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Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Submitted: May 12, 2017



 This is the story of my life as the son of an angel mother and the father of the infamous demon god Satan my name is Zazriel. When I was born my mother has passed away and I never knew her but when there was no hope ,there was a pastor that came to my aid to save me and raise me as his own and little did he know I was the son the demon god. And to this day I have live in a ministry and full of church dedicated people but I knew that I never could fit in and so that that day forward he brought something home that will give him great pain…“Hey dad how’s it going how was service”. “Great many new faces came”. “I can maybe meet them when I’m over next time”. “That will be great”. “See you later priest, off to my job be back soon”. “Ok Zazriel don’t get hurt I will be praying for your return”. Man another awful day of work full off misshapes and only happens to me only for example the cargo truck got destroyed by me breathing  there was many flammable material inside the vehicle and fumes were all the air and the when I took a deep breath out then, BOOM and all I know later is the bus in pieces and I didn’t get fired cause they didn’t want me to sue them and surprisingly I suffered no scraps or bruises for long I was only hurt for 30 min, but that always happen as if I’m wolverine in x men its cool but I creep people out with it but its whatever. Phew finally I have arrives. “HAY!  What are standing there for get to work”. Man she is such a pain I didn’t even get inside the building but that my boss for you. Now I work in a fish shop and we have a lot of funds we have caviar to the rarest fish and we sell to high level restaurants. Yeah I know good money I work to 4-6 pm and I get half because I’m still in school so I have half time but enough is enough. But now draws the end of the work day time to head home. 5min later I’ve arrived home and I notice that the ministry is in ruins. Then I see people heading from the main dorm to their vehicle and I notice that pastor is being taken away. I followed behind with my bike and what I came to was a strange ware house that I never seen before. As I arrived they took pastor to a type of podium of some sort like demonic, type an-. “Hay what you think you’re doing chump”. “NO LET GO OF ME”. Then as I was fighting back he punch me so hard I passed out… then as awoken further in the ware house I seen the pastor and he’s still on the podium and I’m rapped up on a pole sustaining the building barely and mysterious men are now chanting some sort of verse that made my hair stand on edge as electricity to hair. I felt as if some evil was coming and I can sense it coming as if I know it as if its calling on me and then out of nowhere a dark beam of light appeared on the podium and pastor was screaming in agony and as his skin peals of as a hot knife through butter. I so terrified that my father was dying in front of my eye and I was powerless to nothing and all of a sudden I felt the erg to slaughter those criminals and put a end to this, my heart beat has risen to the extent I believed that it will come flying out of my chest and then my eyes burned and I looked at a piece of broken glass on the floor and saw my eyes they were black and my pupil turned red and looked as if it was the eye of a cat, then some strange strength overwhelmed my and the rope broke I broke free. then my body then got   engulfed by flames my skin did not burn and then I blacked out and when I did all I could hear is  the screams of the men as if it was fear then when I awoke, I awoke to a pool of blood and was completely surrounded by corpses and I was frozen in fear and  wondered if it was me that made that happened then I remembered about pastor and it seems like the ritual they were doing was diminished and  ran to him and he spoke faintly and said run the only words I heard then he died. When he died a hellish gate appeared and when it opened pastor was attacked by multiple amounts of dark spirits and then the pastor talked but it wasn’t his voice, his eyes, his soul, it was different. “Hey kid yeah you I seen what happened to these men my worshipers you slaughtered then as if they were some pigs. I guess that what you expect I guess when you mess with a descendent of the demon god me Satan. Who in which is your father and how do you do son long time no see how’s your mother is she-”. “How do you know my mother who are you and why do you claim to be my father and I don’t believe I’m the son of the demon god”. “Well believe it I’m your father and to prove it is that when you seen your beloved wanna be father this pastor was in pain, who got crazy and killed my men and made a pool of blood and a mound of corpses it was you, my son Zazriel next in line for the throne”. No this can’t be, I can’t be the son of some demon god, this can’t be happening but when you this about it he may be right but I don’t want to be evil I never intended in being evil any way. “So how about it son join me and we will rule this pitiful world together and forever and ever”. As soon as I look up I see my body going for his hand that he put out for me but I can’t. Then all of a sudden a great beam of light appeared and Satan soul returned to the Hell Gate and he returned to the underworld before I know it and then there was the pastor on the floor lifeless and if he had never found me he would have never died in vain cause of me. With all this happening at once I had no choice but to pass out cause of the stress then as soon as my eyes were shutting I’ve thought that I will ever see an angel appear in front of my eyes… “Hello hay you wake up there food for you”. I hear a female voice talking to me and as I awoken the sun was shining on her face as if she is an angel. “Yes you’re awake.” “Yeah where I am what happen how did you find me”. “I found you because some of our fellow agents scouted you out and ow man there is no time to explain were you are”. Then she grabbed me by the arm and we went in some large room. I mean the door was the size of the chu-.“ Wait were is the pastor is he ok”. “I’m afraid not we had to burry properly and his soul will always be with you looking after you”. “Thank you, I ready lets keep going”. How can this be happening to me I never wanted but im not the one who picks me destiny and so is this gods doing?  Which I have a lot of questions for him to answer, but that time will never come I figure. “We have arrived; look someone you might know in the bible”. “Son”. What there in my eyes lies the lords of all lords Jesus Christ, in flesh in blood which means I must be Heaven but how could it be, can pastor here as well… 


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