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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A difficult escape from a killer

Submitted: May 13, 2017

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Submitted: May 13, 2017



I'm running headlong through the streets. The dark, cold, lonely streets. I trip over a rock, skinning my knee badly. But I can't stop. Not here, not now. The hem of my jeans are covered in muddy water from splashing through the gutter,  and my hair is a wet tangle from the rain still pouring down on me.

"Tilly!" I here a voice behind me. I have to stay silent or otherwise my life might as well be a puddle of blood. Wrapping my arms around a nearby pipe leading to an apartment, I haul myself up until I reach the balcony. I knew by now the man would be close to me, but wedged in this little corner he wouldn't be able to see me unless he climbed the pipe as well. Soon I hear heavy footsteps pounding on the pavement below me, and I hold my breath. Not very easy to do, after you've ran a couple of kilometres from a murderer. 

 "Tilly, I know you're nearby. Don't be scared, I'll get it over nice and quick if you come to me." He said in a low voice. I could just imagine the thin smile curving the edge of his lips. Then I heard him climbing. It sounded hollow, like he was climbing a...

Pipe. Crap! He was just about to find me, and plunge a knife into my chest. I thought of running, smashing the window of the apartment and hiding somewhere, hoping he wouldn't find me. But I was frozen, nailed to the spot by my own worries. 

Then I noticed something. The sound of climbing was gone, but the killer wasn't up on the balcony. It was only then that I realised that he had climbed the wrong pipe, and was actually two balconys away from mine. I heard a gruff sigh  then the sound of boots on pavement, then running.

I had escaped my killer. Cuts and grazes, broken nails, soaking clothes- but alive. 

I let out the breath I was holding and took out my phone. I dialled triple zero and within minutes the police were standing below me with a trampoline-like mat which four men were holding up. Personally, I thought I could just slide down the pipe, but I jumped anyway. When I was safely back on the ground I told the police everything. About how I thought there was someone following me home, about when he pointed the gun at me, how I escaped, how I ran through the city, trying to lose him. When they asked for a description, though, I couldn't give them any information except that it was a man wearing black clothes and boots. They just nodded, and gave me a ride home. 

What a crazy day, I thought when I got home. I started combing knots out of my hair. Then a drop dripped from my hair to my throat. This wasn't normal water. This was city water. Maybe he wasn't as dumb as he looked.


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