Excerpts: Dead Watch

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Exerpts: Dead Watch is a sequel to the stop motion movie, Exerpts: Grave Yard Patrol. Here the grave yard knight travels with the man Pilot through the land, Daffisfalls. Both take refuge to the abandoned Fortress Hilltop to take rest for the night. During their stay a fellow knight, Bart, shows up investigating a mystery of his own. Bart talks to the Grave-Knight finding out that his mission is that of most importance. He decides to assist his friend and the man, Pilot. Later on during the night, a mysterious fog lifts. Only for the group to find out that it is far beyond normal. A dark fantasy that deals with a struggle during another struggle.

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



Excerpts: Dead Watch


The whereabouts of the wizard Korek are still unknown.

The Grave-Knight and Pilot seek refuge within the land of Daffisfalls.


In the abandoned fortress that withers away as time passes, knights of the region, Daffisfalls find their refuge here. Hilltop Fortress provides shelter for two travelers who have already survived an odd ordeal. Who also found out about an upcoming threat to the world that needs to be stopped in someway.


"We will rest as the night passes." The Black Knight says, far from his duty away from the graveyard. He stands surrounded by fallen bricks and clutter. As a knight of sun down, he now guides a new comer to this world. The knight holds title of watcher and guard, now traveler and protector. Grave Yard Knight of Daffisfalls, will he keep the title? He watches as Pilot shivers in the night.


The camp fire begins to broaden as the flames get higher. "This is the safest shelter we will find." I don't know if there will be more danger, but I must be conscious. No more will I push you to move on, for you look weak and need rest."


The knight hands a blanket to Pilot which was kept for spare inside his horse's satchel. He leaves the shaking man to warm himself. Walking to a window which moss now overtakes any cracks, the knight feels at ease not to grip his sword. Castle Daffisfalls sits on top of a large hill. The many hills before it makes it a hard effort to get to. Through his armor the wind does chill him somewhat but is nothing of importance. The need for watching at night is prolonged.


The wind hardly makes a sound even as it bends the grass upon the land. So suddenly something does makes a noise. Too heavy to be grass or plants slightly brushing on one another. Rattles and bulk is heard from outside. It is metal against metal that the Grave Knight hears. Could be a danger, but the refuge is common for friends. As fast as he can the knight rushes toward the entrance, Pilot stares as he does so. The oak door is worn, only hanging by the top hinge he grabs the handle and pushes it forward. The dark landscape of grass is visible. Trees create the woods further beyond. The knight looks to his right. A fellow knight, Bart, the guardian of the Tallest Tower of Daffis. He ties his tall stallion horse which matches the night's sky to the same rail that the Grave-Knight's pinto is also strapped to. The pinto horse has white to black blotches of fur, Fey is never to be seen in the graveyard. The knight always has him in the stable down the hill from where he keeps guard.


Relief as if it was a splash of water hits the Grave-Knight when he sees Bart. Bart has on a helmet long in length that has two slits for him to see through. He lifts his right hand up in greeting.


"Bart, joy fills me to see someone of the same order, now at a time like this."


Bart walks closer to the knight. His armor is a bit more sleek than that of the Grave-Knights'. "Is that what I am to someone who always watches the night?" Bart puts one hand on top of the Grave-Knight's shoulder. The Grave-Knight does the same in an honorable gesture as all do who wear the steel.


"Of course not my brother,” Both put their hands down. “but it is great that you are here." The Grave-Knight looks up at Bart. He is a tall person, maybe even as tall as the wizard Korek. "Let's step inside. There is a lot I have to tell you." Bart having never seen the Grave-Knight this excited before gets concerned that whatever he wants to talk about, it is not of normal circumstances.




Bart sees Pilot as he sits by the fire, no longer shivering. Normally he would think nothing of the person, other than him maybe having been lost in the woods. Lost he is, but not from this land. Seeing Grave-Knight's reaction, Bart knows that this scrawny man has more to do than to been a frightened soul.


