blood shattering in balochistan

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stop shattering blood in baluchistan; pakistan, stop being a hurdle in the path of prosperity of my country pakistan.

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



Blood shattering in Balochistan

They couldn't see a Prosper Pakistan, that’s why they won’t stop shattering blood in Baluchistan, a strict action must be taken to discontinue shattering innocent blood in Baluchistan I emphasize again a austere, strict and stringent action to raise the peaceful environment for my People as every single entity of this country has the right to live in a peaceful environment, we existing in the peace of motherland for living in the nonviolent environment to conduct the codes of Islam, how can we allow anyone to ruin the dignity and peace of our mother land? And  to create hurdles in the path of affluence? Take stringent action for the sake of my country, for the development of my Pakistan and it’s not possible without caring our own people, we do care for our brothers and sisters who share the peace of land to conduct the codes of Islam, who share weathers, agriculture, industries, we are all united in all of our pains and joys; we can’t see a single eye shattering tears, no one can break us INSHAHALLAH whatever their brutality raised for especially for discrimination and breaking us apart, we are one and we will remain INSHAHALLAH;  we and our coming generations will see only opulence in PAKISTAN these scarifies won’t be a waste though every single drop of blood raise us in our strength and anger towards the air blowing against us.


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