the promise

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This is a poem of love gone wrong.

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017




By: Latasha Crawford



As he stood there tall, dark and handsome I wondered was he the one

Maybe I should speak or maybe I should run

His smile was so bright I thought this must be love at first sight

Lord please let this be my Mr. Right

He said he worked hard, had no kids and his own place

That was more than my last boyfriend, so my heart began to race

Things moved fast and we fell so deep in love

The love we made had me ready to sing

Then one day he came home with this diamond wedding ring

This was the day all his promises began

He promised to love me until death did us part

Those words he promised came straight from his heart

He promised he would be there for me through thick and thin

That was before he lost his job and the drinking and lies began

He promised he would never break my heart

I don’t think he meant that from the start

Some nights he never came home and when he did it was bad

He promised to never hit me but he did and it made me sad

I promised him if he ever did it again I would leave

He responded, “I promised you until death did us part please believe”

One bad argument turned into another and things got worse

I found myself feeling like I was under someone’s curse

He has cheated, abused me and has left me to wipe my own tears

It was time to leave and face my own fears

I had to leave this toxic relationship it just wasn't for me

It was time to start a new journey and time to be free

I must be the best me that I know I can be

So, I packed my bags and kept my promise to leave

As I stepped out the front door a loud bang went off

The person I thought was the love of my life stood over me with a gun

My body was on the ground, I was helpless and couldn't run

He repeated “I promised you until death did us part please believe”

It seems he kept his promise and I kept mine

He promised until death did us part

I promised to leave and on that day, I did and passed away




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