being forgotten

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this is a poem i wrote after a day of serious self reflection after realizing a career choice would no longer be the path i would be on.

Submitted: May 12, 2017

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Submitted: May 12, 2017



Being forgotten

It's hurt because of hope

The waiting and knowing

That what you thought you were

Is no longer showing.

To peoples minds and eyes

You are nothing more than the remnants of a sunrise

You remember them in a light that you hold so dear

Yet when you hope the favor is returned

The same message sent returns no signature, clear

I can remember when my phone would not stop ringing on New Years Eve.

All the love I felt which seemed to come from all seven seas.

I held that in my mind

Filling with even more joy and love for my friends that will never subside.

I know that one time doesn't count for all

Those that were just no longer seem to call

I still hold those close to me, very near and dear to my heart

Regardless of what happens we will never be apart

I have not forgotten you nor will i never

Its just that when you feel forgotten the pain feels like forever

Not like hades or the blood from the river styx

But from the holes empty and the walls filled with bricks

Desperate to see through all you can see is mortar and stone clotting like a vein

No warmth no hopes just your mind and the pain.

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