"What brings you here?" The Grave-Knight sits across from Pilot. He takes off his helmet and grabs a tin cup. Out of the fire he pulls an iron pan. Spilling from the rim is the most darkest caff that Bart has ever seen.


"Searching. This talk of the witch has had everyone on guard. I want to find out as much as I can so I can destroy her evil or at least find out what her motives are. What is the situation with you, Garlo?" Bart sits in the middle on a fallen log and takes off his helmet. Long black hair falls out. He has two separate lines beneath his nose of a mustache, and a small line patch on top his chin.


Garlo, The Grave Knight, takes a big drink of the caff. A single gulp does not make Garlo jolt from the heat. He looks at Bart with his brown eyes, and long beard that has grown since the last time Bart seen him. His head has hints of hair growing on the sides of his head which Garlo usually leaves shortly cut. "You wont believe it. I met up with wizard Korek in the gave."


"Korek, Its been along time since I've seen him myself."


"He is dead. How he died is a mystery to me, and so is to where his body went." Garlo takes another drink.


Bart looks into the fire, thinking. "Does this man have anything to do with seen the wizard?"

Garlo looks at Pilot who sits in silence listening. A stranger in a place that he knows nothing about. Garlo begins to tell Bart all that happened in the graveyard. The betrayal of the drud, the appearance of this man supposedly named, Pilot. Garlo talks about the orb of Korek, that is now kept by the man, Pilot. Bart believes it all, except the knight has never dealt with such mysterious happenings. As few as there are Bart has seen wizards use their magic for evil or good deeds. Turning summer days into cold paradises for snow monsters. That was the worse threat Bart ever had to deal with against a magic wielder. Fighting beside one has been a blessing when it happens, and has lead to great victories. Seen how one being can make lightning cast from his staff. As well as casting a spell on someone, or something, to destroy it or even make turn shape is incredible but also mysterious! But with all that was said, there is one thing that Bart does not understand. He knows that it can be the worse danger from all the deception and chaos Garlo talked about. It is the talk of the power burning through space. The power that can tear through parallels and create waves of hatred from it's own moments. All this because a dragon stone was burred in the graveyard but not used for what it was sought out for. A magnet of madness. With out it, where will the burning power land on this planet? "So the drud knows about this. Is he with the witch?"


"That I do not know. He was going to use the dragon stone to bring this power to the world." Garlo takes another drink and wipes his face with his armored arm. "Korek did not know where it was exactly either.”


Bart looks at Pilot, the mysterious man from nowhere. He has not said a word for the entire night. "So what were you going to do with, Pilot?" Bart asks now staring at Garlo.


Garlo keeps his sight on the flames. "Take him to Daffisfalls. Keep him there for awhile until he recovers from his current state. Then we will head toward Castle Killegoria."


"That sounds best." Bart not knowing what else to say sits quietly.

The fire pops and snaps as the flames burn through the wood. Garlo can feel the heat more now without his helmet on. He can also better smell the caff as it lets out it's strong aroma from the many broken caffeine beans which now soak in boiling water.

The situation at hand is as important as any other. Bart wants to help his fellow knight as much as possible. "We can switch shifts as the night goes by. Take some rest, Garlo. I will make sure nothing goes wrong."

Garlo accepting the offer nods his head. He looks at the empty cup he has in hand. "Well, I will not drink anymore of this then."



The sky is dark as stars light the fields. A shingle of chains touches the ground. One heavy step after another makes their way toward the fortress, Hilltop.



"What's that?" Pilot finally speaks out to Bart as Garlo sleeps. Bart leans up and looks at the scrawny man confused. It could be the wind but as it blows it seems to have a voice of its own. "You hear that?" Pilot looks to the sky with concern.


