Sinister Secret

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Do you want to play with the most popular kid in school? It's a game of death!

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



Silent Secrets


“Ha, Stu Frazier! You always make me laugh!” declared Honey.

“Yeah, you do Stu!” agreed Pollie - who was Honey’s twin. The school of Mayfield view Honey and Pollie Stu’s henchmen as they are always seen at least five feet from him. They both seemed to resemble the same appearance. The only real difference that is noticeable is how Pollie’s face is lopsided compared to her sister. This trio is described as strange but cool. The small herd walk around school with Stu always in the middle. In fact, they sit with each other at lunch, went to prom together, and do track together. It was the 3 stooges of California.

They continued their morning routine down the sidewalk. Their clean clothes and glistening hair that could be seen a mile away - the twin’s where indeed the hottest girls in school. All men who tried to catch those girls in a net we're always too late to Stu who caught them first - he was in fact the heartthrob of Mayfield High School. Despite his blue eyes the girls drowned in he was careless. He hated animals of all sizes and was allergic to children like his allergy to peanuts. He was seen as a beast or cute. In fact, his pet twin’s follow him doom to their ignorance as they can never realize his true face. He wears a mask to hide his true identity even though it can come out here and there. That’s why he only has the twins to keep him from being alone in the dark.

As flawless as these three stooges where, their was a dark secret each had to conceal. They were like beautiful envelopes that held a dark message that was inside them. I Pene Alexia was the when who was about to open those dark envelopes.

I watched as the terrific trio I wish I could be walked on the sidewalk to their six period. I had many dreams about the joyous Stu. Sadly, I knew he was a flower that was floating in the water that was to far to reach and I did not know how to swim. I was this crazy teen who loved boy bands and had huge braces that made me new brand of superhero called MetalMax.

I was given many names by my parents. My dad being a comic book writer brought these names from his hysterical imagination but my most said one was called Max. I was called that due to my older brother. My parents planned to have a child before me. They named him Max but he died in the war, we were ten years apart. My real name they decided to name me Penelope. Therefore, I’m called Max a lot because of my older brother’s death which, is sad to know. In fact, I have a brother but I’m now living in his depressing shadow. My parent’s call me a coward for not standing up. I always said I never was never going to risk myself for others and his mistake where foolish. My dad was furious and went to war as well. He died due to the same conditions. My mother hates me and now I wish I didn’t do that route but now I live with an empty hole in my heart that make me feel alone nonstop.

I realized I’ve been standing here for long time. I rushed to my class as fast as I could. I was as slow as a snail stuck in glue because I’m in bad shape, it’s like my muscles are plastic bags full of pudding. At least I’m getting a workout.

As I came into class I was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf. Some snickered and others looked in disbelief. I checked the time just to see I was five minutes early. Great, now my plumb face looks like a giant tomato with a drawn face for no reason. It was hard for me to remember time well when I saw the majestic Stu. I dream life with Stu was just fallacious. He could never fall for such a pudgy boy band lover. He only liked Honey and Pollie even though he could never chose between the two.

My friend Shaye approaches me with her usually elfin grin.

“What did you do know?” I sputtered. I still felt like a popped balloon.

“Nothing,” she snickered. She flips her hair as well. Her hair look’s like a rat’s nest that rat’s wouldn’t even want to live in. I just sighed at her comment and smacked my head on my desk.

“Fine, guess what? I drew a picture on the window in the principal's office!”

“Wait, what is that drawing?”

“Go check it out for yourself.”

“Nevermind, I pass - I’ll probably never want to know anyway.” Shaye finally gives in and shows her empathy towards me even though she has hard outer coat.

“Fine, tell me what’s bugging you? Was it the Stu dude?”

“Yes it was, and don’t call him dude. He’d dislike that.”

“Wow you're more of a boy suck up then I thought, don’t you like Harry?”

“Not anymore, he left OneDirection. He was a british jerk anyway. Did you-”

“Get to your seat’s students. Let’s not be flippant,” Mr. Shevaun claimed. For one english teacher Mr. Shevaun used quite peculiar language. He also had the look of a old wizard in Harry Potter. Sadly, he claims Harry Potter is a picayune piece of literature. Well if I was a wizard I would tell him “Avada Kedavra”, just to teach him a true lesson about literature since he can’t do his job right.

