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The main message of this book is that YOU ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND AND HELPER. You – the one who has no bounds. You – the one who is a dreamer. You – the one who believes that everything is possible. The methods mentioned below can help you to get to know yourself truly as well as to find new ways of self-enhancement.

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Heart cry

Submitted: May 14, 2017

The main message of this book is that YOU ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND AND HELPER. You – the one who has no bounds. You – the one who is a dreamer. You – the one who believes that everything is possible. The methods mentioned below can help you to get to know yourself truly as well as to find new ways of self-enhancement.

In this book you will not find thousands of true-life examples and out-of-the-box solutions. I appreciate your individuality and the flight of your thoughts and imagination. So while you are reading it, recollect your memories of childhood and youth, namely the difficult situations with miraculously found simple solutions and your inexplicable sense of confidence, etc. – and then you will get the message of this book using not someone’s life examples but your own ones. And thus you can enhance all the exercises with your own details which help you in your life and maybe even invent the entirely new ways which can help personally you.

From the dialogue below you will understand what I mean (see the discussion concerning the piece out of the book which says that you should believe in yourself)
- And how to believe in myself? How to awaken, develop, maintain and preserve it?
- Do you believe in yourself?
- Not always. Not even like that…I am often distracted from myself and my goals by my worries about something.
- And where is your self-belief in such moments?
- I forget about it when worries and chaos take over me.
- And when do you have your self-belief "at the peak"?
- When I have a lot of energy…when I am mentally strong and calm.
- And what gives you energy?
- Sport does.
- Now you can see that everything is subjective. I can believe in myself being exhausted and worried. And then some little thing will unsettle me and I will think that I am a loser. But the next day I may get the sign which makes me understand that everything is cool and my self-belief becomes even stronger. And in this case my mental state does not affect it. So my advice cannot help you to intensify your self-belief but discussing this question with you can help us to find the variant that will be perfect for you.
- You are right; there is a key for everyone.
- Yes, but unfortunately it is a cliché age now and it retards advancing of many people very much.

Heart cry
My emotional outpouring is waiting for you at the beginning of the book. The thoughts will be scattered and sometimes chaotic. However it will pass off in the end and you will receive information concerning how everything starts...
Having read a lot of books on motivation and self-enhancement I realize that I have not found the ideal book for me. A pile of texts caused even a backlash so I wanted to close the books and never open them again. I tried to figure out what was wrong... It seemed that everything was written properly and correctly: to get out of your comfort zone, to set a goal, to schedule a near month/week/day, to read “x” number of enriching literature, to attend training courses, to disengage from non-achievers, etc. Most of the books have been written harshly that implies a kind of motivation causing internal resistance and stimulation to action, but...
Chiefly robots
... But what perplexes me most significantly – while reading all those recommendations I can see just the mandroid who has to adhere to the program (specified by the authors) in order to achieve prosperity. And why do not most readers’ lives start shining in new splendor after they have read those good books and attended various training courses? The attempts to live according to the rules of "successful people" often bring disappointment and lack of confidence in their abilities and strength. Everything turns out to be wrong. A lot of people won’t agree with me because they do see positive influence of incentive programs on other people. In fact, there is a kind of deception of our sound sense. It is the same as with fortune-tellers – only 1-2 of 100 predictions are true and we would rather focus our attention on them than on those that are wrong – because our information perception works this way. And we will think that a fortune-teller is wise and we will be confident in his/her words and unconsciously correct the unfulfilled predictions with reference to the fact that we have not memorized them exactly enough.
And how is it possible that at the same time I can see a lot of successful people who violate the book-learned rules for "a progressive person" but they live a productive, successful and happy life?
I can give you the simple example which will explain what is meant by violation of rules while you are reaching your target.
I had a talk with a young woman. She was intelligent, goal-oriented and interesting. She wanted to change her character very much and to become more delicate and ladylike. One day in spring she fell ill so she had to spend a week at home with her mother. Her mother was a big fan of TV series and she spent all her free time watching "soaps". The girl (who did not like watching TV series and TV shows) had to follow the events of soaps together with her mother. And what did it result in? The girl could understand her mistakes, find the way to the chosen target and change her character just having watched the characters of television series.
And if she had followed the recommendations and rules from the books on obtaining success she would have been unable to get such results because wasting time in front of the TV was forbidden in such books. This example proves that information can come to us in a variety of ways. And it is not important whether it is a good or a bad way – it is important to understand that these ways are not standard for everyone. And I am sure if we surf the Internet to read interesting stories about self-enhancement we will find a lot of similar examples when people have got brilliant ideas while doing something "wrong".

