Love Becomes Death

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Not sure what to say about this. Not even really sure how I feel about it...I know it's real, but impossible. I'll let you decide.

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



Because I'm stupid

I asked for love from dear sweet Cupid

I became such a fool

Forgetting my heart's one rule

Never fall for one I've not met

To this, I ought to have kept

As the impossible became true

And I fell so far for you

I knew you could never be mine

But my heart read the wrong signs

Now you love another

So I must smother

The sound of my heart screaming

And to wake from foolish dreaming

It is your happiness that matters

So I'll smile for you whilst I am in tatters

One such as you was never meant for me

And how could you be?

Though my love will not fade

Goodbye to you, I should bade

But I am so stupid

I ask for death from dear sweet Cupid

© Copyright 2017 C. A Sechler. All rights reserved.

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