"How Do You Like Me Now?"

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Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



I saw some news reports that say Dump was 'surprised' by the firestorm of backlash that was created by his firing of FBI Director James Comey. Really, Don-Boy? You didn't know? I guess it was your 'we'll be greeted as liberators' moment, then. What does that say about your judgment of other important situations? I think the truth of it is, that your anger was pulling the train, you got pissed about Comey wanting to expand the Russia investigation, and decided to fire him at the worst possible moment, letting your anger override common sense and a clear-eyed assessment of the big picture. 


You didn't understand that the press, those pit-bulls of wondering, wouldn't hyper-ventilate with curiosity and think coverup? I think you saw red, and couldn't see clearly. Now, it may turn out that you're correct, in that the Russia investigation is a waste of time, and will find nothing--OR, you got scared Comey was getting too close. If you've truly nothing to hide, you'd think you'd welcome an investigation to clear your name. But this horseshit about firing Comey because he was too mean to Hillary is laughable, and an insult to those of us with I. Q's in double digits. It looks like you're running scared, Don-Boy, and to me at least, are taking advice from the baby-man who lives in your coat pocket, and that only you can see--'almost done taking the measurements for your new long-sleeved white coat, Mr. President, then we'll be taking you to Magical Land of Unicorns--doesn't that sound peaceful?'  

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