Snakes and the frogs

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Bedtime story for kids, teaching them to be on their toes always

Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Once upon a time, there was a huge forest. In that forest, there were numerous big green trees. The tree in the middle of the forest was the biggest! Below this tree was a big hole. In that hole lived hundreds of snakes. There were about twenty baby snakes too.

The baby snakes were all very good friends. They did almost everything together - eating, studying, playing, sleeping - everything.

One day, the baby snakes were playing in the big hole. After running around for quite some time, one of them said, "I'm hungry, let's eat something". Everyone chorused a big yes! One of them said, "Let's go out and catch a rabbit to eat!". Other said that they didn't quite liked rabbits. Another one suggested they should eat mice. Several others said that they did not like mice at all. Finally, when one of them suggested they should eat frogs, everyone immediately said yes to it! 

One of the baby snakes mentioned that he knew of a pond nearby, where a lot of frogs lived. He suggested that they go there to catch the frogs. Everyone set out to go to that pond. 

At the pond, frogs were having fun! Some of them were playing by the side of the pond; some were sleeping in the sun; others were reading, or just talking to each other. They also had a few frogs on the lookout to warn others of any coming dangers! One of these lookout frogs saw the group of baby snakes coming from a distance, and immediately shouted out to other frogs, "Snakes are coming! Snakes are coming! Run for your lives!". 

Hearing the shouts, all frogs got up and quickly jumped into the water - splash! splash! splash! However, there were two frogs - Papa Frog and Baby Frog, who were sleeping and did not wake up at all. By the time the baby snakes reached the pond, everyone was safe inside the pond, except for Papa and Baby Frog. 

The baby snakes saw the two frogs sleeping and were a bit disappointed that there were only two frogs that they could eat. However, they went near the two sleeping frogs, and surrounded them. 

One of the baby snakes then said.. Hey froggies! Get up! We have come here to eat you! Hearing this, Papa Frog woke up, and before anyone could understand anything, he jumped over the baby snakes, into the pond - splash, and was gone! Now the snakes looked at each other and realized the there was only one frog to eat. They woke up the baby frog then! 

Baby frog was scared to see so many snakes around him. He asked the snakes what would they do with him? The snakes shouted, "we will eat you!". Baby Frog then said, "OK tell me, how many of you are here to eat me?". The snakes told him that there were 20 of them. Baby frog then told them, "Look, if 20 of you want to eat one baby frog, each of you will get very small pieces to eat. Why don't you let me go into the pond so that I can call some of my friends from inside. When we all come out, you can then eat us". 

Snakes said, "Hmmm let us discuss for a minute, and then we will decide". So they talked amongst themselves; and greedy as they were, they finally decided that they'd let the baby frog go to call his friends. 

Baby frog then jumped into the pond, and never came back. The baby snakes kept waiting, waiting and waiting till the sun set down. Then they realized that the baby frog had fooled them - and came back to their home, had dinner, and went to sleep without having eaten any yummy frog! 

Moral of the Story: Use your brains to solve tough problems! 

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