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commentary - I met this beautiful girl who worked at an Oxxo (Mexico's 7/11) and we had a fun two days together. This is one of the first pieces where I talk about trying to hang myself and you can
also see the conflict with Erica before I left.

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017





Your city looked small from the ship

But now that I’m touching the earth it feels so big

I wonder if god lead me to this place

I know that sounds dumb, but I’m just not sure why I’m here

There’s a woman from my past that I would die for

But that girls hurt me like no other and she’s the reason I tried to hang myself this year

I know I shouldn’t talk about the silent dance in my closet

Girls want to hear about excitement and positivity, maybe hear a few jokes

They don’t wanna hear about how I write sad and depressing words at night

Or how it hurts to feel alone

the girl from Instagram is younger than I thought

I should have researched her more, especially before it became “waves”

she think’s cigarettes are gross, and puts acrylic paint on her face

I have a lot to offer a woman

I think, sometimes…

But I can't help but wonder why my ex-fiancé wanted to fuck other guys

I think about that constantly some days

As you can imagine some days I simply don’t wanna live  

time to feel positive energy though, this vacations made me feel alive

There’s a special girl from Colombia, and I think about her a lot

But I’m pretty sure she thinks she’s better then me and wants me to leave her alone

It hurts in my heart but I think that’s the truth

She has gorgeous brown eyes, and is very smart

please, stay next to me as we watch the sea and drink mango margaritas

teach me your native tongue, and smile big when I drift away

for some reason I was born in California

and you were born in the state of Sinaloa

you work at the Oxxo store

there was like a million of them, but I’m glad I walked into yours


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