I understand that all fans of training courses and the book-learned self-development may close or have already thrown my book away so they may not see these lines. They may say that this book has been written by a loser, that I have not understood the principles, that I have seen not typical successful people, etc. By the way, if advocates of such literature have not closed the book yet and go on reading it – after my next words they will certainly do it. You know I tend to think that people who try to live their lives according to these "super successful rules" become promoters of some cult which teaches to achieve happiness and wealth by observing the defined standard requirements and rules. This is especially evident when every mother’s son starts to refine himself sharing his plans and objectives in social networks for all the world to know (in accordance with the rules of the attended training course).

Consideration ?1: Why does the abovementioned affect me? I believe that there should be a personal development plan, a definite time scale and a definite way for each person due to which he/she can get the life to be proud of in his/her old age. I also agree with those authors who believe that the most important thing in our life is to achieve harmony. Harmony means balance of all aspects of our life including self-enhancement, physical development, health, congenial employment, family, relationships, etc. It is the balance that can give meaning and happiness to every moment of our life. But we'll talk about later.
To sum it up, I will tell you why I do not like aspirational trainings and many books on self-enhancement. Most coaches advise top-secret standard actions that should lead people to success. In my opinion, they are harsh, neither creative nor personalized. On the other hand, people may want to get a recipe/cliché for achieving their goals. And this generality as well as shouting that it will help everyone seem mercantile to me.
So we can pass on to another fact that has compelled me to write this book.
Business and affronts.
Once my friend exclaimed, "And where is admiration when it comes to scientists, inventors, writers, musicians and geniuses?" Unfortunately, there has been "money worship" in human society for a very long time. Everyone who tells or teaches how to earn more money becomes a leader for other people. What is this world coming to? One person in ten is a coach and everyone is a skilled salesman. They are ready to teach everyone how to become rich and successful people for a considerable sum of money. But the trouble is they often appeal like this: "Stop being a slave, a ruck! Come to me and discover the wealth secrets". Just imagine that all the people who follow their teachings will achieve this goal. What kind of society will we have? And who will sweep up the streets, work in factories, treat and teach people, reap harvest, navigate ships, drive cars or pilot planes when everyone becomes rich and successful? And these people’s aim will be to manage rather than to grow crops, develop new equipment or take care of health. Why do they humiliate the people whose work ensures our normal life in such a way?
I have to admit that there are a lot of people in our society who want to do only something familiar and comfortable due to their temper or other circumstances. And they are not ready to make any efforts to change their lives, even for the possibility of having more money. But this does not mean (if someone considers a successful career or a definite sum of money to be the criteria of a life worth living) that those people who cannot match these criteria are second-class people.
?To start with, by doing their job they are sometimes more important for the society than "the rich and successful." Secondly, while helping the society they can be at the same time much more enhanced and interesting in interpersonal relations as well as happy and satisfied with their lives.
Why is success usually associated in our society with the amount of cash in banks? Why does money split people? After all, only those people who have never experienced the pleasure of all the constituent elements of our versatile life may think that money will bring them happiness. You should not think that this book is levelled against the rich. No, it is not. It's too primitive. After all, I long for higher incomes like many other people. But this is neither the purpose nor the point of my life. I am upset realizing the way such information is presented in our world. I hope you will understand me if you finish this book.

Thirdly, or what I do not understand
I hold that the words "success" and "successful people" are the artificially created first-order conditions for the "proper" existence of a man in the present-day society. And a lot of business coaches around the world emphatically enforce them.
Consideration ?2: It is easy to put two and two together and understand that people’s inclining to be wealthy is factually based on the commercial footing and it gives the opportunity to a certain group of people to sell their services by organizing fee-based training courses for everyone interested. However, only few of them provide such services in order to help other people. In the estimation of many coaches, the high cost of training courses and services of this kind should make people get motivated and become generators of changes in their lives. Perhaps, this point of view has the right to exist. However, it is not fair to make money on a massive scale on our desire to be happy and successful. Business coaches forget that we are different. After all, when we feel the necessity to change something in our life we already have a lot of background mistakes, habits and wrong ideas about ourselves and about the world around us. They will certainly pull us back - to our usual mode of life. Thus even the highest cost of training courses attendance cannot guarantee anybody a successful life. By the way, if business coaches carried out chargeless training courses for the students who wanted to find themselves somehow, they would see that the percentage of the people who had attended their training courses and achieved success did not depend on the cost of the offered services.
Consideration ?3: At the same time the “manifesto of losers” is being obtruded in our society. For example, weepy TV programs and stories make us believe that it is really hard to get something. You can find a lot of messages about hateful jobs, jokes about losers and stories about an unexpected fortune on the Internet. I am sure that you have a lot of friends and acquaintances whose life may be described with the words “Hurrah! Weekend is coming and then we will drag out for another week somehow.”
To whose profit is that “manifesto of losers”? I think that it is good for businessmen. Who will work for them if everyone understands that it is so easy to become a happy and successful person and shoot to array his/her successful life?
At first let’s define what “a successful person” is. And Wikipedia will help us: “Success is achieving of the set goals and favourable result of something as well as public recognition of something or somebody.”
We think that we make it in life if we get what we want. Everyone has his/her own goals and success. Someone thinks that the contract worth millions euros is his/her goal and success. Another person wants to travel around the world or to become famous. A woman may think that her goal and success is to get married and to have a baby. We are different and if we agree that success is in gaining some goal – can there be only one scheme or plan how to get it? I think that there cannot be only one scheme or plan that will be suitable for everyone. And every person has his/her own opinion and point of view in this respect. So is it right to think that having different opinions and points of view we can become successful by following standard and the same “habits of successful people”? So this question is a rhetorical one, just a discourse.
Consideration ?4: Rushing into extremes some business coaches recommend to read only enriching and aspirational literature. By the way, it is great that there are the coaches who like reading fiction, watching films and who say it is no crime in this. They think that our brain becomes nourished with impressions, new information and life experience in such a way. Under these circumstances reading aspirational literature helps to find the optimal path while solving the arising problems. I have noticed that I get a lot of answers to questions and new ideas while reading fairy tales.

