Cupid Struck the Wrong Heart

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Have you ever felt being inlove? How about falling in love with your bestfriend who doesn't love you back? It really feels awful...right?

Hi! I'm Hisaki- the one who has a long time crush with her bestfriend named Xyto...But I remembered that I'm almost giving up on him and nearly accepting the fact that he would forever see me as his friend...when a day came and I've got the chance to meet Cupid's cute assistant- Nyan. She promised of helping me to win over my bestfriend's heart by submitting our names to her master- Cupid.

But one incident happened that nearly cost my life and the one who saved me was not my long-time crush, but the one whom I least expected the most- my annoying, creepy gangster admirer- Scythe. And since that day...he started to change himself for me. And little did I know that my feelings too are starting to change as well.

There's only one conclusion I can make out of this... Cupid Struck the Wrong Heart!

This is not your ordinary romance- friendzoned cliche' story XD

Author's Note: Heya guys. I'm just a newbie here. And to begin with, lemme just share to you my 8-chapter RomCom short novel. I hope you'll like it guys and I'm open for constructiive criticisms btw.

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



Author's Note: Hi reader! Feel free to comment here. I'm open for constructive criticisms XD

No part of this story shall be taken seriously. This was all the product of the author's creative imagination. :p

And forgive me in advance for the typo errors or some plot inconsistencies that you will observe in this story. Again, I'm open for some constructive critiscms. XD

-Janzkie <3


I'm running- as usual- towards my classroom because I'm late, again! The name's Hisaki by the way- remenber that name for it is always in my 1st period teacher's late records. Hue hue.

"SORRY MA'AM! I'M LATE AGAIN! AND I WILL NEVER-" As soon as I opened the door, I instantly explained myself. But was surprised to see no one here but my bestfriend Xyto.

"No worries Saki! Ms. Lim is absent today so technically we have no class for our first period. So congratulations to that." Xyto said playfully. As I've said, he's my bestfriend since long-time crush. But he doesn't know that and it's a secret meant to be kept forever.


I went inside while grinning from ear to ear. YAHOO! I will not be scolded for today!

I took my seat next to Xyto's at the left side and that's when I realize that we were the only one's here.

Or maybe not...

"Yo!... Oh hi there Saki!" That annoyinf familiar voice says while giving me his infamous wink (That's said to capture every girl's hearts here in this campus but not me.) and went to his seat behind mine. That's Scythe by the way- a member of a gang known to only cause trouble here in our school and also my creepy, annoying admirer ever since the beginning of the semester.

I just rolled my eyes at him and averted my gaze back to Xyto's direction, who is now busy doodling in his notebook with earphones stuck in both ears.

I hate to see Scythe's dyed blond hair which is always arranged to look like that of a shark's fin. I hate to see his annoying smirk...winks...and face. All in all...I hate to see him in general.

"Uhh Xyto, what are we doing here exactly? Can we now go to the canteen?" I asked. Nope, it's more of a plea. I want to get away from Scythe as soon as possible.

I hope Xyto heard what i just said.

"It's too early Saki. So let's jist pass the time here." I heard him answered but not looking at me. He's still busy with his doodle.

I just sighed in response. I, too, kept myself busy by playing Subway Surfer on my smartphone. I haven't started the game yet when Scythe here suddenly pokes my back.

"What?" I asked coldly. But he didn't even flinched and instead he kept on smiling at me. And I like to wipe it off him to be honest.

"Saki...are you a magician?" He asked and I didn't respond as usual to one of his corny pick up lines.

"Because everyone disappears and you are the only one I see." He finished it off with another wink. Xyto is notaware of what this guy's doing because he has his own little world right now.

"You should see an eye doctor then." I coldly responded and gave him my usual pokerface that is only intended for him. He frowned ans just went back to his seat.


I checked the time again in my cellphone and finally! It is time for recess! I quickly stood up from my chair and grabbed Xyto by the arm- who is now finally finished his doodle

"Let's go now Xyto! I'm really hungry right now!" I pleaded once more. Thank goodness Xyto obliged and is now strapping the bag to his back and then we walked together towards the door and out of this classroom. I even heard Scythe saying goodbye to me but I just ignored him.


As we happily talked in our table while munching the snacks we brought... I ocassionally stare at him and silently asking myself lots of questions like... why is he hard to reach yet he's just in front of me now? Will he never notice me? Does he love someone else? .. I never tried to confess to him about my true feelings for the same reason as the people who are also in my situation have... I don't want to ruin our friendship.

"What's the matter Saki?" I didn't notice Xyto now looking at me intently with a worried expression in his face. I quickly snapped out from my train of thoughts.

"N-nothing... Hehe." I tried my best to look cslm and poised in front of him right now!

And we resumed eating...


