Drinking bleach

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We are the monsters we make

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017






Sitting on the tiled floor

I was just going to think.

Looks like now I'll have a drink. Everything hurts alittle bit worse, I can barely think.

Bury it down till you just about drown, I think I've had enough.

When does it become too much to handle? I can only wonder. Stumble around in this endless dark.

I'll have to save myself, or so they say. Do they really think I want to be this way? Helpless as a child, giving in to the shadows in the dark. Not much else to fear here, except maybe modern art.

I've created a few portraits, my wrists were the canvas. I pushed everyone away, now they've got nothing they want to say.

That's okay,

there's nothing worth left to hear. Everything is all a blur. If anyone's around now, I couldn't be sure.

Liquid fire, spreading through my veins. I feed the fire, I am the flames. Through all of this time, I've created the numbers on the clock. Counting down now, the future has buried me in rock

I am alive! I am ever so much alive, atleast for now. I tried to save me, but I just don't know how. I'm screaming on the inside, burning to the core. No longer can I reside here, so still on the floor.

I need no permission, tonight I will fly. I left no note, to explain why. But I'm sorry, so so sorry please forgive these useless words I am sorry I am sorry



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