A Devil's Angel

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Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Submitted: May 12, 2017



Title: A Devil’s Angel

Brenda Revira was her name, she was my world, my soul, my greatest friend, and what seemed to be my first love. This girl was my first love we knew each other since birth, wherever my farther went her dad went as well. Ever since we could talk and think we always knew we had crushes on one another and how much we were close even our parent’s knew. There was one day that not only changed me but also would make me choose become a victim or be a survivor. That day was the day she died as I with her in that car accident, that car accident that was caused by another person’s recklessness and stupidity. The day that made my world go dark and fill itself with anger, sadness, hate, fear, and despair. The day that made me go through hell when I thought I was in heaven.

To me my life was perfect I had good grades, my family loved me, I had a little sister that looked up to me, and I had the most perfect girlfriend that I could tell anything to she was my world she was the one that brought my spirts up when they were down. She was my little Angel she was my heaven on earth the more I think about it the older I grow but the one day that made me not take anything for granted. It was the day that she died as I was pulled away from her and almost made me a victim.


We always hanged out with one and another we never really stayed away from one another and if we did it wasn’t long till we saw each other again. We would usually play games, watch clouds or help our moms with their chores. So one day her mom was going to Wal-Mart so she could get some groceries so with us not having much to do we decied to follow along. As we are about 15 mins in our car ride to Wal-Mart we are passing a not so busy intersection light turns green and as we are about halfway in the intersection all of a sudden our car shifts and wrecks our bodies with tremendous force. As everything was burled and just kept blinking in and out my fear was growing and my head, my back was wet, my heart was racing, my mind spinning with endless fear my eyes feeling weak, and even in that mist the only thing that worried me was her. I looked to the left to me and I saw her motionless, I felt like I was silent because when I yelled her name to see her wake up she didn’t. Fear ran through my heart, my mind, my soul, and my body. I felt my world starting to crash what would I do without the love of my life? My first love taken from me like this, everything I saw in the world was her, what I myself do? As I held her for the last time I just couldn’t let her go, I didn’t want to, as I was being pulled out of the car I fought to keep my grip around her and finally I lost my grip, it felt as if I just let go of my world, and I just let go of my world.


As I was being pulled from her I didn’t want to go anywhere but it seemed I had no choice. After a couple of hours of surgery to get a shard of glass out of my back, I woke up in my hospital bed and first thing that came to my mind was her. I had to see if she was okay, I had to see if she was alive, and I needed to hug her but unfortunately she had died upon impact. To me that was like everything I had was taken from me. My world was destroyed, my heart just died, my mind shut down, my soul left me body, and everything just seemed so dark.


Sometimes I ask myself questions of why did she die and not me? Would she be hurting as much as me if she lost me? Would my sister be happy without me? Would my death be a secret? Most of the time I ponder these questions but I always have to remember to live for the dead not mourn when I live. Her death makes me remember how much stronger I got, who I am, what I want to become, and how I will get there to become what I want. She made me learn that even the devil has his angels.


“Trust gets you hurt, Love gets you killed, so find the trust worth hurting for, and find the love worth dying for.”~ Ehszeriah Bartels, Brenda Revira


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