The Story Of My Life

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This is a story of my life. My anonymous life. In diary form, posted daily and If not daily, then within a few days, I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



May 5th

I just barely moved from my old school to this new one. I’ve been here for  a week and i’ve made some close friends already. I was scared that i wasn't going to make any friends, and if i did maybe just one. One who will be with me throughout the rest of the year. But i’ve made quite a few. I was relieved about this, because i had been abandoned by my friends at my old school. Now i have friends that actually text me first or run up to me first. I guess you can say this is a new beginning.

My third hour class is the only one that i still am confused about. It’s creative writing. Advanced. I got put into this class because at my old school i had journalism, apparently they don't have a class for that here. So my counselor decided to put me in advanced creative writing, i don't know why he put me in the advanced class though. I feel like i slithered my way into a class without working hard to get into it. But it doesn't feel advanced, we do things simple. Like “Quik Write” we don't turn the papers in, but we’re free to share. I never share mine, but i will here. Here’s the one i did today:

Today is National Clean Your Room Day so of course, I cleaned my room. What I found when cleaning was items I’ve been looking for, however, there was this particular item i could've sworn i never owned. Sure, i found the shirt i've been meaning to wear this whole week, but my happiness is beyond that shirt. It was crumpled and smelled of everyone mixed together, from being almost everywhere. On the left corner you could see a tiny rip in the paper. I found a twenty dollar bill. When did i have twenty dollars??? I would've spent it ages ago. But yet laying in my hand was a worn out twenty. After finishing my room, I decided to award my findings by buying a new poster and a blizzard from dairy queen. Hey, if i had found a twenty in my room. How much could i find in my closet?
That's my “Quick Write” for today. It was kind of cheesy i guess. Our prompt was about what we would find in our rooms if we cleaned them up, we had no limitations to it, but i stuck to money. I have an even cheesier one from yesterday, because it was apparently national “No Sock Gets Left Behind Day”. Our prompt yesterday was if we could design our own socks what would they look like and why. So here goes my last “Quick Write” i'll show you for today.

If i could design a pair of socks it would be socks that you can wear inside out or outside in. The outside sock would be plain black socks, for my personality when you barely meet me, or for being alone in a group full of strangers. But once i get comfy with someone my socks flip to the inside. Here it will be full of pictures from my favorite shows or bands. The background, behind the pictures is colorful with glitter and food sticker immitations, because once you know me my socks will never flip back. Even if you wish they would.

It seriously describes what i’m like before you meet me. I don't know why i'm like that, i have anxiety problems when meeting new people for the first time. I almost had a panic attack just enrolling into my new school, just like the time i had a panic attack in eighth grade.

This one girl in my pe class rode my bus home with me and found out where i live, creepy right? Now she comes over everyday to come and get me out of my house, if i don't go outside, she barges in. So today like every other day, i'm waiting for her to come knocking on my door. So that's all i have for today. Au Revoir.

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