Eve of darkness

Eve of darkness

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction



uh its a pokemon fanfic about pokemon
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uh its a pokemon fanfic about pokemon

Chapter1 (v.1) - Choose your first!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 13, 2017




Choose your first!

The box felt as if it were screaming at me to open it but this was Cheren`s house so he got the first choice. Bianca was late as always; Cheren and I silently stared at the box as if something would burst out of it well there were three Pokemon inside: a Tepig, a Snivy and an Oshawott. I wanted the Oshawott but I was worried Cheren would get it but if he did i`d get Snivy so i`d be at an advantage but with Nathan and Victini i`d be at a disadvantage. Bianca ran into the room

“Im here!” she screamed Cheren and I both spun around

“your late” Cheren snapped

“its fine” I said before they could start up an argument “right?”

“yeah sure” Cheren turned back towards the box, Bianca beamed at me as he started unwrapping the box and opened it. The three of us eyed the three pokeballs and the note.

“Cheren” I spoke up “would you do the honors?” he nodded before picking up the note and reading

Tepig, Oshawott and Snivy after you pick out your pokemon come to my lab and see me”

“so who first?” Bianca asked

“Cheren does” I said watching Cheren`s eyes dart between us and the pokeballs “since its his house he should go first, you fine with that Bianca?”

“yeah” at this point Cheren was already reaching down and picking up a pokeball

“Oshawott” he said quietly as I cursed my luck

“im next!” Bianca demanded swiping up a pokeball so fast it almost looked random I groaned to myself these two, we were never supposed to be friends I had friends until Nathan disappeared and I well wasn’t very good at keeping them. We met at trainers school. I picked up the last pokeball: Tepig or the-pig

“hey!” Bianca shouted, the two of them were having a battle, or they were. Snivy lay facedown and Oshawott stood triumphantly waving its shell in the air.

“Want to go?” Cheren offered

“sure” Oshawott aimed its shell at me, I was surprised I didn’t noticed them fighting, I let out Tepig already knowing we wouldn’t get along.

“ill go first” Cheren commanded “Water gun!” Tepig was blasted by a cannon of water from Oshawott`s mouth “now pound!” Oshawott leapt into the air, that’s it

“Ember!” Tepig shot a volley of small fireballs at Oshawott

“Water gun again!” another cannon of water consumed the embers and continued towards Tepig

“Dodge it quickly!” it just grunted and was blasted again great now its not listening!

“finish it with another water gun”

“ember fight it back!” Tepig didn’t react and was blasted a third time knocking it out.

“it didn’t listen” Cheren said as I returned Tepig “I would’ve won either way but still” I took that moment to examine Cheren`s now trashed room. “Now since we`ve managed to ruin my room” he continued turning his attention to Bianca “lets go to Juniper`s lab”

“aren’t you going to return Oshawott?” Bianca asked
“Nope, lets go” the two of us followed Cheren downstairs he spoke to his mom promising to clean his room later and we went outside. Nuvema town was the smallest town in the Unova region, it was made up of exactly twelve houses thirteen if you count professor Juniper`s lab. Well most don’t. we made our way  through the town towards the lab it was the farthest building west in the town. I noticed a flock of Pidove flying overhead I had a perfect team plan until Cheren got Oshawott now im stuck with the-pig

“ready?” Cheren said, we walked onto Juniper`s property the lab had a small fence enclosed yard where one of the girls named Cindy kept her Bouffalant since her parents wouldn’t let her keep it at her house. It looked intimidating but it was actually very intimidating. It had its own fenced in area in the corner of the yard where it watched us as we made our way across the yard. Cheren knocked hard on the door it took fifteen seconds before a response came

“one moment” then there was silence again Cheren`s hand hovered in front of the door as we waited at least a minute before the door opened, Juniper`s hair was a mess around her shoulders as she quickly finished buttoning her lab coat “come in” we followed her into the lab as she put her hair up into a messy ponytail “I see you’ve got your pokemon” she gestured to Cheren who was holding Oshawott”

“yeah” Cheren said “I don’t want to sound ungrateful but this is kind of out of the blue I mean you’re”

“im what?” Juniper interrupted him stepping closer her blue green eyes seeming empty “crazy?” it was true, she`d lost all respect as a Pokemon professor years ago at least that’s what my mother told me “Im perfectly sane, I can assure you that” Cheren gulped the intensity of her stare focused on him “but your right, there is a very good reason for this” we waited quietly for her to continue but she didn’t she glanced between us. This lasted a few moments until she said “well?”

“what?” Cheren and I asked at the same time, she groaned pushes a few loose strands of hair out of her face

“aren’t you going to ask why? I set it up perfectly” Cheren and I exchanged a look “well? Ask!” she demanded

“why did you give us pokemon?” Bianca spoke up, Juniper grinned

“because my dad died” she said proudly “which means im in charge of the regions pokemon research and you three are going to compete to be my new assistant.”




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