Before My Blood Runs Dry

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A fanfic about Fire Emblem Fates. This is when Ryoma goes up against Corrin (or, as I have named mine, Calvin). A battle ensues when they meet after so long. The Corrin is a Swordmaster.

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



I walked through the hallway, the black robes going down from my waist being kicked aside as my legs pushed me toward where my brother waited for me. My armour, rimmed with gold and black as night, clanked as I continued towards my goal. My blade, golden, with a purple aura, glowed with my spirit. my red eyes looked towards the hallway, and it was there I saw him.

"Brother!" I yelled over to him, watching him, with his legs crossed and sitting on the floor, his blade on his lap.

"You... have done well so far" He said, his voice gruff and gravelly. He quickly rose to his feet, his red armour, rimmed with gold and his robes white, pulsed with the nearby flames' strength. His blade sharp, and simply an extension of his arm, an extra finger to his hand.

"But that was just practice..." He swung his blade with a mighty slash, its edge crackled with the strength of lightning. The flames grew around us, the hall being practically set alight.

"No more games... to the death!" He yelled at me.

"Brother! I never wanted to fight you! I can explain everything-" I attempted to say, before being cut off.

"Explain what?! how you slew our sister?! how you shattered her resolve?! I am amazed that the Yato doesn't repel at your touch now that your heart and soul are dead" He yelled and spat.


"No, Calvin... it is too late for you... like it is now to apologise for what you did to Hinoka! now watch as my divine blade takes back all the Hoshidan Blood left in you!" He bellowed, charging swiftly at me. I blocked the initial strike, and leapt back, still not wanting to fight him.

"I told you, Ryoma! I can explain!just lay down your weapon!"

"NO! you've already made your choice when you betrayed us that day! so we aren't your real family, hm? even though we're related by blood?! hm, so the Nohrian Scum have truly corrupted you... as mother feared, I am glad she didn't live to see you betray us!" He slashed again, I dodged, and retaliated, knowing now I had to fight him.

He charged forwards, being swift with each movement he made, striking 5 consecutive times, although lightly, it still hurt like a bitch. I stomached the pain for now, and charged forward, slashing at his torso, him dodging masterfully, as expected of my brother, and the one who taught me to battle the way I do.

"For Nohr!" I yelled, dashing at him.

"For the glory of Hoshido!" My brother yelled, going in for a strong slash.

Our blades clashed, sparks flew, and our blades seem to pulse.

Our wills were clashing.

"Grah! hah! I SHALL NOT FAIL!" he yelled, slashing and stabbing, missing most of his attacks. We were both too swift for each of our strikes.

Our blades met again, he purple meeting the turquoise aura. The blades held for a while then bounced us back.

"Brother!" Someone behind me yelled.

"Xander!" I yelled back.

"Little Prince... you need not fight any further. I shall do this. I shall spare you further heartache"

"No, Xander. You can't. I must do this!" I yelled back, repelling another of my Blood Brother's blows.

"Then I shall prevent others from interfering. I wish you luck, Little Prince" Xander said, watching on.

Ryoma and my blades clashed again, sending another wave of energy.

"Could it be...?" Xander whispered under his breath. Another clash and Xander saw it. From the wills of the two warriors.

The Bastion of Hoshido, and its High Prince. And a Prince of Nohr, and a previous Prince of Hoshido, the harbinger of a new dawn by making night break through the day.

Xander thought he could see... the Dawn and the Dusk dragons.

The two warriors fought with the tenacity and strength of the gods, and creators, of the two kingdoms they fought under.

The slashes kept coming, each time more sparks flew, and the flames licking the borders kept growing, the two blades pulsating with divine power.

"And now you fall! forgive me in death, brother!" I yelled, delivering a final slash, Ryoma, high prince of Hoshido, and my brother fell.

"Wait!" Ryoma said, knelt down again.

"What, Ryoma?" I asked.

"Before I die. I want to know: how does it feel?" He asked.

"How does it feel to know... what?" I asked, confused.

"To know that, today, darkness consumes this land. Nohr is but a barbaric kingdom, and only knows how to pillage and shed blood: they captured you as a child: they killed our mother!"


"Enough! my apologies, High Prince Ryoma. But you must die now. I now ask you draw your sword again, so we may settle this honourably" Xander said, stepping in.

"No. I will die, but I won't allow a Nohrian to do it for me" Ryoma smirked.

"Ryoma?" I asked, now further confused.

"It's alright, Calvin. Everythign will be alright. I think I can... understand. Hinoka... Mother... they're waiting for me. They know that all this was your path to choose, and I knew my death was but imminent. I shall meet them in death". Ryoma picked up his blade. Xander drew his.

"that will not be necessary, Crown Prince of Nohr" Ryoma said. "I cannot fall into the hands of an enemy, so I... GAH!" He winced, having stabbed himself with his own blade. "Fufill a Samurai's... final duty!" He yelled, gasping, the electricity flowing through his body.

"HRRRAAAAAHH! I'm counting... on you... hm..." Ryoma smiled and looked me in the eyes, and then he died. He fell by his own hand, a true samurai's death.

I began to weep, I wept tears of sadness, knowing that I've now lost almost my entire family in this war, on my blood side, that is.

"Dry those eyes, Little Prince... we must continue. Hoshido has fallen, its Royalty slain. The last of its honour... died with its High Prince" Xander sighed and comforted me.

"Then... father has won. We have conquered... Hoshido".

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