HFMTOH - Anguished Silence

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There was nothing he could do, he just had to lie there and take it.

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



In the distance was a repetitive high pitched beeping, almost rhythmic in fact.

He wanted to see what was causing that irritating noise and yet Thomas found that he couldn’t open his eyes, no matter how hard he willed it to happen they remained seemingly glued shut.

All around him people were shuffling to and fro, though pinpointing and recognising the noises proved difficult without his sight.

Somewhere on either side of the room stood two men talking back and forth between each other, though how close to Thomas they stood was unknown and the echo in the room only caused an awful distortion.

The sound of water splashing didn’t help with gauging how close each man was.

“Alright, shall we get started?”

“No better time than the present.”

Thomas’ heart sped up in panic.

Get started with what?

He wanted to ask, let them know that something was deeply wrong and yet he found that his jaw was locked and shut just as tightly as his eyes were.

Thomas tried desperately to remember what he was doing before darkness enveloped him but nothing important came to the surface, he awoke as usual and went about his day.

The very last thing he remembered was heading to the park, stopping by the side of the road and waiting for a few cars to pass before he crossed the street.

Then nothing, absolutely nothing.

There was no sudden screech of tyres, no cry of pain or warning, just darkness.

Had he been jumped and shoved into the back of a van?

He’d heard of the black market before, heard stories of this deep web place online where all kinds of illegal things were sold.

But those were only fables told to scare people, most of them sounded ridiculous and completely unbelievable.

A sudden pressure pushed down on his chest, the startle would have made him jump were he able to move.

Whoever was pushing down on him seemed careless and heavy handed, almost uncaring that he was handling another human underneath his obviously gloved hand.

Another, lighter pressure was applied towards the top of Thomas’ right shoulder just beside his collarbone, this time causing a sting of pain

The sting soon turned into searing pain as the unseen item was slowly dragged down his skin, a push on the blade causing the sharp edge to dig deeper into his skin.

He wanted to scream out in pain, his body wanted to tense up and thrive away from the cause of intense agony.

Every fibre of his being wanted to cry out and yell; “Stop! I’m not dead!”

And yet he could do nothing.

Even when the blade was pulled away the throbbing and stinging continued relentlessly, soon to be started all over again and matched on the opposite side of his body.

As the pain soon spread down his chest, Thomas was an inconsolable mess internally.

Externally, going completely unnoticed, a tear rolled down his cheek.

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