Living with visual snow

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This is my life on what i see everyday of my life no matter what i do it wont go away its like vision of a old tv you can see static everywhere...

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



When you wake up and your eyes are barley starting to work you see a strange texture its like seeing a bunch of scrambling dots racing every direction on every part of your vision you haft to breath hard and slow to calm the visual snow down it'll calm down on its own but takes time you always have anxiety with this syndrome or maybe me i always tend to be shaking mad in the morning like it's freezing. It's hard to really focus on anything no matter how hard you try you haft to wait a couple minutes till you can really see.Then when things settle down finally everything seems to be flicker shadows and some lights or bright spots on the wall you have a hard time to see contrast on certain things. So when you are finally really awake and you focus on things are not really to sharp still, When you read it's hard to see words or focus on small things or details like a wall with textures it just looks like static you haft to get very close to see things like that.

So when you go outside and see the real world it all looks like you have specs of dirt on your eyes and nothing looks clean ever, Shadows all have a static texture and flicker sometimes you can see strange heat waves all over the ground it's very strange i hate it i never noticed my syndrome till this year 2017 may 8. I always had it for as long as i could remember but never new why my vision was odd and not clean till i found and ever since i actually think it's getting worse and i wish i never looked up why my vision problems and found out that i suffer with visual snow it really fucks your mood up cause all you do is stare at spots around your house or like dark areas to see if it's still there and it is a bunch of unexplainable textures scattering everywhere people with visual snow don't now what darkness is we never will truly understand darkness until then we wait for a cure we wish are life was normal its nothing to do with your eyes it's something to do with your brain knowing that, makes you feel as there is something worse wrong with your self.

just know don't tripp about this if you don't have it your fine there has not been a case of going blind from visual snow or it getting worse don't think of it to hard ether i honestly think if you think to hard you may develop visual snow from thinking too hard your brain will make you see it i'm not saying it will happen but could but i heard there is a certain routine of stretches you could do to get rid of visual snow that i will be starting soon to test if it works it's been 18 years of living with this shit now it's time to be free of this fucking suffering thank you for reading my syndrome.

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