Bart leans his head up as if to listen to the night. He stays quiet and knows what Pilot is referring to. Screeching cries are heard in the distance. Not knowing if there is a lost child in the plains, Bart feels obligated to go look. The sound is ghostly almost, and continues on as the wind blows through the cracks and broken ceiling of the fortress. Bart sees nothing through the windows. He practically runs toward one of them just to see what the sound may have been. Looking out into the distance, the hilltops look all the same. But that is all he sees are hilltops. Covering the bottom is fog seeping all around the field coming from the woods.


Bart watches the tops of these hills. If anything is in the fog for attack, he must be ready. Stepping backward he almost draws his sword inspecting the top and sides of the walls. Bucking and sniffling from the horses is heard as they panic on the other side of the wall. Bart goes to the main door to handle the horses but is then slowed down. The window on the side salivates fog going through. But not only the fog makes it's presence. Looking through the window a thin pail face with a short body stands. Black around the sockets that have light blue eyes stares upon the knight. She has long hair that reaches to her shoulders and her body does not move at all. The long wide sword of Bart is drawn as the knight presses his way to the door. He moves the locking latch, with no hesitation he pushes the door open. The fog falls on him and then he feels as if though time stops for a moment. His vision stuffed with fog clears, then he sees the land again.


The ground is misty, with each footstep puffs the fog into the air. Bart has both hands on the handle of his sword as he stays ready to swing.


The horses are not seen. The fog is covering the bodies as they either lay on the ground or have taken off. It takes a moment for Bart to figure out until he sees the ropes that held the horses in place, hanging from the rail. Bart looks around, where is that little girl he saw at the window. She was an illusion maybe, in the fog? He quickly looks behind and around him to make sure no one is there before he approaches closer to where the horses are supposed to be at. The blood on the wall explains what happened right away. Slightly swinging his sward, Bart swooshes away the fog. Yes, the pinto horse of Garlo lies with blood trickling from its face. It is not easy for Bart to swoosh anymore of the fog to reveal that his stallion Marsis, dealt with the same fate as Fey did. The black coat of Marsis is damp. The indications of blood is hard to realize on the fur, but Bart knows what it is. There are multiple gashes on the side of the horses, along with stab wounds behind the front legs.


Quickly Bart turns. He runs to the door but before he goes inside, out in the distance are what looks like metal helmets. Dipping up and down coming toward the fort, many strange faces and helmets can be seen. Some have horns from creatures known and others from creatures that are not. Other helmets are bald and plain, while the rest have different kinds of spikes or saw like blades attached to them. As they rise above the fog each face piece covers the mouth of these warriors. Most of the eyes are covered but the ones that are revealed have dark brown leathery flesh that support the two plain white marble eyes. Dead beings is what Bart thinks they are, but is not sure. He turns around to go inside, but before he does he sees one close with less armor but in fact has mostly cloth and a hooded face. It stands near the dead horses. This creature jumps at the knight. Bart quickly dodges the attack by stepping to the side and swings his sward slicing the back of the monster. After falling, the creature turns his head and whisks the hood to fall back. It yells in that screeching high pitched voice worse than that of a dead rabbit. The jaw stretches like rubber, revealing all the sharp teeth in its blood red mouth. The eyes are lifeless like all the others and its skin, seen it closely, is not that of rot but of fresh skin making these creatures a mystery.


Bart takes no more time to reveal the thing, so he quickly goes inside the fortress. Garlo is already awake and is walking up to the door to help his friend. His helmet is on and he has his sward ready for action. "What is it?"


Bart puts a heavy board for keeping the door sealed on two steel latches."I'm not sure. They are most likely here for that man. The witch lifted a fog sprouting out her evil followers to attack!" He picks up his helmet to put it on. Bart looks to all the windows that are not covered and begins to walk up a stage that once was for preaching.


Garlo knows that Bart searches for the trap door that leads to tunnels for safeway. As Bart does so, the Grave-Knight puts the sward down and begins to barricade the worn out door better. More fog begins to lift all around the land and into the fortress. Both know that the door better sealed will not make much of a difference. "I will make sure the windows are secure. Hurry take, Pilot." Garlo looks above the ceiling that is not altogether and sees an ugly face of hatred and sharp teeth. The figure lands on him and leans up with his knees on the ground on top of the knight. This creature has two blades that are sheathed behind it's shoulders and takes them out with both hands ready to pursue a decapitation.


