Hey Beautiful

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When getting a chance to really admire all the wonderful things about life, I recognize the beautiful aspects of the people we should love and treat with great respect.

Submitted: May 10, 2017

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Submitted: May 10, 2017



I woke up this morning with no one in particular on my mind, but rather all women in this world. I admire the way most of you are mainly graceful in nature. You really open a part of my mind that is sometimes hidden from not being recognized through my days, so I choose to not pay it any attention most times. The part of my mind that helps me gain some sense of ambition which drives me to want to do what I want in a positive way. The part of my mind that will drive me to be motivated to want to succeed in your eyes, and make sure I spend my eternity with you at each second of the day and night. You clear up my vision to my surroundings to take into admiration of the beauty in nature, or even that which could harm us. The warmth you provide my soul when in need of a pleasant Ora to bind to when faced with the sunset after a long day of stressful labor. The passion you wake up in me when it comes time to take inconsideration your comfort being at a royal level such as, me rubbing your feet because I find beauty in all all places of your body that should be recognized upon touch and sight. I love that soulful connection we share even when in limited conversation over text messages. It's most pleasant when I mention your voice in person, and over the phone. You remind me of a meadow filled with flowers of love in the shape of your smile gazing back at me. In the afternoons your voice reminds me of the cool sand on a spring beach setting as we bond in front of the sunset.

Its you that will help me with decisions that may cause too much stress on my mind to think them through clearly. The constant feelings of reliefs knowing if I should trip over anything, you will not let me fall. Anxiety will never be a problem as it will not exist as long as you can breathe your life filled spirit into me when I'm weak. The most sensual of all moments completing me as I give you my mind, body, art, and soul everyday without a break in mind. Though we hug through the night, the mornings are more special when I get the chance to remind you of how cozy you feel with me. You don't have to talk loud for I understand even your softest whispers traveling with the blissful breeze from your mouth. The idea you give me of holding your hand, and never letting go rather it be rain from a hurricane, rumbling from a quake, or troubles from a neighbor. They see us as prey for casual sex, a conversive companion, or a pawn for a predator when we're alone and away from each other. Our connection we feel for one another will always prove why why distance will not be a factor for us to stay happy. Appreciate the amazing gifts you give by bringing the perfect fusion of our love into the world. Publically and privately I will always tell you how beautiful you are to me.

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