The Small House Down My Street Part 1

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A girl aged 6 finds a dollhouse in one of her neighbour's bins. She takes it home and strange things start to happen. Her parents disappear and she is left alone with something she wishes she could of have just ignored.

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



Today was the day I could finally take it. I knew begging my mum would of have been a good idea. Lying had been easy, everyone believed sweet little goody-two-shoes Olivia when I told them I was meeting one of my friends. I couldn't wait to see the small house in my arms all its inhabitants standing in their rooms asking to be bought home and played with. Cautiously, I approached the tiny house and pulled it out of the bin. I was sure the neighbour wouldn't mind after all she had thrown it away for a reason. How I wish i could of have know that reason at that time.

It had been a few weeks since I bought the house home. I polished it and made it look absolutely beautiful. I was mesmerized by the beauty of it and a thought get buzzing around my head "why would someone throw it away?" The dolls in it were all beautiful too stitched in with the finest of clothes and the lovliest of faces. There was one doll that stood out as she had beautiful hair and a dark crimson dress. I loved that doll even though she smelled a bit funny no matter how many times i washed her. The scent was metallic and strong. I had only ever smelt that smell before and it wasn't a very pleasant time. It was when I had fallen off my bike and had a large cut down my knee (I was only 4) the blood coming out smelt strange and a bit like copper. This is the excact smell that the doll's dress was. I sighed and didn't take any further interest in the dress instead i carried on playing.

It was on my seventh birthday I noticed something strange. The little rooms in the doll house had been moved and strange objects were in the wrong rooms. A tinier than tiny shattered glass bottle was in one of the dolls' bedrooms. The kitchen now contained a bath and many other objects. I tidied it all up thinking that maybe my mum or dad did it to make me clean my room more but what I discovered shocks me to this very day.

I went downstairs expecting my special birthday breakfast but instead of warm pancakes with sprinkles and frosting I found a note written in the really tiny writing. It read " Tick Tock, The clock is ticking We want to play or else we'll take more things away" I looked around the room and there was the pretty doll with the crimson dress sitting on the cupboard with a blue inked pen. I stared at her then the note. "That's not possible," I said getting panicked now "D-dolls can't write c-can they?"I shook my head slowly it cant be possible. A doll writing me notes? My parents gone? it was just a coincidence. They probably didn't have any frosting so they went to get some. That seemed much more likely than a doll threatening me with my parents. I signed with relief and got dressed.


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