Garlo looks to where his sward is and has no chance of reaching it. For a split second he knows it is his end. He sees to what the creature is doing because the knight cannot do anything else. Like puss, white and red liquid splash on top of Garlo's helmet. The creature is eyeless now with blood coming out of the sockets. A yellow light is over Garlo which also scales around the creatures head.


When Garlo pushes the dead thing on the ground he looks to where the light is coming from and sees Pilot with the wizard orb in hand. The light fades little by little and is covered with Pilot's arms. "Thank you," Is all Garlo can say as he quickly goes to his sward.


Bart turns around no longer needing the help his friend, but would have been too late if Pilot did not interfere. He would feel blame as well, for this was the same creature he encountered outside the fortress. With relief he goes back to the top of the stand and looks for the trap door. As he walks up the steps he sees a solid white pill shaped dot of some sort on his arm. Cannot be the fog for it slithers and squirms. He flicks it off and continues to walk. Bart looks again and sees another. "Garlo, what is this on my arm?"


Garlo looks at his own arm and sees maggots. "Sweating fog." Garlo begins to hit all the bugs off of him and it looks as if he is beginning a dance. Bart does the same and runs as best he could to the top of the stage. "Come Pilot, it is important we leave."


Pilot who is already on his way to the stage embraces the orb and reveals very little of it. Garlo follows but something takes hold of the knight's ankle. Without thought he swings his sword not far from his foot and whatever was holding him lets loose. He now joins the other two above the stage.


Bart feels the wooden trap door under his foot. He brushes fog from the top and not only to see the door itself but a colony of maggots as well. They all spread out like an army of ants. Never has he seen squirmy insects move that quickly. "Pilot, shine a light to our escape."


The scrawny man walks to the trap door and reveals his orb. "Don't look directly at the light."


There is no need to tell Bart about the light. When he leans up he is already amused seeing small hills of fog lift near the campfire. Garlo and him look as the fog slowly rises and then slowly clears yet leaving something behind. These are the dead. Pail faces with lifeless blue eyes. The skin is cracked and hair runs down as if dipped in black oil. They begin to walk closer as the fog falls off of their body and becomes a solid form that the dead now wear. The drapes they now have on are bright and clean. They practically glow.


Pilot gets on his knees and tries to open the door in the ground, it budges very little. Bart thinks it is because of the man's physical state he cannot lift the wooden door. The knight quickly puts both his hands under it and helps lift.


As the dead beings walk closer, Garlo is ready to attack hoping that they can be hurt with a solid blade. The windows reveal armored hands reach inside. Thankfully, where the stage is located in the fortress, a cliff resides on the other side of the wall. Garlo is still aware for there might be live creatures that climbs, just as he saw before. He walks closer to the end of the steps to keep guard. Upon the stage, another fog hill rises but quickly dies down to let loose another of the dead. Garlo feels like there is not much to do to the child for she looks no more younger than that of ten years. Her hair runs down her face that partially covers her blue eyes. Around the blue irises are intense red veins running through the white sclera. She looks sad and worried as her almost closed eyelids are practically covering her sight. Her hands start to lift as if in need. Garlo lifts his sword and does not want to swing as she walks closer not changing expression. Bart leaves Pilot to deal with the door and prepares for attack at the end of the stage, not noticing Garlo's situation.


