We've Swapped

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Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Submitted: May 12, 2017



We’ve Swapped


Do you remember the first time we met? When you opened up that box and found me standing there before you? I looked at you and you looked at me and we formed an instant bond of trust. I was your best friend and you became mine.


Over the last few months we have really got to know each other. You take me for walks, play with me, give me my favourite food. And I’m so happy. My tail, it always wags for you, and my tongue can get quite dry from all those licks I give.


While you are out working to earn my food and treats, I guard your house. Any sound, from any room, I’ll be there investigating. And you must have noticed how deep my bark has got since I came to live with you. Any would-be burglar would be scared to come any closer. You had a real brainwave installing that mail box away from the house – less false alarms for both me and the postman.


There is just one complaint that I really feel justified in making. Especially since you like to compare us as partners rather than owner and pet. Why do I get to sleep on the floor?


Okay, it’s true that it’s a nice padded basket. You keep my covers smelling fresh, wash them regularly, straighten them out so I can give them another good kicking. But, you see, I thought I’d try out your bed and see what it was like.


Not on the floor, so no drafts; no listening to the floorboards groan whenever you move. And this mattress! It is so thick! And bouncy – I gave it a good testing! Fresh scented sheets and a cover to wriggle under – oh, such warmth. But the best thing about it, the meat on the bone, has to be the pillows. Such soft luxury to rest my weary head upon. And they are a perfect thickness too.


Anyway, I think that as you say we are equals, this bed should be mine for the next few months. At least for half a week. I’ll not object to sharing. The rest of the time you are more than welcome to use the basket! Partner!

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