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morgan cherish, a college student accepted into the infamous life's university, arrives to his new apartment with hope. until he is dumbstruck with an encounter which would come reveal his true strengths.

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



[Morgan Cherish]

It was near the end of summer break. The heat didn’t make carrying things any easier as I desperately tried not to drop my luggage. Making my way up the stairs, room 303 soon came into my sight. Trudging towards the door, I quickly opened it and entered my new home. Placing my hand against the wooden wall, a sense of comfort hit me.


“Small, but will have to do.”

I spent the next forty minutes opening boxes and organizing my belongings. Mom and sis are still in France, meaning I would only get to visit during holidays. Although I am finally going to college, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of nostalgia and a sense of loneliness. With nothing left to do, I walk out towards the balcony.

Talent is everything. Those born with talent were fated to succeed, whereas those without talent are normal. I am normal. It was rather depressing, because all this time, I had waited for years and years. Awaiting the day when my own talent would appear before me, but that day never came.

In a world with both the talented and normal, the talented of course lived far differently compared to us commoners. The normal were discriminated often, and disputes between the two different classes almost never seemed to cease. I didn’t mind the treatment since I knew I was inferior. Complaining and arguing about it wouldn’t change anything which is why, I learned to accept the fact that I was born without any talents. It was my one and only dream, to one day stand beside such gifted people and be recognized by them. I gaze upon the shining building of Life’s University as it peerlessly stood before my eyes.

“Finally, I can become one of them.”


Life’s University, the dream place of every individual. Well known around the world, it had a reputation for only admitting students by scouting them. You don’t take a test to get in but instead, they would ask you to come based on your talents. Life’s is strictly for those with talent, meaning a normal person can never dream of going. However, an experiment was going to be conducted at the start of the new year. They decided to admit five normal students into Life’s, and observe how the talentless and the talented interact. It also served the purpose of searching for individuals who may have been labeled talentless but are now showing signs of being talented. It was simply luck that I was chosen, since only 5 people were picked out of the 80,000 people who applied for the role. Although I was so surprised and on the verge of tears when I received the letter of invitation from Life’s, there still lies the question, why was I chosen? The reason I thought this was because, I never even applied for the role in the first place. I assumed I was never going to get the role anyway since the chances of me being picked wasn’t even at 1% but somehow, I did I got the role!


I walk back into the living room, to get rest until something catches my eye.


“What is this?”


In my room was a hole about 3 inches in diameter. I place my face against the wall, my knees dig into the bed while I try to support myself. After getting into a comfortable position, I peek through the hole and begin looking around.


On the other side of the hole, a room could be seen. The room was extremely tidy and didn’t have much inside other than a standard bed, desk, a couple drawers and a closet. With the room dark, the windows from the balcony were the only source of light. I assumed it was a boy’s room based on how simple looking it was, and because not a single hint of a girl could be found coming from the overall bedroom itself.

step* step* step*

The sound of footsteps drew closer, and the door quickly opened. It was a girl... and not just any girl, but a pretty girl with long black hair had entered the room holding a stool. I was stunned, not just because she was beautiful, but because the room that shouted nothing but plain and emptiness was actually hers! Left completely dumbfounded, I stood still and silently. I wasn’t sure whether or not revealing my position was a wise decision because I didn’t want her to misunderstand and claim I was some kind of weirdo. With my face still against the wall, I began thinking about what to do. She slowly stands on the stool she had carried with her. It seemed she was still unaware of my presence, or the fact that there was a hole in her room. Something soon caught my eye, it was a thick rope which was dangling in front of the girl’s face. At that point, I knew what she was planning to do. Suicide!

She places the rope so that it is around her neck and quickly tightens it. Then she kicks away the stool that supported her feet.

“No... stop now!”

Hearing my voice, the girl quickly notices my peering face from the hole. She showed no signs of astonishment, not even the tiniest bit of emotion could be found on her face. Even though it was just a glimpse. I saw, that in her brown eyes revealed a tinge of doubt and pain. I rush into the living room. “No no no, this can’t be happening,” I felt it was just my luck that I had to save a suicidal girl on the day I first moved in. Although I felt blessed for being chosen by Life’s, it didn’t change the fact that my life was shrouded in adversity.

“She must be living right next to me, should I go for the door? No, she probably locked the door, and I can’t simply break through the wall and help her...”

