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The story is about the chaos that spreads through Dianan city. Therefore, the central character in the stort is presented to a victim of the bomb attack. It is symbolical representation of Nigeria

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Submitted: May 13, 2017


Submitted: May 17, 2017

" Won't you listen me?" Or you still want to satisfy yourself. A muffled voice was echoing at the other side of the room before she fully appeared to the room. "Look, let me tell you. I am saying this through my experiences. I have all seen all these wayward girls who sold their soul to sugar daddy, but they ended being rubbed in the long run." The lady now has her seat on the self-contained bed inside the room which was sparsely furnished. It was only the chat of the famous American musician, Lil Wayne that was tagged on the wall besides that there were also a collection of books that were well arranged inside the wooded self at one side of the room.
She wore a well-tailored American made clothes. It was polo-
less but the clothe covered all her body private organs. The marooned-American made clothe was wore on top of a mini skirt which revealed that the girl was thin-hipped.
More so, the girl was slightly light in complexion, but her skin texture can create hypertension among the young boys. Her face wore a worried look every time. This had made her friends to conclude that she has hostile behaviour.
"What are you saying Benita," the other lady finally retorted to the issue that was said earlier. She , too, was also gorgeously looked. She was not too bad for an average man. She has an opposite complexion to Benita who was slightly light. Her dress really revealed her identity. She wore a naked clothe but new modelled. The front part of the clothe was shorter than the back of the clothe. This was one of the bonehead of their disagreement. The way she dressed and her waywardness was frequently their subject of their disagreement.

"Lizzy", she repositioned herself on the self-contained while she cuddled pillow on her chest, ' You will say you do not hear my voice or I am speaking in voice...." She paused.
"You are sent to school by your parent... which I vividly know that they are not aware of your waywardness. Today you go out with fat sugar daddy, tomorrow you go out with slim daddy. Look, all lizards lie prostrate with their belly who knows the one that get bellyache." She paused for a while. " Let me also draw your attention to this if you don't know the country security is ill and I know you are not dead. Yesterday you know how many people who were massacred by bomb attack that happened at Dianan town yesterday. I advise you as a friend to turn to a new leaf ." She declared finally.

"Look I heard all what you said but I considered your point illogical. Are you the one who protects my way from calamity, so mind what you say..." Lizzy stormed out of the room without completed her last statement. Meanwhile, Benita was dumbfound because of Lizzy's reaction.

She stood along side of the sidewalk with her hands akimbo . She was waiting for doctor Fetus. They had both agreed with each other to meet around the time of the day. This was three hours past she has been on the sidewalk of the road. She grimaced her seductive face wherever she checked the time on the black, leather wristwatch she wore on her hands.
Meanwhile, a number of cars had come there many a time to pick up their bonnie lass. Some of them would wave their hands to the young, beautiful girl. However, she would squeeze her face to them she has no appointment with them. It was only Mr Fetus she willed to go with.
By and Large, a Range Rover car packed in front of Lizzy. The driver plunged the front part of the car's blue-red glass to have the full view of the lady standing.
"Hello," the man saluted. He was a fat man with a bulging stomach. His head was hairless but rather looked like a bald man. The man was one of the richest men in his country.
"Hi, doctor Fetus," she replied curtly.
"Can we have each other tonight," the asked.
"Of course," she replied seductively.
The lady mounted to the front seat of the car while the driver carefully looked at both side of the road before jerked the cars to the road.
Some minutes later, the car screamed and the man halted in front of Wembley Hotel. They both entered the place which was full of hustle and bustle of people.
"Your room is Room 202," the man on the counter said.
"Thank you."Mr Fetus replied.
They both crossed their arms on each other while they dragged each other inside the hotel.
An hour later, a shabby unkempt man entered the hotel unchallenged before they could approach him and question him a deadly bomb suddenly exploded while the building was set ablaze.
The following morning, the news of the sad event was broadcast. Fifty people were killed by the bomb including a university student. It was the second bomb attack that would happen that day.

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