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Theodard Aldedramnus VI Tassilo Warraich of House Sun Crane, the Emperor of Man and Sovereign of the 200764 Known Stars, has been executed by revolutionary fanatics. His severed head has been placed on a spike for display in Prion's capital city, alongside those of his wife, his brother, his two sons, and his nephews.

Zaida Warraich, an incredibly sheltered, naive young woman and Theodard's only surviving child, is being pursued across multiple galaxies by bounty hunters, warlords, pirates, gloryhounds, and every other piece of interstellar scum with the 1.3 brain cells necessary to realize that the Heir Primus to an empire covering more than a dozen galaxies is a VERY valuable person to have in one's possession -- regardless of whether or not she's alive.

Fortunately, Zaida has an ace in the hole: half a platoon of the 49th Imperial Marines, the last remnant of the palace guard dedicated to preserving her life and getting the new Heir Primus to safety... no matter the cost. They're led by Lt. Yuri Rudnikov, a man just as fanatical as the revolutionaries who cut off Zaida's father's head -- but Rudnikov is an imperialist, not a regicide, and come Hell or high water he will put Zaida on the throne that is now rightfully hers... so long as Zaida's complete ineptitude doesn't get him and all the Marines killed first.

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Omnibus Locis Fit Caedes

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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