Vampire In The Attic

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Michael was a famous explorer, he went far and wide to find what others were to scared to look for, what would he do if he came across something that scared even the bravest to death? I apologise for any mistakes in the story, have not edited it. Have posted a few chapters but there are more to come over time. Please feel free to leave comments, hope you enjoy. Thank you.

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Submitted: May 13, 2017

Michael was sitting in the front room watching television. His wife was in the back garden playing with the children. It was the weekend ... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

It was nearly midnight when they found the road leading off to the village. John had climbed over to the back seat to start setting up th... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

Together the two men started down the lane. It was pitch black, the only sounds they could hear was the treading of their feet on th... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The night air started to get cooler and cooler. The closer they got to the house the colder it became. The two men walked slowly and... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

One of the ghosts moved closer to Michael, the two men remained standing as still as they could. Michael could sense one of the ghosts fl... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The two men sat on the floor side by side waiting to hear what had really happened in this god for saken village. The ghosts moved closer... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The biggest of all the ghosts looked really angry and hatred was burning on his face, he hated visitors who ever they may be. He wan... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

“Why did he vanish like that? I didn’t think that vampires existed. What was that?” asked John. He never saw anything like thi... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

Richard the middle sized of the ghost sat down in front of the men and started to carry on about the history of what really went on ... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

“From the sky came hundreds of jet black bats. They were swooping down on us and biting us everywhere. We were being eaten alive, slowl... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

Michael and John crouched in the cupboard for what seemed like hours. They were cold, hungry and very tired. They had not slept since the... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The ghost swiftly moved over to the two men and sat them down. “I will tell you as fast as I can, once we finish you must move on a... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

Once the spirits hid back in the walls, Michael and John got the rest of their things together and opened the front door of the hous... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

Time was getting on, they had to move fast. They run all over the church looking for the vampire, they searched under and over the p... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The door to the first house was open slightly. This time John walked up the stairs first. He didn’t understand why people would make ho... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The air was cool back outside in the village. There seemed to be a small breeze coming in. That was strange, since they got there no bree... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The two men were sleeping peacefully. Michael was stirring a little bit. He looked to be dreaming. He was, he was dreaming about his... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

They stood a couple of feet from the house. Michael and John had their guns at the ready, the stakes in the sheaf on their backs and cand... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The coffin was empty. There was no vampire asleep in there. Where was he? They were told he would be there, it was day time, light w... Read Chapter


Submitted: May 13, 2017

The men, now that they had nothing to do with this place, took the remaining amount of pictures and started to collect their things to pa... Read Chapter

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