Never Tell Sale To Fly

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Live the story pouring out into the vastness of our world to greet this again. Let this inspire you to like a better day never ever before. :)

Submitted: May 14, 2017

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Submitted: May 14, 2017



In this world it is not the perfect who always win,
Your mask uncovered this story started from the day you first stepped on,
If you are told no one will buy you,
And your heart doesnt give up hope,
Everyday you start this struggle to be endless,
Where your duty fingerprint in our faith without a soul to call its own,
You may know this world will love you untill you call out on your soul,
This name start with your trust that is bound on faith,
Again it will forsake with our truth if beginning is not with being wise,
Finally when both this faith dont end your time without hardwork,
Remember our teacher told no one ever died of hardwork,
Your voice is rise with the call of vacuum within from all its energy,
How your struggle lead with you will last for this inspiration?

In this start it is not the late who always failed,
Your miles ahead unchain this time from the moment you missed last step,
You are never late to start again,
But this doesnt make your days thoughtless,
As those starvation is finally the guiding step,
This makes what you can call as your own carpets time beckons,
You must not fail to rise,
You must struggle not to fail,
You must kill every pleasure without smile,
You must not kill empty perfection with miles,
Emptyiness what you are feels you must not be gone,
In time the day will start with shining steps,
To call this Sun shining as your own,
Dont drop down death on deepest desire dwelling undead,
To rise this Sun asleep as you step,
Carve a call down on life to your dearest need undead,
To undertake this Star twinkling as you shine,
Do carve a call down undeath to your listening heart,
As this needs your deepest wish to be admired towards perfection,
Still your duty must be without its desire to own as your result.

In this universe it is not the thrones which always pained,
Your starvation ahead unleash this treaty from the steps you newly make reworked ahead,
Do what you do as the rarest desire to be simple yet masterpiece,
Yet never tell sale to fly unless you hold this kites string undetached,
When your rise this may not fail sending feedback unless it get detached,
Hold on your faith till the very last breath,
This will make the chicken hatch before it is roasted to kill,
Your dreams need within this tea time tamed to rise untold,
So make impact on a vision that lead itself when you not forget its mission,
This must me the message of your life,
Everywhere nowhere but a hall of inspiration for a new start guiding infinity back from zero,
Just this need to be burned will follow some steps to be new again,
This source never fails but gives strength to live a story of friendship again,
Here our play dare its unearthened dream to interpret who left home for your days ahead,
This teacher is within you,
Hope you listen where very steps calls you be our perfectionist.

© Copyright 2018 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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