As class went he gave the worst lesson of the day. You made my list of most worst teacher’s Mr. Shevaun. This class isn’t close to be stimulating. I felt more bored then my life already wad it was like I almost fell into Sleeping Beauty's endless sleep until my phone vibrated. There was an unknown text from a stranger. It said “I know why.”

“Know what?” I responded back.

“The way you feel for Stu! :}” I was surprised not by how this person knew but why they even cared in the first place. If their was popularity ladder that based everyone’s popularity on how high they were on it then I wouldn’t even be on it. That’s how much of a wreck I was. I was voracious pimple pal to those who even came close to me. As tried to respond Mr. Shevaun popped up and snacthed my phone before I could send.

Mr. Shevaun then said, “Come get this after class is over.” I sighed and gave him a stern look but he just snickered because I didn’t have any power to stop him. All I could do was pout and wonder why someone even texted me.

After class I retrieved my phone from him. There was no other messages, even though I keep sending more but no responses. I hated it - it felt like my wonder was a flame that was growing and growing inside and it wanted to be set free.

I had my normal walk home after school. I waved goodbye to Shaye and continued on my path. The sky was gloomy and the grass felt like icicles against my feet. Today was not the best day to wear flip flops and my feet look like they belonged to an elephant in these. I checked my phone once again just to see no new messages. I sighed, why do I need to care about what this person will say? Oh yay, because I have nothing else to look forward too.

As I made my way further down the street I heard rustling in the bushes beside me. With one glance they were still. I mean still like their was nothing wrong with them in the first place. I just shrugged it off and continued home.

The street’s grew more and more silent. They was noise expect the crows screeching to the side of me. My goosebumps raised up as if they meant to reach for the sky. I could feel this screaming inside of me - “It’s not safe! Slow down, PROTECT YOURSELF!” I was being delusional. My world felt unrealistic. It was like I was in a dream where I keep going down the same street and had no way to turn back. My emotions felt like they wanted to be feed because I never experienced anything like this in my entire life. I was riding a roller coaster that was only go up and going to go down any second.

An ice cold hand grabbed me by the mouth and pulled me into an old abandoned house on the side of the street. I tried to break free but I was too weak. I was a defenseless girl. I felt like I had a fatal end approaching because I had no chance to be nimble.

The house was darker than I thought it would be, it was like a cave where I the meek prey would be pulled into my own doom. I still was an industrious person but today it did not seem to help. I still didn’t get a good look at my kidnapper but he managed to push me into his basement sufficiently. He was really steadfast to his work.

This was like a perpetual nightmare. When I could steady my breathing I could hear more breathing. Where there more of them down here to hurt me? This went from exciting to terrifying in a matter of minutes.

“WHO ELSE IS DOWN HERE! I’m not going down without a fight!” I shouted. The breathing stopped and the crying began. I realized I wasn’t the only one taken hostage. I think I scared them as well.

“How much of us in down here?” I asked.

“Six of us now,” murmured a girl who seemed to have a low voice.

“Did you all get that text?”

“Yes, we did,” answered the same one. “It said something about Stu Frazier. Didn’t it?” She questioned.

“Yep……” I sighed and other girls responded in unison.

“Who are you? Girl that responded to my questions?”

“OOOO great this is some magical tea party we can all enjoy and have fun.” I knew I heard her voice around school. I knew it but where all these girls from the same school? Well, it didn’t matter I just layed on the ground for awhile and waited.

As time went past I heard as more and more girls were pushed into the room. After awhile I could tell there was thirteen of us. My skin felt like there were bugs crawling in and out as goosebumps keep coming. This cultivated skim seem maniacal and know I wasn’t interested in it. Maybe this is some prank or maybe I should smash my head into a wall to see if I keep thinking of such useless things.

The lights turned on instantly blinding us all it was like the sun was brought up closer. When I opened my eyes I saw all these girls from my school. The one I was talking to was Janet who was the school newspaper writer. Of course, it makes sense now since she was being sarcastic and rude.