Thuswise having studied a lot of enriching literature and having attended a lot of training courses which are in abundance these days I decided to share my opinion on the issue of gaining success with you. It seems that I just want to abuse the others and do not offer anything.

Chapter 1
What everything starts with
My book will be based upon simple life examples which take place every day. As it deals with the accomplishment of harmony and balance as well as with your wishes in any sphere of your life, the provided examples will have respect not only to making a lot of money. You will not find the examples how easy it has been to found a corporation in a garage (as you have certainly read such stories numerous times). Just remember that all the changes in our life start due to simple actions and events – and everything complex consists of simple elements. If I will be able to explain my theory to you with the help of everyday examples you will easily get the very core of the subject.

Some magic in our life
So, what does a person need to become successful? No, not even like that… What does a person need to be satisfied with his/her life?
It seems to me that we have some magic in our life and the most important thing that can help you get what you want is your belief in yourself as well as unconsciousness and awareness of your mission. You live and realize that you will certainly have the same life as the one in your head.
For example, the girls who like weepy TV programs about divorces and unfaithfulness are the girls who are waiting for this painful moment in their lives in order to be as dignified and undamped as the TV heroines and then to become strong and independent women. They are absolutely sure that all men are “ass holes”. These girls just believe in it and wait for it. This phenomenon may be called the either law of attraction, or the law of belief, or the power of thought, etc.
I call such moments a soloquium. For example, I was born in an average family and I spent every summer at my grandmother’s in the countryside. And I have always known that I will soon travel around the world and have a car (which I will choose and buy myself). I have also known that my favourite occupation will bring income, I will be fond of sports and I will meet my future husband when I am 19, etc. I have always felt that everything will be like this – the way my inner Zhenia tells me it will be. My own self has always told me: ”Do not doubt it. Everything will be this way. Just wait a little and you will get what you want, I know.” When I was 10 and I was riding a bicycle I promised my father that I would take him for a drive someday. And I have fulfilled my promise.
Thus first of all listen to your gut as I am sure many of us can “hear” our life and its every moment. There are also negative examples of force of belief: when someone knows that he/she will have an ordinary life with someone (who may be not loved but suitable) and a usual job (which could be better but is good enough). And these people do not even let themselves think that everything may be in a different way. They will always consider that everything is OK, that everyone lives like this and if someone lives better – he/she lives improperly. Not many people think like this. However while reading comments to accidents with expensive cars or with wealthy people (or just reading stories about travelers) we can see that the number of those who throw mud at them is frightening. And if you tell these people that they may live the same life or even better they will tell you that it is impossible. Moreover, they will enumerate millions of reasons and give explanations why they cannot have such a life. Here is the answer: a person believes that it is impossible for him/her. And it does not matter what you tell him/her – he/she will hold his/her own that it is impossible. His/her inner self will whisper: “Switch “Psychic Challenge” on and watch the same incredible stuff as if those people have earned an honest penny to buy BMW X6 ”.
Besides there are a lot of positive examples of this theory: recollect the interviews with winners of sports competitions, championships and contests. When they were asked what they felt they answered: “I knew that I would win”. They knew and they did it. So you should know and do it. Do not be afraid to be pushed open to the insight that you are the first volunteer in the world who helps African countries to become the most rapidly developing countries (or you are founding a corporate giant to produce the most delicious natural ice-cream). You are to understand that if the beautiful vision of the future is passing through your mind you should believe it and head for your dream. You will see that everything going on around you will offer you a lot of opportunities for achieving your goal.
I can provide an example to illustrate implementation of faith. A young man had a rough ride while implementing his business project. A lot of problems emerged, deadlines were disrupted, and contractors let him down. Despite the fact that all the surrounding people urgently advised him to get rid of that project and sometimes he was desperate and ready to give up – the young man was moving forward patiently. When we were talking about it he explained he was sure at heart that the project was going to become very successful and it was just necessary to bring it to fruition. And he finally succeeded. So this success definitely convinces us that we should hear and trust our inner voice. However we should listen to our inner voice properly as it often happens that it is our Gremlin who wants to talk to us. It is the Gremlin created from our infant fears and social realm pressing thus its advices are often not the good ones.

