Our Longest Day

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A short story about the night a friend of mine and myself were robbed at gunpoint.

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



Speeding down the roads, we spoke about how quick that week had flown by and how slow the week before was. Our destination was one we were no strangers to: Graffiti Pier. Plenty of people frequent there so we always tried to isolate ourselves at the end of the pier. The view was so beautiful and peaceful, I could stand there and smoke a blunt all day. You love meeting people and making friends, you’re one of the easiest going people I know other than myself, however, just from their body language I could sense that they were up to no good.

Who would’ve thought that our own generosity and kindness would place us in a situation we weren’t sure we would walk away from. Four boys, around the ages of 16 and 17 surrounded us. I watched as one took a gun out from his waist and cock it. Right then I knew it was BB gun, but I kept quiet. “Empty your pockets” was all they said. I couldn’t believe it, I was laughing to myself at first. They patted you down, taking your phone and wallet. “You too shorty” was what I heard before I felt one of the boys feeling my butt pretending to check my obviously empty back pockets. I shouted at him to get his hands off me. They had no right to be there in the first place. I stood behind you, ready to defend you and myself before the boys ran off. As soon as they disappeared I made you aware of my observation.

You started following them and I started following you before you asked so politely if you could chase them down. It was then, the adrenaline hit me. I started shaking as I walked back to your car in fear of getting lost or seeing them, but nothing scared me more than something happening to you. Once I reached your car I sat and waited as the thoughts started to boil. The “what ifs,” were going to be the death of me.

My anxiety became worse every moment we were separate from one another. I tried calling your phone “at the tone please record your message” was the only response I received.

I watched as the cop cars pulled up and as the helicopter flew by. I was holding my breath in fear that something happened to you, but I was afraid to approach the police. I stayed by your car. One police car had pulled up right next to yours. They didn’t notice me right away, I made myself known by saying hello. Only a few more moments passed before one of the officers had asked me if I was okay. While in the middle of telling the officer I was unsure, I saw the top of your head and felt every tense muscle relax. It was all finally over for me once I knew you were okay. A day never felt so long in my life. 

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