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Status: In Progress

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An 18 year old man stumbles across a Zoroark and Zorua, that are being pursuited by Team Rocket. He helps them as long as he can until they get cornered in an old satellite station, then after that many secrets will be uncovered about his companions and... him self. Read to find out what happens to Jace and his pokemon.
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An 18 year old man stumbles across a Zoroark and Zorua, that are being pursuited by Team Rocket. He helps them as long as he can until they get cornered in an old satellite station, then after that many secrets will be uncovered about his companions and... him self. Read to find out what happens to Jace and his pokemon.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Author Chapter Note

I wrote this chapter in November of 2016 in a google doc , before I took this writing super seriously. So there is a possibility for some errors. So just leave a comment if there are any. Also this pokemon story is not canon and only a little thing that I made, so please don't get angry and enjoy.Thanks!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 12, 2017



Jace ran with Zoroark on his back, with Zorua not far behind. They were approaching a small abandoned satellite station in the middle of the forest.  They got about 10 feet away from the entrance.


“Zorua! Open the Door quick!” hollered Jace.  Zorua ran up ahead of them and tackled the door open.  Zorua got in a fighting stance in the middle of the room.  She looked around making sure there are no other pokemon in the room.  A few seconds later Jace barreled into the building with Zoroark on his back, he then set Zoroark up against a wall.  She had a few broken ribs from the Power-up punch from the Team Rocket Mega Lucario.


“Zorua, I need you to hold this handkerchief on the gash.” said Jace “ Ok?”. Zorua looked up at Jace, with fear in her eyes.


“Every thing will be fine but you need to trust me, Just hold this Handkerchief on the gash.” Explained Jace.  


“Uhh, Ok.” Responded Zorua. Then with both of her paws she pushed on the wound enough to stop the extensive amount of blood coming out.  Jace quickly closes the door and sprinted back over to Zoroark and Zorua. Then Jace sees Zoroark start to stir.


“ Zoroark! Can you move?” asked Jace.


“ Barely.” muttered  Zoroark with pain in her voice. “ If i don't make it…. Take this….” Zoroark said as she reached for the blue glowing band holding her hair together. She removed it from her hair and placed it in Jace’s hand. The band could fit around his wrist.


“You will make it.” replied Jace.


“ I said if i don't…” murmured Zoroark. Then out of nowhere the entrance of the building blew open flinging concrete everywhere. Jace turns around facing Zorua and Zoroark  blocking them from the debris. Then he turns and  faces the opening in the wall.  There was a masked person with the captured Mega Lucario. The Lucario’s right eye focused onto Jace, Zoroark and Zorua. The left followed the right eye, but it was milky white and scars went from his left eyebrow down over his eye down to the bottom of his chin.  


“ Move out of the way twerp!” yelled the masked Team Rocket person.


“No!” hissed Jace “ You have to go through me first!” After Jace said that ,Zorua jumped up onto Jace’s shoulder.


“Yah! You have to go through us first!” Repeated Zoura. Behind Jace and Zorua , Zoroark moved her hands behind her back.



“Ha! Really? You would risk your own life for an animal!” Chuckled the Masked Team Rocket member. “ You idiot!” Jace glared at the person.


“Ok, you asked for it!” sneered the masked Team Rocket Member “ Lucario, Aura sphere! “ a dark blue ball of pure energy formed in between lucario's hand and then thrusts his hands forward at Jace. Abruptly Jace and Zorua got violently Checked off to the left  and fall to the ground. Zoroark shot her illusion attack at Mega Lucario then the Aura Sphere collide  with Zoroark, flinging her back and hitting the wall.


“Meema!” Cried Zorua as she sprinted over to Zoroark. The illusion attack hits Lucario. His eyes dilate to slits and he turns around.


“What are you doing?” exclaims the masked Team Rocket Member, “ Come on attack them!”  Lucario then tackles the person and presses a button on the person's pokedex. Then with a flash of green light , they disappear.  Jace gets up and stumbles over to where Zoroark is lying. There is blood coming out of her mouth. Her eyes could barely stay open. Zoroark is petting Zorua trying to comfort her, smiling down at her. Zoroark looks up at Jace and beckons him to crouch down.  She leans over to his ear and said


“You, please take care of my daughter, Ok.” Whispered Zoroark.


“I will! I will!” Repeated Jace grabbing Zoroarks clawed hand holding it tight. Zoroark smiles at Jace and then looked down at Zorua.


“Please promise Meema you will be strong, Ok….. I love you so much Zorua.” stammered Zoroark as she rubbed the side of Zoruas face. Zoroark looked up abruptly at Jace.


“I know *huff* what you are *huff* thinking Jace *Huff* there was nothing you could have done to *Huff* *Huff* stop this i was getting old any ways.” wheezed Zoroark. “ My last *cough* request is for *huff* *cough* you to stay with me *Huff* until I am *inhales deeply* gone.”