How can we develop the knack of seeing our future and how to talk to ourselves?

Task #1:
Here is the easiest exercise to start with:
Listen to your gut. What do you believe in? What visions of the future does your subconscious mind depict? What miracles in your future life will you dare to see? Plough through the main spheres of your life (such as health, family, work, intellectual development). Do you feel satisfaction with your life in each of these spheres? Can you change anything? What destiny do you imagine? Listen to yourself and make sure it is not your Gremlin who is talking to you – the Gremlin who advises you to stop reading and believing in nonsense because it is impossible to change anything (that is why let it happen whatever may happen).

P.S. I believe in unicorns and in teleportation. Frankly speaking, I believe in everything and my motto is: “If I do not see something it does not mean that it does not exist”. You know what they say: «Everything what we can imagine has the right to exist”.

Chapter 2
An amusing function “the feeling”
I hope that nobody has put this book aside and those people who go on reading it believe in their good fortune. You cannot even imagine how many miracles our future life can give us as a gift.
Well, to resume – we know that we will have a lot of lucky breaks and achievements so we move on without extra resources (according to the theory of transurfing). And you know what? At the second stage we need a filter – “our inner filter to differ the good from the bad”. On our way we will encounter a lot of opportunities. We will sometimes boost and sometimes throw our progress back. Well, what sort of filter is it? In popular parlance it is called “the feeling”. The feeling is the realizing that your choice is the right one. For example, you are offered 3 job variants at the same time and all of them are good for you. That is why you feel torn between them and fitfully phone to your friends to seek advice. And I have a proposal: take a walk in the nearest park or forest. Go to your favourite “magic” place where you can get a life and just talk with your inner self. There you will be able to understand that something insignificant embarrasses you, and another job is like a magnet for you even though it is more difficult. This is the way your inner filter works – by constructing graphs of your preferences regarding the future place of employment. And having made the choice in the end, you will realize in future how right you have been. The above is also true of your private life and even of simple things like choosing a gym, etc. There is a lot of information on spiritual practices, meditation and intuition on the Internet. If it is necessary you should choose what suits personally you. I am sure that everybody has his/her own ritual to make decisions and everyone knows how to take advantage of it. It is also significant to regain presence of mind. It is a spiritual practice and nobody will help or advise you how to act better than you can do. It is your spiritual development which should be in balance with other spheres of your life. Being out of tune with yourself, you may contaminate your inner filter so much that you will make friends with the Gremlin and wonder why your life is messed up. In fact it is not your life that is messed up but your inner Gremlin has persuaded you to change your route.
By the way, here is one of the most important stories from my life – when my inner filter has come into action. I was a third-year student in 2008. I and my friend decided to attend dance classes, notably hip-hop. It was September and a new academic year started, so a lot of clubs and classes came forward. I remember that we wanted to go to TranceDance School. Without a moment’s hesitation I went to our students committee to get the contacts. While I was waiting for the flyer a student came up to me and said that he also wanted to attend dance classes but he decided to go to another dance school called Art People. That school was new and few students knew about it however my feeling whispered that it was important to go there. So I agreed to attend an intro class at Art People Dance School. No, that student was not my future husband as you might think – he was just a guide. And you know what? I have attended the dance classes for three months refusing to go to another dance school with my friends. I could not explain why I did not want to leave it. Finally I met my future sweetheart one day there. Well, we have been together for 9 years already and I hope that my feeling has been right.

Task #2:
Let’s develop the feeling.
Do not forget to find 20 minutes every day to communicate with inner you. It is necessary to do it – in order not to track off an important message. If you ignore your inner self and signs you may even get ill or have force majeure circumstances. It is not important how you do it. I am sure that each of you knows how to communicate with your inner self. For those who does not know: the easiest way is to walk in a solitude, to breathe consciously or to do yoga. You can choose something at your sole discretion but first try to recollect how you used to do it when you were a child. Please, do not controvert – when we were children we were friends with ourselves. So you can recollect how to do that.