Before going to our next period, I went first to the washroom while Xyto went ahead because I told him not to wait for me. I made some retouch because my light make up was almost wearing off. I was also alone in here by the way.

"Hi there!" A cute girlish voice pops out of nowhere and I almost jump in surprise. I quickly searched the whole place for any signs of living human form right here but to my confusion, I didn't saw no one.

Kyaaaaaah! I-s that a ghost?! I remebered this washroom being rumored to be haunted.

"No silly! I'm not a ghost!"  Woah! Ghosts can read minds?!

"I said I am not a ghost. I prefer to be called Cupid's cute assistant."

I'm sure I haven't seen no one here a while ago so imagine my surprise upon seeing a girl suddenly pops into existence in front of me with a waist-length, auburn hair, round hazel brown eyes, has an adorable face and a height like that of a 10 year old kid, and is wearing a white silk robe that reaches to the floor.

"Awww...thank you for that lovely description. I'm 12 by the way, not 10. " she said. And it's official, she can definitely read my mind!

"Uhh...w-who are you?" I dared to my trembling voice.

She smiled at me in return that reached to her ears.

"I'm Nyan! Cupid's cute assistant!" she cheerfully answered, still wearing that smile that seriously creeps me out.

I just gave her the ARE-YOU-ON-DRUGS look. XD

"Oh! You don't believe me, don't you?" And she smirked! Duh! Who would believe in the existence of Cupid in this modern generation!

"Well...I know you had a crush on your bestfriend. And what's his name again? XYTO?-- Oooooomph!" I quickly covered her mouth to shushed her. It's a surprise that I can touch her.

"You're funny Saki" she said while removing my hand that is covering her mouth.

"Anyways, I could help you with your love problem...if you'll let me of course." she said once more. And that caught my attention.

"How?" I asked out of curiousity. There's no harm in hearing her out, right?

She suddenly opens her right palm in front of me and in it suddenly appears a brownish paper and a golden pen. I was like: How did she do that?!

"Magic, duh!" she answered sarcastically. Oh I almost forgot she can read my mind!

Then she handed to me the paper and the pen.

"Ship your names in here and return it to me afterwards. I will then submit this to Cupid immediately." Nyan instructed.

I stared at the pen and paper for a sec and decided to take it from her and I did as what she instructed.

I know this really sound so insane...but again, there's no harm in trying right? So I wrote down on the paper in this form:

Xyto x Hisaki

"Here...I already wrote our names in there." I said while handling back the golden pen and the brownish paper to Nyan which she gladly took it.

I was again surprised to see that it disappeared once more from her hand.

"My mission here is complete. I must return to master Cupid immediately and submit this." Nyan said...and I noticed that she is already disappearing from my sight like that of a Cheshire cat.

"But only master Cupid makes the final judgement and knows who's the best match for you." she quickly added.

My eyes widened at her last words...

"WHAT?! Then does that mean..." And before I could even ask her, she completely disappeared from my sight.

And that's when I noticed some girls giving me weird looks that says: IS-SHE-ON-DRUGS?

-End of Chapter One-




Author's Note: New characters will be introduced here. :D


I'm not really sure when will Cupid's arrow takes an effect on a person or if he already has aimed for Xyto's heart...but 3 days have passed since I've got to talk with that weird... (No offense meant Nyan!) cute assistant of Cupid. I still didn't saw some changes in Xyto. I mean...he's still the same bestfriend I used to hang out with... and I felt that it's the same one-sided love that is used to be for so long.

Did that Nyan just played a prank on me? Am i in some reality gag show that has secret cameras all around to monitor my every movements? If so...better not show up to me ever again Nyan, for I might burn you alive with my infamous death glare. And I mean it! it just my mind playing tricks on me? But I did hear Nyan gulping from somewhere.

I just plucked my face down in my pillow. I am currently in my dorm room and am feeling down. Seriously, I must stop thinking of that Nyan or the slightest chance that Xyto will love me back. The thought of it just makes me feel depressed to be honest.


I suddenly felt a warm ball of fur rubbing his body against mine. I looked up and saw Borf sitting beside me with his tongue sticking down and her round gray eyes are looking at me intently- as if she was checking on me if I'm okay or not. Borf here is a 2 year old White Pomeranian which my dad gave to me on my 16th birthday.

"I'm okay Borf... I will be okay." I said while giving him a pat on his head that he asks.

"Borf! Borf!" Translation: "What's the matter?" (If you have a solid connection with your pet, somehow you could understand what he's ranting about. XD)

"Oh...Just the usual friendzoned problems Borf." I know I look like some crazy love-sicked person right now with me here...talking to a dog. But who cares? Borf can understand me...and I can understand him as well.

"Borf! Borf!" Translation: "Why not confess to him already?" Yes guys! Borf here knows my love problems.

"It's easily said than done." I said...and plucked my face down to my pillow once more. Borf here rubs his body against mine for the second time, giving me the 'silent comfort.'

