Sweet Dreams

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A very short story, so many people may relate to this.

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



You climb into bed, fluff up the pillows and find that comfortable position, you know the one, that one where it feels soft, snug, yes that's the one. You settle down and slowly shut your eyes, your mind begins to unwind, shutdown for the night.

A deep dark hole in your mind appears and slowly you begin to walk towards it, all the ups and downs from the day move away, moving from your memories until the morning.

The dark hole gets closer, bigger, darker, you place one foot inside the hole then stop suddenly, eyes flying open, you sit up in bed with a start. Did you turn the lights off downstairs, you wonder; think for a minute retracing your steps. You can’t remember, out of bed you climb, eyes half closed you walk downstairs. Opening the kitchen door, yes you turned the lights off, back upstairs to bed, it’s cold. You climb back into bed, trying to find the same spot you were just lying in. Where is it? Ahhh found it. You close your eyes again, settle down, finally you start your dreaming. Bliss. Beep! Beep! You jolt awake, what is that? Looking around you see your alarm flashing. It’s time to get ready for work. Did you sleep? Yes two hours. Damn.  You are still feeling tired. Off to work you go, your dreams will have to wait until tonight. 

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