P.S. In the course of time I have realized that even if I make mistakes, in the end everything turns out to be aligned for me (e.g. when I make mistakes while booking tickets or preparing documents). And I understand that my feeling starts working before I decide to appeal to it. I wish the same to you. By the way, the secondary effect of proper work of your feeling is the fact that you stop scolding yourself for your missteps (it happens only if you listen to your inner Gremlin).

Chapter 3
Who am I?
Let’s set miracles aside for a while and go into down-to-earth questions. We have faith, our feeling seems to filter everything and… what is all this in aid of? We may go by feel taking into account that it is a long way and we may miss an available opportunity or a chance. Even if our feeling is super developed and we are able to notice the chance – we should also understand why we need them. Thus we are to understand what this all is in aid of and what we want to get.

Now let’s pass on to the third important thing: “Who am I?”
Please, read the two parables below. The first one is very harsh and it does not give a decisive answer. Nevertheless its undermeaning is certainly perceptible:
The parable #1:
A reporter was interviewing people at Kennedy airport. He asked them what the most disgusting thing in the world was. People gave various answers: war, poverty, betrayal, diseases, etc. At that time there was a Zen Buddhist Sung Sun in the hall. The journalist came up to him and asked his question. The monk asked the reporter a counter-question:
- Who are you?
- I am John Smith.
- No, it is your name. Who are you?
- I am a TV reporter.
- No, it is your profession. Who are you?
- I am a man, after all!..
- No, it is your biologic species. Who are you?
The reporter could understand at last what the monk meant and freezed open-mouthed as he could not say anything. The monk commented: “It is the most disgusting thing – not to know who you are”.
The parable #2:
Every person is someone’s solution.
“Every person on the Earth is someone’s solution” – my wise granny told me one day. I was really surprised. “You are someone’s solution” – she repeated. And then she explained: “The gift you have may not be necessary for everyone however it is definitely necessary for someone – your smile, your love or your strength”.

If we combine the meanings of those parables we will get the idea that the most disgusting thing is the fact that people do not think about their nature, they wallow in wars, corruption, greed for gain, hatred, envy as well as they suffer from numerous diseases. And if we realize who we are and what we live for (helping one another) we will be able to live in another world – in the world where there are no diseases or wars but only kindness, harmony and happiness. Nowadays it looks like some Utopia but I believe that it is possible and we need to wake all people up in order to live in such an ideal world…
While on this subject I would like to write about the main methods to find one’s own gift. I have found them in books and articles, and some of them I have invented myself. I really want these methods to help you understand how to solve your problems.
I will start by saying that everyone is born a unique genius. And we are not like those geniuses from TV programs or from books. Those geniuses are just pale imitations of us in our childhood. We are born Geniuses with a big “G”. The way we get to know the outside world in the first years of our life cannot be repeated by any of the geniuses on the Earth. We really speak straight to the universe and we take it for granted. We are born with the ability to have and to do everything we want in this life. At this age we are small particles of the Creator and we create our outside world by ourselves. We have control over our destiny and each of us has the opportunity to make our life the one we dream of. However in the end it turns out that not everyone manages to achieve his/her ambitions and to organize his/her life in the best possible way. So what disrupts our being those geniuses and creators of our destiny we used to be in our childhood? Unfortunately, our upbringing often acts as an unfavourable condition. It is our upbringing that helps or blocks our achieving the desired results. The love/approval given by the people who surround a child in the childhood is the most important factor in his/her attitude formation. As a rule, the mistakes made in the process of upbringing children become apparent in the forms of adults’ disadvantages and weaknesses and later they become obstacles on the path to people’s goals.
Fortunately, understanding the real reasons of squalls of our life gives us the chance to make our life better (in case of working on ourselves). Thus our main task is to recollect who we really are and what our mission is – our real mission but not the forced one. You used to be a child with your marvellous “shtick” (gift) and it is necessary to find it in you.

Task #1:
Find yourself.
Picture this: you are asked to babysit for 3 hours and you see that the child is little you. Recollect what child you used to be. Look what attracts this child and how he entertains himself/herself. What does he/she dream of? I would like to mention that it is desirable to do this task in a secluded place as you need to get in tune with your inner self. Look what you still have in common with this child and what game you would like to play together with him/her. Look what problems this child likes to solve and what skills and gifts this child obviously has. Try to look at the child from the outside and to suggest what he/she will be when he/she grows up. I often use this method in my work and it gives excellent results. It is like you are looking at your life from the outside. A similar method is also proposed by Barbara Sher in her well-known books.

Task #2:
All over again.
Imagine that you are in a newly created civilization and there are no professions. And now it is the appointed day when everyone is to come with the sign where his/her occupation and its usefulness for the society are written. Well, what would be written on your sign? I ask this question over and over again and I often hear rather surprising answers. Ask yourself this question. Your answer may be surprising for you and it may help you to find your path of life.

