again! (He hangs up the phone and punches a wall)



The Matthews Family


The time is 4PM on a Saturday afternoon.

Michael has just come home from work, along with Justin and Brittany.



Michael grabs three letters addressed to him and his children, but only opens his.

Michael: Justin you have any plans tomorrow afternoon? What about you Brittany?

Justin: Nope. Why?

Brittany: No. What’s going on?

Michael: Your uncles are hosting a dinner party and we’ve been invited.

Brittany: On second thought, I have plans.

Michael: You’re going!

Justin: I haven’t seen them in so long. Sounds fun.

Brittany jabs Justin in his ribs.

Brittany: Justin you promised you would take me to the uhh…batting cages.

Justin: Batting cages? (Brittany glares at him) Oh yeah. Sorry dad, I promised her.

Michael: Right. Can’t you two do that some other time? This is family.

Brittany: Sorry no can do. I’m trying out for softball and I need all the practice I can get.

Justin: I’m her personal coach.

Michael: I’m sure you’ll have all morning to practice. You’re going. End of discussion.

Justin and Brittany each take their letters and leave the kitchen. Michael feels something else inside the invitation envelope and a piece of paper falls out. Here is what it says:

Dear Officer Matthews,

Bribe – to persuade someone to act in one's favor, typically illegally or dishonestly, by a gift of money or other inducement. Just thought you should know the definition…


The Messenger

Looks around to see if anyone else is watching him.

Michael: (To himself) What the hell?

Justin stops on the stairs to read his letter. Here is what it says:

Dear Justin Matthews,

I know what you did last Spring. I know what you’re doing now. I know everything…


The Messenger

Justin turns around to face Brittany who is reading her letter. He pulls her to his room and closes the door behind him.

 Justin: (Whispering) This isn’t a fucking invitation, Brit!

Brittany: I can see that. What does yours say?

Justin: Someone knows what I did last Spring, and about me selling drugs. I’m so fucking screwed! What does yours say? Does someone know you’re using?

Brittany: No. It just says stop.

Justin: Stop what?

Brittany: Beats me. It’s from someone called The Messenger. Probably just a prank.

Justin: That’s who my letter is from. This is no prank, Brit. I’m in serious shit if this person tries to expose me.

Brittany: Calm down. All you gotta do is get them to blackmail you, then offer them the goods, and just rework your prices to make up for the missing drugs. I’ll help.

Justin: You are way too eager to get into illegal business. I’ll think of something on my own.

Brittany: Just trying to help.

Justin: What you can do is find out who this messenger person is. They had to have left a trail. Start by questioning dad, he got here first. Or even mom, she’s been here all day.

Brittany: What are you gonna do?

Justin: I think the best thing to do is to try to get in contact with my real dealer and let them know about this ASAP. It’s the smart thing to do.

Brittany: If you say so. I’ll miss you.

Justin: Don’t joke like that. So not cool.

Brittany: Whatever.



The Douglas Family


The time is 4PM on a Saturday afternoon.

Da’Waylon and Princess are lying on a flotation device in their pool.



Da’Waylon: Ay, baby! Remember when we lived in Oakcliff and we always filled that ditch in the alley with water and let Rashad swim in it? Good times!

Princess: I remember yo big ass tried to swim in it and almost got stuck! (She begins laughing hysterically)

Da’Waylon: The fuck you laughing at? At least I can swim!

Princess: I ain’t learned yet. You know I can’t ever get my hair wet! Come on now.

Da’Waylon: That’s just an excuse. You scared of the water. Admit it.

Princess: I ain’t never scared.

Da’Waylon pushes Princess in the water and she starts freaking out. He begins to laugh.

Da’Waylon: (Still laughing) I thought you ain’t scared. Liar!

Princess: Help me up! Fuck!

Da’Waylon: (Helps her back onto the floating device) Want me to teach you?

Princess: Hell nah! And just for that, you ain’t getting nothing tonight!

Da’Waylon: Come on, baby! I was just playing.

Princess: NO!

Da’Waylon: Baby? Seriously?

Princess: NO!

