Eve at the Window

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The Fall of Man into distinct categories of Yes and No.

Submitted: May 11, 2017

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Submitted: May 11, 2017



She stands at the window

a fine white stream of good-evil knowledge trickling down her chin

lungs heaving against the pane

lungs heaving against the pain


She longs for a quiet breeze

from the die-hard fan.


The yellow-eyed seconds slither out the clock

hi s s ing in rhythm as they crawl.


On the table lies the used core of a once

juicy red delicious

hourglass figure, cyanide hearts and all

She is aware of her own nakedness.


The moon watches

bleeding silver from stab wounds by dagger branches waiting for a crack

in the window through which to enter


The Tree of Life towers menacingly overhead.


He walks in


intelligent-designer suit: businessgod attire

briefcase in hand

brief case in point

He knows.

She knows.

Time knows.


An Electrified goliath stirs in the depths.


Ego awakens

Lifts its rod

beckoning to the waves of children behind it

Parts the folds of red sea

Charges head on.


It rides long and hard

hooves pounding the riverbed


to pull out on the other side


But the branches find their crack.


The Enraged goliath stumbles


Ego trips

relentless walls closing in,

Egoes under in a seizure

frothing at the mouth


as its children swim.


Time holds the twosome breath in its constricting grip

Tree binds life inside a cell

at the center of the evolving prison

the pane, reflecting

the pain, reflected

Window souls mirror soul's Window


Branches regain their higher dwellings.


Ego stirs

on a distant shore.


She stands at the window

a fine white stream of goo-devil knowledge

trickling down her shin.

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