"Just what I need Borf..."

Here in our dorm, we are allowed to bring only one pet as long as it is not an insect or a wild animal. And i brought Borf here with me to be my stress-reliever whenever I'm stressed its either because of college or love problems. Good thing my bestfriend and room mate Hara doesn't mind.

And speaking of her, I hear her arriving already. It is normal for her to be home this late because of her duties as the Student Council Secretary.

"Good riddance! Explain to me this very instant why do you look like some crazy love-sicked person right now?!" she asked with a bit of sarcasm in her tone. And even if I'm not facing her right now, i can pretty guess that she is now raising one eyebrow at me while crossing her arms.

"I am not!" I blurted out in defense with my face still plucked down on my pillow.

"Yes you are! Is it Xyto...again?" And by hearing Xyto's name, i automatically sat up in my bed and shot her the I-DON'T-KNOW-WHAT-YOU'RE-TALKING-ABOUT look. Borf here also stood up from his sleeping position a while ago.

Besides Borf, I also share with Hara my love problems which is technically all about Xyto. It's sad thougj that we're not on the same class and section.

"And I guessed it right! Hahaha!" And how dare she makes a joke out of it?

"Again, I am not some crazy love-sicked person. At least.. not totally." I said with a hint of assurance in my tone.

I saw her walking towards her own bed and placed her Jansport bag on top of it- which is by the wah separated from mine at the far right side corner with a mini-side table in between with a lamp shade on top of it. Two monobloc chairs were also placed both at mine and Hara's side.

"Let me see... disheveled hair- CHECK! Love-sicked face-CHECK! A dog beside her-CHECK! do look like one to be honest Saki." she said as a matter of fact. Seriously, why do I keep losing to her when we're having debates!? Is it because of hwr position in the student government?

"Yeah yeah, you're right. But who cares? Xyto will forever see me as a friend even if I seek some help from Cupid's assistant." I mumbled without thinking about it.

"PFFFT! Seriously Saki? You do believe in Cupid's existence?" She gave me this mocking look while laughing at my remark with her hands placed in her tummy.

Thank God for giving me such a wonderful friend! Really!

So in response, I grabbed some random pillow and quickly throws it at her. And it landed on her face! 3 points for me!

"What's wrong in believing the existence of Cupid, Hara?" I seriously asked. And again, she just laughed out loud at my remark. And I grabbed some random pillow, again...

"Boooorff!" And I did not realize the one I grabbed was not a pillow but my sweet little Borf!

"Aww...I'm sorry Borf." I carried Borf by my arms and scratched its cute little furry head.

*Bzzzt bzzzt...bzzzzt bzzzzt*

I stopped scratching Borf's head and grabbed my smartphone which is on top of our side table. Someone's calling...

Incoming Call:

Xyto -> with a cute little heart beside his full screen photo.

I quickly put Borf down and hurriedly answered my phone.

"Hello Xyto?" I greeted him cheerfully. I heard Hara jist clicked her tongue thrice at my sudden change of mood.

"Hello Saki! Can we meet, like right now? I have to return to you our History textbook, because we will be having a long quiz tomorrow, remember? I'm sorry if I just remembered right now!" A husky cheerful voice says on the other line.

"No worries Xyto! Ok, where do we meet?" I instantly agreed. At least, I've got to see him again!

"I'm on our favorite convenienve store right now. I'll be waiting for you." he says.

"Ok Xyto! Jist give me 3 minutes to prepare" i said and hanged up the phone. I hurriedly went in front of our whole body length mirror hanged at the back of the door to check out myself.

"Good riddance! I do look like some creepy love-sicked person!" I suddenly blurted out upon seeing myself in the mirror.

"Told 'ya!" Hara said while playfully pointing a finger at me.


After 5 and a half minutes of grooming, I hurriedly went out of our dorm but before thaf, I pat Borf's head to say goodbye to him and waved at Hara who is now busy in front of her laptop. She just gave me a slight wave to dismiss me off and afterwards I headed off towards the door...


The convenience store Xyto mentioned is just a walking distance from my dorm so I will be there in no time! It's past 8 already but I didn't give notice pf it and just happily hummed to myself while walking. I'm almost there...

Suddenly, I froze and didn't dared to move when I felt someone grasp me from behind with an 8-inch long knife tip aiming at my neck.

"Don't move, and don't shout. Or I will kill you this instant." said by a baritoned voice that instantly creeps me out.

"W-w-w-w-what do you want from me?" I dared to ask in my trembling voice.

"Come with me!" And leaving me with no choice, he grabbed me by the arm while that knife he's holding in his right hand is still aiming at my neck. And I was forcedfully dragged down by him.

Xyto!!!... Anybody!!! Help me, please!!!

-End of Chapter Two-

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