The Next Generation

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well...I was thinking this at the time...

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



The Next Generation

The sun goes down

to show a bunch of stars and a moon.

It's only a handful of the whole universe.

How do we think we can change anything and everything

if we don't even know how stable

this world will be in 2030?

The night seems beautiful.

Savor it. It may be the last thing you see.

Do you see what I observe?

A world that's falling and it only has one shot of living.

Mess it up and we're gone.

The sun comes up once again.

Here we are hoping everyday

that it will rise again.

We only have a have a few billionaire years left.

Remember the unforgettable bliss of sun.

Do you see what I observe?

The warmth that we rely on

shows we always will be loved.

not by god...

but by the world.


Fix these problem

These problems will not be naturaly fixed.

If these issues accumulate...

We're gone and so is this world.

Let's go.

Because we are only human.

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