Task #3:
A private investigator.
In addition to the abovementioned methods I offer you to use another method described by Barbara Sher in her book. This method is called “a private investigator”. Stroll about your room, your flat or your house and make believe you are the detective who has to understand what person lives here. Pay attention to the furniture, to the mode of dress, to the preferences in colours and in design. You can study the books and music this person concerns himself/herself with.
Once my client’s plain room revealed that the woman had a hidden designer hint. While she was studying the literature in the room she came to the conclusion that the woman (i.e. she) who lived in that flat was a romantically-minded woman with a lot of goals. All the found little things as well as reminiscences of childhood compelled her to the thought that she had always dreamt of creating a denim fashion line. She got images of girls in fashionable denim skirts and she showed 5 designs for skirts to me the following day.

If you feel that something is wrong / if you do not fulfil yourself / if you understand that you are able to do better / if you tear around trying to find your gift – use all the methods I offer and the methods you can find on the Internet to choose your path.
There is a good saying: “If it seems to you that something is wrong it does not just seem so”. It means that your inner self pressed by stigma and cliché tries to break loose. You are to listen to your gut as you are your best adviser and nobody but you know what to do. So listen to your inner voice and set out on a search for yourself.

Task #4:
Additionally you can use a well-known Japanese method – the so-called “Ikigai method”. What is it and what is taken as the basis of it? Ikigai is the thing that assigns a specific meaning to our life. It is something thanks to which we welcome every morning with joy. Everyone has his/her own Ikigai and there are no superfluous people as everyone has his/her own mission. With the help of this practice you can figure out your satisfying point. Well, the first thing you have to do is to ask yourself some questions: what do you like? what is your key strength? what do people need?
Make up the first list which will consist of 20 things you like doing: painting, cooking, skating, making surprises, advising, helping people, etc. They should be the activities you do not regret time and efforts for.
To make up the second list you need to think what you can do, what you are praised for and what you can do really well. They are your achievements. People may be stoked on your poems or on your ability to inspire other people to decisive actions or someone may think that you are a real building expert.
In order to make up the third list you should surf the Internet. This list consists of the things people need. They are: health, nice looks, clever employees, food, etc. Do some serious thinking and write down everything that will come into your mind.
Thus we get the three lists and the most important thing is to combine these three lists, to analyze them and to find the related activities. For example, you like to analyze people and your friends tell you that you can read them. You know that responsible and clever workers are highly-prized. Reasoning from this fact you can found a recruiting agency and become successful offering skilled, clever and responsible experts.
This practice can be enriched by answering the questions which can help you shed some light on what you really want to do. First of all, ask yourself: what do I want to get doing my work? How do I want to fulfil myself? Is it important for anyone else? What is my ideal work area? What people work around me? What depends on me? Am I better than other people in any sphere?

When I was little I liked to ask a lot of questions (like all children do). I grew up and even then my love to asking questions did not end. I had a situation at the institute when my lecturer in law took my hand after the lecture and told me that I was to study to be not a financial expert but a journalist as she liked my questions very much. When I was put through various tests on the topic “What profession I should have” I got the results of the person who inspired people at work. My sister used to tell me: “You should be a coach”. What??! Six years ago I had no idea what it was. And I always wanted to make people feel satisfied with their lives and smile more often. I imagined my working hours as meetings with different people in cafés and preparation of some materials. I imagined myself sitting in a cozy place with a cup of tea and waiting for a client to communicate, to see him/her happy off and to drive on business. Frankly speaking, when I imagined this at the institute I thought: “What is it? Can it really happen? Why do I have such pictures in my head? What do I want from these people? Why do they meet with me?” And I used to go to various interviews trying to match such meetings to every job until I composed the puzzle: I ask people a lot of questions and by answering them they find the solutions. We hold coach sessions in the café and they leave me with smiles on their faces and solved problems.

So do not hesitate to give answers to the questions above. In this book I will remind you that you should hear yourself and understand that everything is real and possible. And even if you still do not know the way you will get what you want it does not mean that you will never get it. This means that the picture of your path will soon appear and it will become brighter every day. As a result, you will achieve the desired, the puzzle will be composed and the circle will be closed.

Chapter 4
inciting results and proceed

Most interesting is that in fact there are three most important components of "successful people":
1. Do not hesitate to draw yourself a beautiful life in mind, the life that you want and believe without any unnecessary thoughts, then, that all this will happen, as you intended.
2. Your Chuyko will lead you carefully to what you want. Now it will work that can be attributed to the ordinary law of attraction, law of the subconscious: do you believe in her to draw a perfect life, your brain is more receptive to information that relates to your pictures. And your subconscious mind will clearly see all the paths that lead you to achieve your goals.
3. The realization of who you are and why you live in this world, understanding how important you are and how others can help them, will help to get what you want. The actions themselves will bring pleasure.

