My Life

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its my final for english

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



Will Riese

Mrs. Cooper

11th grade English

May 9th 2017

My Life

The part of my life that really describes who I am is that I was born to teen parents. It does not affect me as much as it effects the way people think of me. Society does not have a good look on teen parents and people always look down on them and talk bad about them. Even though my life has been good and we haven’t struggled too much people still see me differently because I was born to teenage parents. My parents got pregnant with me when my mom was 16 and my dad was 18 which caused my mom to drop out of high school and to be a stay at home mom and my dad to start working. When I was born my mom was 17 and my dad was 19 and they both were still teens and were not ready to be parents so I lived with my grandparents for a lot of my childhood so that they could still be kids. Living with my grandparents is probley one of the best things that happened in my life not because I don’t like my parents but because I got a relationship with them that most people don’t have with their grandparents. My best memory from living with my grandparents was waking up in the mornings and picking out my snacks for the day. Every day I would get to pick a drink and a snack for snack time at school and I always got the best snacks like a peach or a plum and a drink like a soda or Gatorade while most of the other kids got Capri suns and fruit snacks. And every day on the ride to school my grandma would fill up this little cup with a lid and a straw with milk and give me one of those little packages of cookies with 6 cookies inside of them. And every day after school before we started our homework we would get to eat a snack like cookies or cake because my grandma would always make good food for us to eat. And on our days off we would help her bake cookies and other goods my favorite thing to make was cinnamon rolls from scratch and I remember always having her turn on the oven light so that I could look inside and see them cooking because I could never wait to eat them. And there were many other non-food related memories I have with my grandparent’s but those are my favorite and it pretty much describes my grandma because even today when we go to see her and weekends she makes sure that we at 3 special meals a day nothing regular like mac and cheese or cereal and she is always online finding new recipes to try and every morning I wake up to the smell of something good being baked in the oven. And that is one of the stories of my life that makes me who I am today.



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