The girl gets closer and lifts her hand up to the knight's face. Her finger nails are chipped with black between them. Her sad face becomes a concerned one and she reaches for Garlo's helmet. Biting her lower lip and revealing more of her eyes as if trying to sneak upon a cat to catch it, she gets closer and touches the nights helmet. Two of her fingers try to go into the slits of the helmet but are too big to fit in. The knight quickly backs up more toward the wall and lifts the sword higher. This startles the little girl and she backs up surprised. She almost lets out a yelp as she opens her mouth but right away coughs, something comes out. Just a hand full of maggots, she catches a few. Shoving them back into her mouth she looks at Garlo, as if doing something wrong. The knight desperately wanting to swing thinks of the children he sees at the castle, Daffisfalls, the children he is sworn to protect. She puts down her hand looks at the knight and pulls her head back slightly. She puffs her cheeks, Garlo not wanting to know what will happen next quickly moves to the side. She coughs out a stream of maggots that hit the wall behind him. The splat on the bricks is enough for Garlo to hear the aggressiveness of the gurgitation. He swings his sward removing the girls head. That makes a splat also, somewhere in the fog. Maggots drip out of the rotting body that falls apart into pieces of flesh. The drape clothing fades away back into fog as the body is mostly decomposed.


Bart already knowing the ghastly sight of these dead dying, defends the stage as best he can. Garlo goes to the edge to help and starts by cutting arms and hands that reach toward the two. There is a loud pound on the door and it falls off the hinge. It stays up. With the boards barricading the door, the armored worriers are not able to remove it completely. Hammers and clubs start to hit away pieces of wood revealing more of the outside. Inside, the dead walk toward the door pulling to remove the heavy boards.


"We must get inside. Pilot, hurry and remove that door!" Bart stabs one of the dead in their eye. The pail walking corpse holds his socket backing up slowly not making a sound. More maggots crawl between it's fingers and the body falls getting lost in the fog.


As Garlo and Bart see how these dead are very fragile, they know the main threat would be when the corpses open the door to outside. Every few seconds Garlo looks behind himself or on top the roof, making sure nothing catches them from behind. Not many dead remain, this gives the Grave-Knight a chance to help with the trap door. When he reaches the trap door, the other door keeping the monsters out falls on the ground. For a split second nothing is seen. What comes through are hellish knights, all with various types of armor. The helmet of the first one has a fencing like guard to cover the face with a large horn on the forehead. He is heavy with armor, tall and there are three spikes on each knee and elbow brace.


"Hurry, Garlo!" Both Bart and Pilot finally lift the door hatch and are ready to go inside.


Garlo not noticing how long he stands in place follows as the two go in. "If they come inside, we can defend them as best we can in the tunnel." Garlo takes one more look as he sees these knights of evil come rushing toward them. He quickly closes the trap door and slides two iron latches. The poundings on top of the trap door are hateful and aggressive. Where did these warriors come from, and how did they know where they were? As the three climb down the ladder, they try to figure it out among themselves.



Beyond many doors, and secret compartments, the three stay huddled in a storage unit that is hopefully not found by new comers. Half way to Castle Daffisfalls they rest and contemplate the issue. "It had to be the drud from the graveyard. He commanded the dead once. Although these ones looked entirely different."


"I do not think it was, Garlo. The witch's spells are powerful and to lift a fog like that it had to be her."


"Yes, regardless of who it was, we have to figure this out." Garlo looks at Pilot who sits once more, looking at the ground. "Do you feel a power inside you since we came from the grave. What do you think of this?"


"I'm not sure. This orb I seam to know what to do with it by instinct but yet still do not know what it is. And no, I have no idea what those things were."


"When we get to the castle, it will be a must to help you. It is obvious that you were left with powers that were once part of the wizard Korek. Most likely making you something of a wizard yourself. Wizards have many productive ways of doing things.” Bart remembers the story Garlo told him. “With a dragon stone been involved, maybe it embedded the process of magic into you. We all have to be careful with what that may hinder." Bart says looking at Pilot.


"We shall do that, and we will reveal more on what is going on. For now we shall rest as one of us keeps watch."Garlo says now focusing around the room.


"I will finish Garlo. Go to bed for awhile. There is no point in debating the situation any longer." Bart gets up to open the door. The tunnels are empty like before so he closes it and snaps the iron pad lock. The other two get rest, but all cannot help but wonder about the dangers so far above them. And what can that danger do out in the open.



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