A servant exits the house and walks to the edge of the pool to hand Da’Waylon and Princess a letter.

Da’Waylon: Thanks kinfolk! I ain’t got a tip for you though.

Servant: (Sarcastically) Just seeing your smile makes my day that much brighter.

Princess: Get out of here with yo corny ass!

Da’Waylon: You heard my lady. Get to stepping!

Rashad suddenly exits the house and runs towards the pool.

Rashad: Did you guys get a letter today?

Princess: Just got one. Let me read it.

Rashad: Look, whatever you know—

Princess: (To Da’Waylon) It’s the invitation to your brother’s dinner party for us tomorrow.

Rashad: Oh that’s all it is?

Princess: Yep. The party is tomorrow at 6. We gotta get all dressed up. At least I have an excuse to buy a new dress and get my hair did.

Da’Waylon: Y’all have fun. I can’t go remember? Fucking house arrest.

Rashad: So it’s really just the invitation, mom?

Princess: Yes, boy. Damn you hard of hearing?

Rashad: Uh, no. I gotta go.

Rashad walks back into the house.

Princess: I gotta go schedule my hair appointment and go shopping! Baby, you wanna come? Wait a minute, what the hell was I thinking. You ain’t wanna come with me! I’ll be back later, love you!

Princess enters the house. Da’Waylon opens his letter and reads it. Here is what it says:

Dear Da’Waylon Douglas,

There’s a shark in the water. The water is your home. Proceed with caution…


The Messenger

Da’Waylon: (To himself) The fuck is this shit?

He looks around the area and struggles to get back to dry land. He takes out his cell.

Da’Waylon: (On the phone) Yo Gregory! Hold off on coming here, man. Gotta handle some business. I’ll give you a shout when I’m ready. Ok. Bye.

Da’Waylon crumbles the letter up and throws it into the pool.

Da’Waylon: Ay Roscoe! Roscoe!

Roscoe: Yes sir?

Da’Waylon: How ‘bout you get this pool here cleaned. Shit is filthy.

Roscoe: Yes sir.

Da’Waylon takes another look around and goes to check on his patient.

Princess: (To Rashad) The hell you walking around the kitchen for? You hungry? Order some pizza or something. I’m ‘bout to go shopping.

Rashad: I had a salad earlier I’m fine.

Princess: Why do I even bother with you? I’m out!

Rashad continues walking around the kitchen and decides to re-read his letter. Here is what it says:

Dear Rashad Douglas,

Like father, like son. Choose your next move wisely…


The Messenger

Rashad throws the letter into the garbage disposal and turns it on.

Rashad: (To himself) I gotta step up my game. (Takes out cellphone) Office Matthews? It’s Rashad. We need to talk. Really? I’ll be right out.

Rashad rushes outside to where Officer Matthews is parked a few house down and gets inside his car.

Michael: I suspected it was you tipping me off about your father. Didn’t want to assume anything.

Rashad: I guess you think I’m a terrible son.

Michael: Oh God no. I’d snitch on my old man if he was doing something illegal. Your father is doing something illegal isn’t he?

Rashad: You have no idea…



The Smith Family


The time is 4PM on Saturday afternoon.

Octavius has just come home to find Timothy and Blake in a heated discussion.



Blake: I just want to know what you’re hiding from us? Why are you being so secretive?

Timothy: I have a right to my fucking privacy. Key word—privacy!!

Blake: I’m not saying you don’t, but you certainly don’t have to hide something so stupid as who you’re dating! Just tell us!

Timothy: Fuck off!

Octavius: Timothy! You will not use that language in this house!

Timothy: You two say it all the time.

Blake: We’re fucking adults!

Octavius: (To Blake) You’re not making this any better.

Blake: I don’t care, he needs to understand that we are his parents and we have a right to know certain things about him. (To Timothy) No matter how fucking private you want to keep it!

Octavius: Ok, we need to take this elsewhere and talk like we have some sense. I’ll make some tea.

Blake & Timothy: NO!

Octavius: Tea helps calm us down and allows us to actually listen to each other instead of screaming at the top of our lungs!