I began evaluating all the possibilities, my hands were shaking. Soon my heart slowly began to sink, as I was soon engrossed in stress. I continued to clench and open my fist repeatedly, in order to keep my cool. I needed to be calm, in order to make a clear decision.

“Come on come on, there has got to be a way to help her.”

The answer soon came to me. As the gusting wind blew my hair, I realized that I could save her. I ran out to the balcony and quickly prepare to jump. Although the distance between her balcony and mine was but a meter, living on the third floor didn’t exactly make me feel that I would be okay. I was running out of time, and I couldn’t just act like I saw nothing.

“Ahhh screw it!”

I jumped across and managed to land safely without any trouble. Quickly, I ran into her room. Her face was flushed red as she desperately tried to tug at the rope. Hastily I grab the scissor on her desk and began cutting the rope at its thinnest spot. The rope was thick, regardless, I continued to cut it until it finally snapped. She was probably looking at me but I decided to ignore her and focused on removing the rope. I caught her before she falls, carefully placing her down on the floor of her room.

“Hold still... I’m here to help you.”

She gazed at me as I quickly removed the rest of the rope from her throat. I let out a sigh of relief, slouching myself against the bedroom wall. It seemed that I made it in time... luckily I was able to find something to cut the rope, in the worst case scenario, there may not have been any. After taking a few seconds to catch my breath I quickly asked about her condition.

“Are you okay?”

After coughing for a bit, she slowly opens her mouth.

“Why did you prevent me from committing suicide?”


I was astonished. What does she mean by prevent, could it be that I heard her wrong? No, she definitely said that I prevented her suicide.

“Prevent? I was trying to help you!”

“Help me?” Her face was calm, making it hard to believe that she was once hanging from the ceiling only a couple of moments ago. Before I could say anything, she cuts me off.

“All you did was trespass into my home.”

I couldn’t believe what she just said. Stunned and hurt, I sat there, unable to even open my mouth. Even when I rushed over here to help her, she showed no signs of thankfulness or gratitude. For a while, we were both silent. Of course, I was upset and wanted to immediately object to her earlier statements, but I realized that she was trying to commit suicide. I had to be prudent with the things I’m going to say, and try to think in her perspective.  Suddenly my eyes felt heavy, and I was beginning to have difficulty looking at her. At that point I began to lose vision in my eyes, then things suddenly went black.

As my consciousness returned, I placed my hand onto my face. What happened? The girl from earlier soon came into my line of sight. What I saw next was unbelievable. The girl who just a few moments ago showed no emotion on her face or any weakness was now crying right in front of me. With her hands brought to her face, tears constantly dripped to the floor of her room.

“I’m sorry, everything you said... is right,” she muttered.

“Wait what?” Not knowing what happened, the only thought that came to mind was what happened while I was unconscious? She was so calm and emotionless, but now as if defeated, she was crying miserably. What did I do?



Things were silent, with neither of us saying anything, I continued to stare into his dark eyes. My throat hurt, but my voice would soon recover if I got rest. Before I could ask him to leave, his body began to waver from side to side.  

“Hey what are you,” before I could finish, he falls to the floor. I rush to him “hey, are you okay,” as I desperately shake him back and forth, he suddenly opens his eyes. I was surprised from him suddenly opening his eyes, but I decided to maintain a cold front.

“If you are fine, then please leave and return to your room.”

“You should stop acting all fine and emotionless.”

Stunned by his words, I quickly retain my composure. I let my guard down for a moment, but I didn’t let it get to me. His eyes were blank as if he was staring at nothing.

“Weren’t you regretting the decision of hanging yourself?” Almost as if becoming a different person, he didn’t show even the tiniest of emotion. It was almost as if he was better at hiding his emotions than I was.

“I never regretted anything and in fact, you are the one who stopped me!”

“Then why did I see hesitation and regret within your eyes?”

“Wha...I never.”

“When I saw you from that hole,” he pointed to the small hole which could be seen next to my bed, “you were hoping deep down that I would come and rescue you.”

“Stop making things up, you don’t even know anything about me or my situation!”

He goes silent and pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket. Handing it to me, I took it from his hand slowly.

“ do you have this?”

“It was on your desk where I found the scissors.”

The paper he had given to me was the letter I left for my parents. I ripped it apart until it was nothing but shreds of paper on the floor.

“This doesn’t mean anything to me, so leave now!”

“If it really didn’t mean anything to you, then why are you crying?”  