All made above and leads us to such an interesting thing as ACT. Now you start to think that this is the worst thing that you may encounter on the way, as long as you pass the first three steps you have never seen, you yourself have given themselves heard myself from anybody asked nothing, and the subconscious knew that should nothing to anybody. But in fact the opposite is true, the most important point - is liable to the other, the ability to hear themselves. If you were able to install peace of mind, to understand what you seek, then coped with the terrible and responsible task.
But what you will scare in action? Not the action itself, and the flimsy stuff, fears nash?ptannye our inner gremlins: And suddenly fail? And what they think of me? And suddenly I overestimated myself?
In fact, just think about what you still afraid? Worse than what vybudete strive to ensure that you love and that you dearly, will not be exact. There are two options if you succeed, you just make yourself happy. And it can not and does not want to stop in the future, allowing himself to believe more and more in their dreams. The second option: you fail your business, and it's the worst thing that happens in this case. You remain in the same place where they were. However, if we look at this situation from the outside, you can understand that you helped, and that hurt. In addition you have acquired some experience and knowledge, which will surely come in handy in the future. What are you views on the part? Think yourself, what do you think about the person who is committed to his dream? Remember that the man of action is always respected. And what have we got the worst thing in the end - the experience, knowledge and respect? In fact, that's what to be afraid of? Or maybe we should be afraid of what you give up yourself and do not try to get something to aspire to your soul.

Chapter ?5 P.S. What we still do not have enough. ...

In my opinion, nothing will help a person to start, but his solutions - no planning or time management or business training, there is nothing other than his own desire to move and act. You can visit the 10 training, and start practicing after them. You may have made a perfect step by step plan to obtain the desired, but you did not start to operate. Your task is to understand what hinders you specifically, because the fight against an invisible enemy - the most stupid thing to do. Answer: why you have nothing slows on the way to the toilet? You say that you can not overcome the physiology of nature. Is it to be balanced, to live in harmony - this is not your physiology? Want another example? Let's say you want to have a beer. Let's not talk about the benefits or harm of alcohol. It is quite another matter. We are interested in the process itself. That is, you have a desire to drink beer and you start immediately or start to act, to reason, to weigh the pros and cons to think about what will think about you around? The vast majority becomes effective immediately. So you do not hesitate to go to the store, take a bottle of beer, the surrounding thrown at you sidelong condemning the views, but you are moving relentlessly toward its goal, you pay for the purchase and go for a walk and is satisfied that his wish fulfilled. Anything you did not stop, even if it was the rain on the street, you would have made a decision, took the umbrella and went. Many people who earn $ 50-100 sn, set themselves such as a complex long-term goal is to buy a phone for $ 600, they are hoarding, squeezed himself be turned out, trying to earn or save. But its purpose is achieved. There are some sad examples where parents need to find a large sum of money in order to save her child, does not stop them either fear or embarrassment, they are most in the world dream to cure their child. This rule also applies to love when young people find and achieve their second halves. It acts in sports, such as when a girl dreams of the perfect figure, she begins to act: sits on a diet, he goes to the gym.
In fact, out of all your fears, your most important fear - to take responsibility for their favorite business, for your loved one, for himself. You need to understand that the responsibility - this is your belief in yourself, that is, your confidence, your ability to make a decision. And again, we need to understand that if you want something specific, no one knows better than you how to get it, you can get from the outside world a lot of information, how to act, but to choose a single correct solution can only you. No one has the right to decide for you what you can get, and what you need to do. You decide every day what to eat, what to wear, where to go, it's also the responsibility. You can say that it is not serious solutions, but if exaggerating, even with this you can make the wrong decision: choose the spoiled food and go, dress for the weather and not get sick, and it's worse than somewhere you refuse or frustrate the customer first transaction . So think, what will happen to you after 5 years, if you'll live as you live, not taking responsibility. If you are comfortable, then this book is for you to common development. If uncomfortable, think about it, the sooner you take responsibility, the sooner cease to be afraid of. MiniZadanie:
Ask yourself a couple of questions, remember a situation where you take responsibility: "What exactly made you the most to make decisions and be responsible for this situation?" What is not lacking in your desire that you accept the responsibility to take action? "

P.S. By the way, if you resort to the help in solving their problems to a person who is engaged in coaching, he would not say what to do, what to do, but thanks to a conversation with him, you will be able to tune into dialogue with himself and realize what you actually want.

Chapter ?6 What else can prevent it?

