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A story about a girl and her fantasies

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



I laid down on the bed , was in my favorite pair of lingerie , made with silk and embroided  with laces . My curves were hidden cause of the rich black color . My heart was pounding fast when I saw a  shadow of him , he was wearing a white crisp shirt with a tight black trousers , his ass had the perfect shape , the juicy ass made me crave for him more . Only a dim bulb was on in the room and due to the reflection I could see the shape of the abs as the white shirt was sticking to his abs .  He removed his tight white shirt , and the smell of his skin was so mesmerizing . His hands reached to his trousers , now the brown belt was in his hands , he rolled the belt just like a whip . The belt was perfectly rolled. He gave me a box , which had a letter , letter stated me to be in a position where my legs were touching the floor and my hips high up .


 A gush of wind passed through and  it hit me like cold shock around my ass . He unzipped his trousers and he was in his boxers where the shape of his dick was perfect cause of the boner . He bent down and his cold hand touched my body .  Swisssshhh came the belt as a pleasure to me , the pain I felt was in turn the pleasure . My butter butt was being roasted , the whipping sounds came as a smile on my face . Blindfolding is another weakness which he triggered and In turn a smile appeared on my face and this smile said it all . I heard his footsteps coming close to me , a sharp cold object touched my waist , where I had a tingle , as far I can guess it was a scissor .  The strap of the black lingerie came in contact with the shear of the scissors and it tore open my right side and left it loose on my left making it loose for him to tear , this time he used his hands and tore open my left side , making breasts open and tempting for him . The same scissors was used to tear my bottom as well , making me completely naked , a thin shiver ran down my spine when his cold hand touched my vagina . The cold sensation still triggers me and it was the most amazing feeling I ever had . I couldn’t move cause of the tie ups , but the touched had made my nerves go bananas. Suddenly I could hear another heartbeat along with mine , he was that close to me. His lips touched my lips giving me another exciting feeling . His lips weren’t as cold as his hands , it slowly glided along my lips , the tongue action had me turning on slowly . The tongue explored my mouth and it circled exploring my entire mouth . His  hand slowly slipped down grabbing my ass , grabbing my ass forced me towards the wall , leaning against me and again I could hear the breathing but this time , I could clearly feel erection against my belly .  This was clearly indicated that his craving was now ME .


Now I was tied up with the ropes and the slave surrendered to his dominant . I had to obey to rules otherwise I would be punished . I intentionally didn’t obey him , making him pay for my mistakes .  My punishment would be kneeling down and he would spank me , but this time , it was totally different this time . I cuffed with chains and I had to stand cuffed with my hand tied and i was being blindfolded . A fire was burning inside me ,by just the blindfold. I wanted to be touched , wanted to be kissed , wanted to feel his body against me , wanted to feel the erected penis in my vagina , wanted to feel the same fire he had . I was being cuffed and then I lost all my power and surrendered  myself . 

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