a mystery of missing quarters

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detective bunny

Submitted: May 12, 2017

one day there was a boy named huckel he was helping the cook in his school by collecting quarters for the dog care he was going out with his friend but he said hold on a sec i am going to give these quarters to ms macgready she was talking to a friend of hers he putted the quarters on the table then when huckel and his friend got back from outside mr hany told arthur to give the quarters to ms macgready but he told them i already gave them to her then his friend told them he was great at the game in fact he used lots of quarters ooops i didn't mean to say it that way mr hany punished huckel and the other teacher said and no picnic for you his friend told him don't worry i will figure this out the huckel said and please be quick i don't wanna miss the picnic Read Chapter

i am trying to figure this out

Submitted: May 12, 2017

his friend tried to gather clues he asked ms macgready were were you yesterday i was at the kitchen baking brownies for the picnic the boy asked then what happened the brownies mix fallen on the ground but mr janitor came to clean it he tried to gather clues but he couldn't do it he told huckel but still was in detention Read Chapter

i solved the mystery

Submitted: May 12, 2017

all of the kids were sad that huckel didn't join them in the picnic then the boy had something in his mind wait mr hany come i solved the mystery!they went to ms macgready then boy told ms macgready your brownies mix fallen into the ground because there was an extra ingriedient in it he opened the brownies and said aha quarters then ms macgready said oh i must have mixed the bag of quarters withe the bag of flour then huckel was happy that he can go to the picnic

THE END Read Chapter