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Voting for the Review Chain contest

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



To kick off, thank you so much to all the wonderful people who entered the contest, it was a lot of fun to read everyone's entries. 
Now onto the voting; I have picked a Top Three. As I mentioned before I would like everyone to at least read these top three and then vote. It's a ranking system, 1 is your most favourite, 3 is least favourite. To vote, use the link below, it's anonymous so you can tell your friend you voted for them even if you didn't. The top three are announced towards the end of this post.

There's also another winner, which is a Crowd Favourite winner. I know that what I picked as the top three isn't necessarily what other's would've picked as the top three so I want to give everyone another chance to win. This one is where you can vote out of everyone that entered and for whichever entry was your favourite. Again, it's anonymous, use the link below. For a list of all the entries go to the bottom of this post. I've made both the surveys separate so you don't have to vote for both at the same time.

Voting will finish on the 28th May.


Top Three
First place will get a choice of either:
-3 constructive reviews from me
-A feature/ shoutout on my Booksie page/ News (and I rarely update my Booksie page so it will be there for awhile)
-I’ll put your work on my blog (do people read my blog? I pretend they do)

Second and third place will each receive one constructive review from me.

Crowd Favourite:
Whoever wins this will get one constructive review from me.

I’ll also become fans of all the winners.


I hope everyone has enjoyed this contest so far, and I ask everyone to please vote.
I plan on holding more contests in the future so I’m very open to suggestions and ideas about how to make this better. Is there something you wished the contest had done but hadn’t? Feel free to comment below, send me a message, anything, with your thoughts about the contest. I’m very open to suggestions. 
Also I know I’ve promised to give everyone a review and I know I haven’t given anyone one yet, but I decided to wait before reviewing anyone. Reviews are coming though.


TOP THREE (do we need a drumroll? Bang your knees if you want one):
JW, Not a Care in the World
Harris Proctor, The Magic Castle
Lucas Barstow, Immortal Last Words

Congratulations to those three. Please remember to vote for your favourite out of them and also for the Crowd Favourite from all the entries.


C.A Sechlar, Star Counter
JW, Not a Care in the World
Spyguy, Religion in lust...Blessed by your trust!
Aluriyasha, Do you love me
Sylvermyst, Metamorphosis
Peter Freelander, Messenger
Harris Proctor, The Magic Castle
Doveheart, A Page of my Diary
T-Man, Waiting
Lucas Barstow, Immortal Last Words 
Teddy Kimathi, Origin of Man
A C, The Only Train
TR’s, Don't Tell Me


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