Life Of An Adventurer

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A story of a person who left home in search of adventures.

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017




Life of an Adventurer


I lived and grew up in the wonderful city of Colombo, a place where you can find anything and everything you desire. For some reason I wasn’t satisfied, my heart always wanted more. I thought to myself “what’s life without an adventure?” worked as an accountant in a multinational company. I earned a lot, I could buy everything I need but still seemed empty inside.

So I thought I have everything I need but the heart wants adventure, so why not find love for love is adventurous. I looked everywhere for the perfect one and never found that special one. Eventually realized that true love isn’t easy to find and is rare these days. My mom and dad would always share the love story of their own, where they were in their own world full of adventure. Every night I would curse God for making me this way and for being so cruel to me.  

Eventually lost the idea of finding love, the heart still demanded for adventure. So I thought to myself “why not travel the world?” Said my good byes to my parents and my little sister who was just two years old then. Flew to countries I’ve never heard of in search of an adventure, got caught up to things, enjoyed the pleasure of a countless number of women and never thought of the consequences, totally forgot that I even had a family.

I was promised adventures like nothing compared to this world just by taking a few special pills, I was outer space and it was like floating with the stars. Wanting to have that astonishing feeling again took more of it tried other things which.

 I’ve never could dance but after I was given medical leaves which they told if smoked it would make me dance and forget all the worldly issues. I tried and it worked, I was even promised I would be able to fly by just injecting myself with some magical liquid, it wasn’t a lie I was able to fly, as a man with adventurous heart what more can I ask for than an adventure like this.

The torch which was lighting in me to have an adventure eventually faded away and wanted to settle down. Started my adventure at the age of twenty one now I’m a thirty eight year old man with people I don’t know doing things that now started to feel wrong. I started to remember my family I left behind so decided to go back home.


I returned home after seventeen whole years to find our house abandoned like it was in a fire. I was shocked, never felt this way in my life, I felt like an empty shell. A few people said that my parents had died in the fire, so I asked about my sister they said that she visits once in a while but no one knows her whereabouts.

 I just dropped down to my knees and realized that it was all my fault if I was there none of this would happen. I walked into the house went up to the third floor to my room and just stood there in the empty room filled with memories of all the good times I had with my family and wondered why I changed, what had gone wrong.

I realized that there was nothing I could do and realized I won’t have a single person to bring flowers to my grave, to pray for me, to moan that I have passed. I walked towards the ledge of the balcony, looked down and wondered if this was enough to kill me, as I was about to jump I hear a faint sound, I listen harder and look for where this sound is coming from. A girl not older than twenty five standing in front of our house and screaming not to jump.

She ran up the stairs came to me and ask why I was going to jump, she told me not to do it that her house has seen enough deaths already, at once I asked if her name was Shahnaz, she shockingly asked me of how I knew her name I told her I was her brother. I knelt down in front of her started crying, apologizing for not being there. She knelt in front of me hugged me, told me not to cry.

As we were there I asked her what happened she told me it was a gas leak, she was in school when it happened. She told me that mom and dad used to worry about me every day. I thought this was God giving me a second chance to change my ways, so I made up my mind that from that day onward I’ll give my sister the life she deserved.

I’m 85 years old now, as I promised myself I gave my sister a life of a princess, she is happily married now and even have grandchildren. Up to the day my legs were able to support me I worked and kept her happy. I feel like my time is up now, I’m starting to lose my eyesight, I can no longer walk or support myself.

I happily accept death now as I have given my sister the life my parent would want her to have.

This here is the life of an adventurer away from home. 

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