Walked down the stairs was a man wearing his mask. He took it off and under it was the prestigious Stu Frazier. My jaw dropped open. I had no words to describe my emotions but let me tell you, they were a big tornado that would knock someone of their feet.

“Hello and welcome my admirers you are here to visit Stu’s chamber without a choice if you did or didn’t,” he snickered trying to sound to glib.

“You are all lucky guest’s that get to go play with me behind that curtain.” He pointed to the corner of the room that you couldn’t see behind. On the ground near it you could see blood stains and smell a dead corpse even if there wasn’t one.

“If you want to leave you can try but I’ll find you and hurt you! Don’t worry you're all dispensable” He snickered. One girl stood up and tried to walk past him but he grabbed her and smacked her head into the cement wall leaving a big cut. She was now in his arms.

“She’ll be my first playmate! How exciting!” He took her behind the curtain, that was the last we saw of Teodora the freshmen. She was in student council, she was shy and kind but always wanted to be there for her family and now she couldn’t.

How could Stu become so malicious? What caused him to go such a path? It was horrifying and now I found him worse than Harry Styles from One Direction.

I could hear cutting behind the tawdry curtains. I almost puked and I could see the color green in all these girls faces as well. Janet stood out she had no expression what so ever. It was like she’s been here before. She looked really flagrant and since she did I was going to find out.

I moved all the way other to her and asked,”Do you know more then the rest of us?”

“What’s it too you fat face? I’m surprised you don’t have tears running down your face like the rest of these cowards.” With a look around the room everyone was crying expect me and Janet. I didn’t cry because I still had hope and I wouldn’t let Stu hurt me. I would do it myself I don’t want to be a coward like these girls.

Behind the curtain Stu sang “I have an abundant amount of girls!”

“TELL ME!” I screeched, “Or I’ll get Stu!”

“Fine here’s the story, every year Stu Frazier takes girls to his basement. His sidekick’s Pollie Lauryn and Honey Lauryn find a way to find girls that are attracted to Stu. They somehow get the number and give it to him. Last year I was one of those girls and I somehow I was efficacious in escaping-”

“How come you didn’t get help! YOU LET THEM ALL DIE!” I was furious and I didn’t know why I think was because some girls really did want to live while others were in my place.

“He -e-” Janet sobbed. Great, now I sent her over the edge and I wasn’t done.

“WHO Cares! You did it to save yourself! Why does he do it? HMMMM”

“I - I don’t knoooooow!” Why did she has such an angry expression and now she was in tears. Did she feel she could get out again to let everyone die.

Then I said, “You're just as bad as Stu - Now I’m going to do something!”

I stood up and grabbed a shovel off the wall. Then headed to the corner with the curtain. When I pulled it open I saw a thing I will never unseen. It was a dissection on Teodora. How did I manage to have so much courage? This isn’t a horror movie it was real life. I have the courage from my loved ones and now I was going to fight like they did. I’ve sat around for years and if I don’t do something now my mother will never want me back. I was going to die in this basement anyway.

I took my shovel and smashed Stu in the head it sent him backwards. He was astonished by how one of us stood and decided to fight. He grabbed a scalpel covered in dried blood off the table. He took me and stabbed me in the arm. I grabbed the rusty shovel and cut it into his stomach. It cut open and he screamed in pain. I watched as he fell to the ground. I kneeled down to him and asked, “Why did you do this in the first place?”

“My father abused me after my mother died,” Stu groaned. “I decided when I was older I would show him how I felt so I took a knife and killed him. I couldn’t stop, so I ran away and became an orphan. Now I have a new home and I can’t stop and I do this on my birthday each year……...You ruined the birthday and since there's no adults around I’ll teach you a lesson myself.”

Before I could move Stu took the knife and stabbed me in the throat. I fell to the ground facing all eleven girls. None came forward to reassure me. They stood in fear like the cowards they were. I see why my parents were furious at me and now I wish I did listen. Maybe I would have more friends and be in good shape. At least I can go see my father and brother to tell them what I have done to help them. I did well.

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