We all know very well the most popular reasons for refusal of action - no money, no time. In this way we assure ourselves. However, history is littered with examples of how to create a successful commercial projects from scratch with virtually no money. There are many options. Do you have a great idea, but not enough money in the first Calculate the project and determine can you yourself are able to cope with the start, and in the future to attract investors. Maybe you will have a partner, and together you will be able to solve the financial problems. Always need a good brainstorming session with your friends, and also an understanding of what exactly you need and how much money. If you have something you want badly, your brain will start to generate a lot of ideas how to achieve this.
The second question - time. Let's say you want to become a programmer, but think you can not throw most of the work and therefore time to learn you will not miss. If you stop a job, do you 9 hours a day immediately learn programming? There are, of course, and they are a few months will be aces in his new endeavor. But mostly at first, you will not spend more than 2-3 hours a day on your favorite activity.
When I decided to engage in coaching, I had a major work that would bring me income. I spent the day at 2:00 on the study, books, articles, videos, and online training in coaching. And I understand that the more I did not have to, I get a huge amount of new information, and I needed her to "digest". At the same time to go to training, to help the beloved in his business and going out with friends.
Once again, talk to him, that is important to you in this life and prioritize. Understand what you want really, on what areas you need to pay more attention, and hold the right for your business, keep the balance. And do not try to make himself robots, if you suddenly oversaturated information and want to rest your brain - give him the rest. Think about it, in which the bins hiding the same time, so you need to move toward your goal.
You can say that you have not brought up that you do not have rich parents, but what do you say to the fact that a large number of leaders in the world - the orphans. You can say that you do not have a proper education, but how Losers who run "Excellent"?
In fact, now every your approval, we can give you an example of the opposite person to whom these causes are not prevented. I will repeat constantly: if you really want something, you will do anything to get it. And most importantly - you always znaee what you need to do.
The most paradoxical is that there are two things that you can slow down, either you are too lazy and you are comfortable in the state in which you are, or you know that it's still not what you want. With the latest state clearly what to do. Returns to the first three points and start again to talk with him, then at the first internal dialogue you do not open yourself completely and received false information.
BUT if you are lazy and do not want to leave the comfort zone, there is nothing you can do with them and not for you, no one will go to fulfill your dreams.

Therefore, let's be honest for ourselves, you do not need the indulgence of the prophets, the forces of heaven to take action - either you want to get what you want or not. And this also applies to money and love and recognition, all, whatever you wish.
For those who are hard to believe in the good: If you just want to, but do not believe that this would happen, I say, no harm in dreaming. How much can you hear about how I wanted to Goa, but I never do not earn them, what can you do?
Believe in what you all can change, you will see a sign that tells you that you are handsome and you will succeed. Dream, and the brain will try to find any clue what to get closer to the desired, the main thing - do not forbid myself to dream. remember, that

! There is no absolute truth or theory, so that all can turn in your life every day.
Do not think that what you just know, will remain the same always, you must exclude yourself from the limitations of thinking, and then the new information will tend to you.
! Do not ignore this yourself, himself an individual, a loved one, the one that did not eat public opinion. Feel that each moment of life is given to you to help you, so remove even the most unpleasant moment of truth, the lesson that will help you in the future. It has already gone spirituality. )))
Understand that all very closely interconnected.
In our world, the law of attraction. The little grain of sand has a certain weight, in the amount of the weight and the power becomes significant. The moon, which is composed of many grains of sand, stones, etc., its weight is capable of causing the tides on Earth. Our very strong desire to get something for yourself and belief in what we obtain, according to the laws of the cosmos will attract what you truly want. Therefore, I beg those who read this book, start thinking positively. Think about all the good dreams will come true in people, and you as well. The more we will have to think, the easier it will be for all, at least from what is around them will not be condemned. People will not be afraid to act, and at best, we really are, their positive thoughts, tighten the positive situation. Concerning this theory, we can write another book, so I call it a day with these arguments, and I expect all of positivity and self-belief.


P.S.1 could stretch this book to hundreds of pages, to describe a variety of tools movement, and get regular strict manual for successful people. My goal was to give you only the basic components of the "all-powerful man," and even if you do not believe in them and believe in the other books in order to achieve the desired, or you for that there is a theory, that is fine, so you get that want their own ways. After writing to a hard way to go to achieve the desired, I would have closed your channels of ideas and information, and this is an area in which there are no limits to dreams and thoughts. This book - a starting point for reflection and conversations with them, remember all the answers in your head if you have a question - then you have an answer or a way to get a response.
Let fly your thoughts and fantasies and all you get. Children are happy with what they dream and believe in achieving your dreams.

P.S. 2 I believe in you. You are a man who knows what he wants from this life, the one who sees what he wants to have in the future. You are the one who chooses the right path to achieve the goal, you know, what are born on this earth. You are taking responsibility for the performance desired, begin to act. You do not create excess capacity, you just know that you will get it, and move to his dream.

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