Blake: You know what, Timothy, your father is right. Maybe not about the tea, but we’re never going to communicate effectively by yelling.

Octavius: Timothy, why are you so upset?

Timothy: You guys fucking followed me last night!

Octavius: Seriously, knock it off. Stop cursing and talk to us.

Timothy: (Sighs) You guys followed me last night. You don’t trust me and I have no privacy.

Blake: As I told our son, we were here all last night. (Glares at Octavius)

Octavius: We did follow you.

Blake: Octavius!

Octavius: Blake calm down. Timothy it was my idea. You lied to us about going to see your friend who you just told us you were no longer speaking to. I was worried about you. And I swear to God I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. No apologies.

Timothy: I can’t believe you two.

There’s a knock at the door.

Octavius: Stay here Timothy. We’re not finished.

Octavius goes to answer the door.

Blake: You need to cut us some slack. Your safety and protection is all we care about.

Timothy: But you—

Blake: And I’m really tired of explaining that to you, Timothy. Jesus Christ!

Octavius: There’s some letters for you two.

Blake: Don’t tell me you sent us invitations to our own party.

Octavius: No, I’m not an idiot. I had a courier deliver them to everyone. I have no idea what these are, but they can wait. Back to you, Timothy.

Timothy: Yeah back to me. All I’m asking for is for you guys to cut me some slack. I mean seriously. What do you think I’m doing? Selling drugs? Murdering people? Having straight people sex? I can assure you none of that is going on.

Blake: We know that. We know you’re a good kid.

Octavius: But when you blatantly lie to us, we have to know for sure.

Timothy receives a call on his cell from Charleston.

Timothy: Hello? Wait a minute. What? Hello? Hello???

Blake: Is everything alright?

Timothy: I don’t know. I gotta go. Please don’t follow me, you can trust me.

Octavius: Here, take this.

Timothy takes his letter from Octavius and promptly leaves the house.

Blake: I can’t believe you told him!

Octavius: I can’t believe you don’t know how to spy on someone. Who doesn’t know how to spy?

Blake: You’re the one who wanted to take our highly recognizable minivan!

Octavius: Oh like I was going to have Jonathon exposed to mosquitos and other nasty things outside. And you’re the one who can’t keep his thoughts inside his head!

Blake: Well excuse me I like to verbalize things!

Octavius: We’ve got stuff to do for the party tomorrow. I’m sorry for telling him and I accept your apology. (He kisses Blake) Okay, now let’s get to planning!

Blake: Wait, let me see who this letter is from.

Octavius walks away and Blake opens the letter. Here is what it says:


Dear Blake Douglas-Smith,

Lawyers getting arrested is so ironic, wouldn’t you agree? Your secret is safe with me...


The Messenger


Blake: Fuck!

Timothy takes out his cell and calls Charleston as he walks outside.

Charleston: Stop calling this number, someone could be listening. Just forget about me and move on, kid.

Timothy: Wait, don’t hang up!

Charleston: Timothy, I better not find out you told someone.

Timothy: I promise I didn’t. I swear!

Charleston: I received a letter from someone named The Messenger today. Obviously someone knows. They send you one?

Timothy: I think I’m holding it now.

Charleston: We’re done, Timothy. I’m ending it before things get messy.

Timothy: But Charleston—

Charleston disconnects the call and Timothy quickly opens his letter. Here is what it says:


Dear Timothy Smith,

We know who he is. And so does everyone in the city of Appleseed…


The Messenger



The End


Ok I know we all have one question…who the heck is The Messenger???????

Also…What secrets could Phoebe have that someone would want to expose? Is Phyllis The Messenger? Is Justin finally going to meet his dealer? What about Brittany, what does her letter really mean? Is Da’Waylon going to get busted by Rashad and Michael? Can Princess pick out a dress and get her hair did in time for the dinner party? Is this the end of Timothy and The Mayor??

Tune in next week to find out answers to SOME of these questions and more!

Remember, life would be a breeze if you just took it…One Step at a Time!


*Drops mic*











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