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the story about a young boy with down syndrome and how he enjoys life.

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



My son, Rico Wyatt, who is 12, never lets life get the best of him, even though sometimes life is less than unkind to him.

He was born with special needs: Down syndrome, which was diagnosed before he was even born, thanks to prenatal testing.  The news devastated us to no end, but we were determined to help him achieve his goals and to help him in all ways possible.

Rico has mental disabilities.  Even though he is nearly a teenager now, he functions at the level of a six year old.  He loves to play with his puppy, Skip, a half chow, half wolf, hang out with his brothers and sisters, watch cartoons on TV (he loves the old classic cartoons that we, his parents, grew up with; he loves Bugs Bunny the best), draw, color in his coloring books, sing, go to church every Sunday (and also Wednesday) and learn about Jesus, and go to the zoo, among other things.

Things that kids his age are interested in (Facebook, texting/iPhones, instant messaging, sports, girls, the latest music or celebrities) don't interest him in the least.  He'd rather hang out with younger kids and play with them; he loves to run around and play chasing or throwing games best.

When he grows up, Rico wants to be a cowboy or a fireman.  He loves anything having to do with cowboys or rescue heroes (in particular, firefighting; he loves the sound of the siren or the sight of the firetrucks).

It's been hard for us at times, but thankfully the worst is behind him (and us).  Rico had heart surgery three times, all before he was five; he faces at least one more before he turns eighteen; but for now, his heart health remains stable.  In fact, the last time we saw the pediatric cardiologist the report was so good we don't have to see him for a year!  

Talk about answer to prayer!!

Well, have to go and make lunch; Rico has announced that he is hungry.  I will write in here another day with a new update; stay tuned!  Take care and God bless; this is Rico's mother, Helena Ortiz, signing off!

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