“Huh?” I brought my hands up to my cheeks and like he said, I was crying. Even when I decided to have no regrets, even after I had prepared my heart, even though I had made up my mind. I still cried.

I soon confessed everything to him, about who I was and what I had planned to do. He silently listened to my story, although I feared he would judge me as a miserable person, he instead sympathized with me. Until now, not a single person had ever bothered to even hear my thoughts, let alone try to understand me.

“Regarding the hole, do you think we should get it patched up?” At first, I was puzzled by the solution but it made sense. Why would we keep the hole when it would most likely intrude our privacy? However, I also felt that the hole could be a way for us to communicate. After the events that occurred today, I wished for a friend more than anything; a friend like Morgan. One could also claim that Morgan coming here to save me was all thanks to this hole without it, he never would have even known about me.

“I think we should leave the hole as it is.”

Morgan smiled at the idea and nodded “okay if that's what you want.” He soon returned back to his room. I offered to help him unpack but it seemed he didn’t want to be an inconvenience to me, and instead began suggesting me to get some rest. After seeing the hilarious look on his face, I ended up agreeing to his plea.

That night, Morgan and I chatted quietly through the hole. Although my voice could barely be heard due to today’s events, it was still fun chatting with him. I got to know him better as a person and we even agreed to meet outside at 6:30 am and go to Life’s University together.


The next morning, I quickly woke up and got ready to leave. My voice had returned which was a great relief, but the marks from the rope still remained on my neck.

I spoke through the hole “get up Morgan you're going to end up being late on your first day!”

Sigh* To think the one who helped me was such a passive guy. I quickly changed and waited outside for Morgan to come out. It wasn’t too long until he came out all changed and ready to go. “Jeez, you sure took your time, making me wait outside like this do you have no shame?” Morgan grinned brightly “yes yes, sorry for making you wait.”


[Morgan Cherish]

The silence of the bus soothed me and I continued to stare out the window with ease. After we got off the bus, we slowly walked towards the direction of Life’s. As I silently observed the outside with Lema walking next to me, she suddenly poked my side. Startled, I turned towards her, “Lema?”

“By the way Morgan, what is your talent?” She was smiling and seemed greatly interested in hearing my answer.

“Well… it's kinda hard to explain so can I just not tell you?” A cold sweat dripped down my face, crap crap crap! She asked me the question I feared she would ask. During yesterday’s talk, I had put great amount effort in swaying our conversation away from the topic Life’s University, since Lema was also a student chosen for her talents. I never wanted to bring up the fact that I was talentless because I was afraid she would hate me.

“Don’t worry Morgan, whatever your talent is doesn’t change the fact that you are my friend,” she had a serious yet alluring expression. Hearing her words, a sense of heaviness had lifted off my chest and a sense of relief filled my heart.

“Okay Lema, but don’t be too surprised by what I’m about to say okay?” She nodded excitedly and urged me to speak quickly. I took in a slow deep breath to ease my nervousness.

“Well the thing is, I don’t have any talents and I was chosen for the new experiment Life is planning to conduct starting the new year.”

After finally saying it, my body ended up slumping against my seat in satisfaction. But for some reason, Lema was facing downward. Her hair also fell forward which made seeing her face difficult, “Lema?”

Slap* It occurred so suddenly that I didn’t even realize what had happened. My hand instinctively came up to my face, shocked, my eyes came upon Lema. She was gritting her teeth in frustration, her brown eyes glaring at me.

“You talentless liar, I can’t believe I even thought of you as a friend!” Lema began cursing and shouting ruthlessly at me, but I couldn’t hear her. At that point, I was already on my knees, with both my hands covering my ears.

I mutter to myself, “If I had a talent, would this have never happened?” At that moment, something within me snapped. If this world will continue to reject me, then I will reject this world, and everyone who is a part of it. I began to lose vision in my eyes, and my body fell slowly fell onto the ground of the sidewalk.



“Stay on the ground where you talentless belong.” With that, I walk away from the spot where Morgan’s lifeless body lay. I turn around to get one last glimpse of him, since I planned on never talking with him again  but he was no longer their!

Snap* “Huh?” The world suddenly flipped, as if everything had moved to ninety degrees to the right. With that I fell to the ground, and breathed my last breath.



Begins to make a call, “test subject Morgan Cherish has awakened his talent and has killed student Lema.”

“Good work, so what talent has he awakened?”

“His talent... is killing people.”


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