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Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



A heap of ashes lay in front of her. She had herself burnt the photographs that were merely ashes now. She had enough of crying and sobbing all these months, trying to beg him to be back with her. He had meant the world to her. She couldn’t imagine a single day of her life without him and yet now he was gone, gone because he was afraid to fight for their love. They had always known that their love would not be accepted by all yet they chose to be together until few months back. They had both decided to fight for their love yet he chose to leave her hands and walk on his own path as his dreams had changed. He didn’t dream of being with her anymore, all he dreamt of was his career. She had sacrificed almost everything she had to be with him and he had left her to be on his own. She had stood beside him in his toughest of times and he had been her backbone even for the smallest of worries. She smiled even when upset for she saw how much he loved her smiles. Yet he left her sobbing behind to find happiness in his life. She held on to his memories as long as she could ignoring and pushing away those hands that wanted to hold her again. She knew she would never fall in love again yet she believed in love stories. The last day they met she had seen him turn away his eyes while speaking to her. She had failed to see the love which always sparkled in his eyes that day. She knew something was wrong but he said everything was okay. After two days he had called her up to say that they cannot be together anymore. She had asked for a reason as to what went wrong and all he had to say was that he couldn’t fight anymore. What is love if you don’t have the courage to fight for it? Yet she believed he will come back one day for she had more faith in him than she had on her own self. But when days turned into months and she found no sign of his return she decided to break herself free. For how long can a person be trapped in her memories to hold on for living her life? She had a life of her own, she was not going to idle it away on a person who no longer cared for her or loved her anymore. She had no place for love in her life but she was the one who spread the message of love wherever she went. She found happiness in the love of others around her.  She had realised that love was not meant for all and she was such a type of exception too. She smiled again, she lived again and this time for herself. She didn’t need to smile when she was upset for someone else’s sake now but she smiled when in pain too because that gave her the strength to bear the pain as well. Whenever she looked into the mirror all she could see was love for him in her eyes and she knew that this was all that was left of him with her now. Days passed by again and she was a happy soul, as happy as the nightingale singing in the grove and as lonely as the bird.  But she never minded her loneliness because in this solitude she found her peace. She felt that even if she didn’t have the love of her life she had her friends and family beside her and off course his memories to hold on to at times and she was happy to have them at least. And then one day they met again, they met by chance. He looked happy and she too looked good. They exchanged glances but he didn’t have the courage to walk up to her. She sensed that and went ahead herself and looked straight into his eyes. All she said was that she still owed an explanation as to why he refused to fight for their love any further and all he replied was that his love had faded away with time and he preferred to walk out of the relationship and focus on his career. Those words broke her heart again and this time broke her blind trust on him too. She had wasted away almost a year crying and sobbing about the loss of her love and now she got to know that he stopped loving her and thus chose to walk away.  She had wasted away her tears on such a person who was not even worthy of her love. That was the day when she decided to burn away all her memories and her feelings for him. She went home and searched for every single stuff she had preserved as his memory and lit them up in a bonfire. She burnt all their photographs too and sat still in front of the fire. With the ashes lay her feelings for him too. She got up, wiped her face and laughed aloud. She was finally free to love again, she was not overburdened with his love and memories anymore. Just like a phoenix she too rose from the ashes. She went on to find her true love again but this time a little more carefully, deciding not to put her trust on any one blindly.

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