Space Brains

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This is the second piece of my two piece collection, Winners and Sinners. The Space Brains are known as the Sinners, and the Land Striders are known as the winners. Space Brains don't think nearly as much as the Land Striders do, its always the Land Striders who come in first place as winners. I've only met a few of these people, three in fact, and they are abnormally smart. They stick close to the ground where they can use their brains, but the Sinners often are stuck within the space of their heads. Clouded and confused, they're always put down by these intelligent members of society.

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



Down the hall,

embedded into the walls

our souls are racked up as sinners..

Always in fear of those in first place

always backed up and second within the race

no room for growth and no room for winners,

we're known for being stuck in our brains

rather than our heads,

bring on the pain

can't wait til we all wind up dead!

Life of torment,

from the winners

in our religion we'll always be seen as sinners..

No spot within the valor halls

no plot for our worthless plaques on the walls!

They don't want the clouds to come in!

Free of sin

the finish line is a holy sanctuary,

not meant for those space brain kin

if not the clouds would stretch the Land Striders thin!

Up in the stars,

we're always thrown behind the bars.

For our vast amount of clouds

and our inability to uphold equality

the beasts always blame us for their cruel intentions,

not our fault we're always held astray..

Never bothered to stay

only the feelings they chose to come out to play.

Head always stuck in the sands..


No! You've no idea of our lovely valor halls

of our vast land

of our stars

life is lovely in the hall

with our clouds branded upon the walls

clogging up the damaged air

with your absent care

we've no room to be second place..

No room to be sinners!

Down with the winners!

Merely a pig leading the sheep

yet it'll be you who never awakes from your sleep.


Clouds gonna get to your heads,

land Striders no more,

us space brains treated around and bled

it'll be you on the floor

and out the door

of your precious halls,

or your sea..

Beasts no more

pack your bags,

a hundred to one!

Always on the run indeed..

It's about time we've taken the lead.

© Copyright 2019 Elliott Corpion. All rights reserved.

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