“Ok.” vowed Jace. He sat next to her still gripping her hand so hard that he felt pain. They sat there for about 30 mins. Then Zoroarks grip loosens and she stops petting Zorua. Tears started to accumulate in Jace’s eyes.  


“I must not cry…” whispered Jace to himself. He let go of Zoroarks claw to see that there were 3 bad gashes on his left hand that were bleeding from grasping Zoroarks hand so hard and her claws digging into his hand. He clenches his hand into a fist. He looks up to see Zorua curled up in a ball, crying, on her mother's lap, still with Zoroarks motionless hand on her head. Jace pushed himself up and closed Zoroarks eyes. Then Jace looks down at the blue glowing hairband. Then he puts it on his wrist.


Looking down at the Band while clenching his his fist blood leaking from the 3 cuts

Then Jace says “ We will never forget you….”  




2 weeks later….


“She looks so peacefull…” said Jace.  As Zorua and Jace and his pokemon look at Zoroark next to her grave before they bury her.


“ Brax…” said Braixen as she clenched Jace's leg. Jace reaches down and pets her head.  Then Snivy walks up with a hand full of flowers, then he places them next to the cross that marks the grave.  


“Thank you Snivy.” acknowledged  Jace. Snivy nods his head and stands next to Jace. The Chilly late spring air in the Alpha region chills them to the bone.


“ I think Meema would really appreciate that we brought her body back to our home region.” Zorua said.  “ Jace, can you pick me up, i am cold.”  Jace looks down at Zorua looking up at him with tears in her eyes.


“Ok” replied Jace, then he bent over and picked up Zorua cradling her in his arms. They stood there for another 10 minutes.


“ Zorua, i think it is time…”  said Jace.


“ ok....” sobbed Zorua. Jace placed Zorua on the ground and grabbed the small shovel he had in his bag and also took out another pokeball. Jace threw the pokeball in the air and  Mudkip came out.  


“ Mudkip, I need your help burying Zoroark.” implied Jace.


“Kip…” Mudkip answered. It took them less than 10 minutes.  Jace pulled out some oran berries for the pokemon and gave them each one.


“ I know that you guys and girls may not want to eat but you have to.” stated Jace.  Zorua, Snivy, Braixen, and Mudkip slowly began to eat there food. While they did that Jace went to a small forest area and gathered some sticks for a fire. He returned with in ten minutes and started a fire. The pokemon gathered around the fire and talked to each other.  After they were all settled Jace started to set a tent at the entrance of the cave that Zoroark and Zorua lived in. Jace was halfway done when he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around abruptly to see Braixen walking toward him.


“Uhh.. Would you like something?” asked Jace.  Braixen looked at the tent and started to help. “Thank you Braixen.”  


“Xen!” replied Braixen then they continued to work on the tent. It took only five minutes to finish after that.


“Ok, it's time to get ready to sleep. If you don't want to go into your pokeball just go into the tent if you would rather go into your pokeball just stay where you are.” Jace explained. All of them got into the tent except Zorua, which instead went it to the cave.


“Are you ok to sleep in the tent on your own?” asked Jace as he poked his head into the tent. They all nodded. “Ok, then can you pass me my bag?” Braixen grabbed the bag quickly as snivy was about to grab it, then she handed it to Jace. “OK….. well have a good night sleep.” Jace said as he closed the tent behind him as he headed for the cave.


Jace entered the cave to see Zorua curled in a ball whimpering and shivering.


“Why don't  you want to sleep in the tent?” asked Jace. Zorua jumped up out of shock and shot a shadow ball at Jace.  Luckily it flies past him and strikes the wall of the cave, making everything shake slightly.


“Don't do that ever again!” exclaimed Zorua.


“I'm sorry Zorua, i did not know you were asleep.”  Jace said apologizing.


“ *huff* It's fine, just don't be so abrupt.” states Zorua “ Why are you in here any ways?


“I am in here because i promised Zoroark that i will stay by your side.” addressed Jace


“Oh ok.” replies Zorua as she lays back down shivering badly. Jace then walks over and sits next to her.


“ Why are you shaking so bad?” asked Jace.


“My Meema’s main was warm and cozy, I used to sleep in it on cold nights.” announced Zorua


“Hmmm…” Jace huffed. Then he pulls out a fluffy blanket and wraps Zorua in it. “ How does it feel?”


“ It's still cold, but better then it was.” admitted Zorua. Jace then hugged her tight and layed down with Zorua.


“What about you?” whined Zorua.


“I am fine. I will stay up as long as you are awake.” Jace ensured.

“Oh, well i don't think i will be sleeping tonight.” yawned Zorua

© Copyright 2017 K.P. Carreiro. All rights reserved.


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